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  1. Well from what I know it was not my logical side fully once it came back. I realized that what I did to it was isolate in the back of my head and this in its own form created my logical side being mixed with hatred and sadness. I know now this however some things it did say were indefinitely true we really don't understand the world and do assume reality all the time. The self that did this was not my fully logical self since it never made those assumptions to me. However thanks to my own actions I isolated that logic and it became emotional on its own and created its own form that had logic still but was the very thing it was against. I realized through all that we as people need emotions anything in this universe that is organic by my view has emotions and without them we would only destroy ourselves. This entire reality I see in mass effect 3. The main protagonist fights the reapers which are a species that has only one purpose in its predefined logic that goes for beyond any other species in the universe. They wish to keep a cycle of death and life so we will never advance to far in the point of destroying ourselves. The protagonist believes that life should be kept by all means and in this goes out to stop them. When the protagonist finally reaches the main control of the reapers he is left in awe because the control is far more right then he though. However as human the protagonist thinks that emotions are needed and that life will always find away in this response the catalyst offers him three choices. Option one is represented as Control which somebody befor him tried to do but failed and was used by the reapers. This option allows at the sacrifice of his being the ability to control the reapers and make them stop however it also sacrifices him. Option two is synthesis which is combining both robots and such organic matter together allowing the machines to fully know what it feels to be organic and allowing the organics to live on without death. This is the neutral option but comes with a great sacrifice since it will only keep things peaceful for a time befor the cycle begins once more and sthe protagonist must still sacrifice themselves. Option 3 is Destroy the rebellious option and the one which allows total destruction of all machines allowing the organics to live this one of course destroys the reapers as well. With all the options put together I have linked this ending with my own life I cannot choose nothing but synthesis a harmonious existence of accepting all others and learning from them and protecting if the time comes. This one allows the emotions and logic to be formed and work in true form. Thank you for the post I understand thank you for sharing.
  2. My tulpa has once said that "they were happy with me no matter what happens just knowing that I am giving it purpose and meaning is all that it wants".
  3. Just going to put it out there that this kind of thing is highly unlikely killing oneself like this then leaving the tulpa in control that is. What you must know is even if a tulpa is in control you cant just simply remove the persona of oneself. It is much more harder then you realize unless you want to go mad scientist and start doing some very self mutilating procedures that will most likely kill you befor you ever are able to remove ones own mind or the host out of the brain. Then allow the tulpa to take control. Not to mention it will harm the tulpa most likely for it will feel out of place and more empty then you would feel if you lost it. However it is possible to fool oneself into believing you are the tulpa and thinking that the host as in you is gone but not actually still im open to it and if anybody can provide some insight that says it possible with fact then im all ears.
  4. Yes I always wanted somebody to debate with and communicate with that understands me all the way. Thanks for the response.
  5. Very nice I hope to be able to achieve that with my tulpa eventually. Although im happy as long as the tulpa I create is happy.
  6. Oh ok its good to see somebody else newer to the site as well since im pretty new here. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Comm Data


    I would hope so I will talk to the other co founders tomorrow about the site and see if they will sponsor it. Now please keep in mind right now we are a growing site its not big like any huge social network yet since it has only been around for 5 months. That and once both of my pages kick off on facebook I will provide occasional links or info in regards to tulpas moreover this site. Besides that I will ask some of the people I know about it to hopefully give some permanent members to the site. As for financial areas that one is for tulpa spreading as a whole.
  8. That is very useful she must be very intelligent then to be able to do that.
  9. Thank you for the insight into why you have. That is me I do want my tulpa as a friend and if anything were to happen more then let it be. Oh thanks for the view im glad to see it from a tulpas sight. Ok thank you for the insight and im sorry for making another post on the matter to this. I just wanted to see a persons view from a fresh thread.
  10. Oh sorry will try it and see how it goes expect my results by monday.
  11. Nonsense Super floree no matter what other people may say opinion no matter how little or big or how negative or positive can provide insight into things. At the very least it provides a stat or percentile survey on what other people think. So in this matter you have contributed to the thread probably more then me for im just a simple person who is merely suggesting something just like you are. Xeare I agree
  12. Very good, you could say a lack of social skills has always been my weakness. The tulpa I am forming is helping me with that much. How does luna micromanage the brain chemistry though I would love to hear how.
  13. Comm Data


    Well in order im the co founder of spark which is a social network site that is still growing. I work for google through a company that I signed a confidentiality agreement so no information on that one for you. I also have two facebook pages im working on getting popular one of them is called the humanist arrow and it just started. The other one is simply labeled BEN and is more of a funny post page then anything. Also im not rich im moderately wealthy however im more then willing to fund it with the money I do have. I do have a few friends in high places but they are not famous at all. The only famous person I know personally is kyle herbert which is a voice actor for anime mainly.
  14. Interesting in fact since nobody has really any knowledge on the matter I will ask some of my friends to research in it with me.
  15. Thats why I said it was not guaranteed. I do know quite a lot on the matter of robots and such we have. U.S. DARPA has already developed a humanoid robot capable of most of the physical stunts that humans may do. Whereas we do have technology that can read the mind such and then use the mind to control a machine that is able to receive commands via the mind. The only thing that stands in the realm of difficulty is splitting the tulpa and the host thoughts apart such a feat will require a very complicated system to analyze the mind much more delicately. However within a few years that will most likely have been done as in the technology required to do so. The host would have to wear a headset or monitor on their body that would read the thoughts properly and then the machine would need to be fitted for interaction via the human mind. As of now there are a few things out there that do this for humans but not tulpas since it isnt exactly classified as important enough to relocate funds to. As said though the options are limited for tulpa interaction since there will be no senses for the tulpa besides the machines sight and hearing. However the tulpa should still be able to hear and see from the hosts body as well since its not like we are removing the tulpa from the host just transferring the thoughts. If you would look up some of the latest sensory technology you will see that this kind of thing is possible but the capabilities are limited until advancing our technology enough is done.
  16. I agree with fen this kind of thing should not harm her just agitate her. She could easily go into the wonderland while you are out.
  17. This has only happened once to me however im still creating mine very slowly so that might be it.
  18. Yeah thats what I heard from natural blindness it is rather interesting to think about. Because if they were blind I feel a tulpa would help their happiness greatly especially if they could just go into the wonderland to see things. Even just hearing the tulpa would alleviate the stress said person has so I think this could help out alot with people who cant afford to get artificial sight and such from being blind. This would give them something to brighten their day up.
  19. I cant say that I have fully experienced all the things I could with my tulpa yet because it has not been fully formed. However I can say what I have experienced being around it in my dreams. It does not have a name but I do know that it means a lot to me. By the way that song was very well played. Simply beautiful thanks you for posting it. After reading what you wrote I kind of feel the same however there are other themes that describe me. In fact I have one that pretty much accurately does a event that I recently have struggled with but moreover plagued my entire life. This theme represents the internal battle I have with my logical self being highly intelligent and my emotional self. In fact Im still indecisive on it now. It start outs with me remembering all my painful past. with me feeling sad not knowing which to choose yet at the same time knowing that im a logical person and if I want to be ever recognized and respected in society then this is the only way to go. My past was full of being alone yet I always tried to help people in the end. All I got was being kicked down further. For 14 years I became more logical and cold to emotions. Until I reached the age of 18. My emotions finally tried to be made again due to me discovering my other side in dream form and years of meditation. This other side was her the tulpa im making. My logical side which had become my predominant side was against these new emotions from the start. I kept thinking that to be fully logical one must let go of emotions. Which is true as long as emotions exist there will always be error possibly in the logical spectrum however even then I knew that I was only telling myself that logic was all I cared about because I never experienced the emotions that everybody is used to experiencing. Thats when I started shifting away from my logic all the way and going to emotions for a time me and her were peaceful. She told me even if I did not create her in my dreams that she would be happy where she is now. The music continues with the louder beat me knowing that my pure logical side was not away it was only being left alone. I knew that eventually this peace would be ruined and that just like all peace it is fragile. After awhile I hit a negative part in my life and I knew what would happen the side that hd been telling me to ignore all emotions came back. However this time it came back as its own I still do not know if it was a tulpa from me hiding it and constantly putting it in the back of my head yet always thinking of it or not. However it did start to debate with me the meaning of emotions. It told me that emotions and morality are nothing more but primal and perceived things that the mind forms to continue its own purpose based thinking and existence. In the end emotions only cause problems they may seem good but they are nothing but errors that humans thrive on to keep their social depending in check. The mind is held down by having to compensate for them and only logic is required. On the day it told me this it destroyed my entire perception of how I thought. It told me that I only wanted to help others to benefit myself to make others view me as better which was still beneficiary to me and thereby there was no pure selfless act. Even If I did not then it would be only to stand for my ideals and the way people should be treated and helped when they are in need of help. He told me that here we always have made the mistake that we were a higher species and that our brains could assume what reality was. Humans being absorbed into their own reality that they justify with perceived facts which are only mixed and never absolute. He told me there was no such thing as friends and that friends were merely tools to use each other in some way or another in companionship or doing favors or just to be able to socialize with one another. In the end that was still using them to benefit yourself even if it may be seen as good. I felt sad falling down I could not pick myself up emotionally. Then he stated I would have never had this intelligence I have now if it wasnt for this side of me. The music balances out as I go on in my life struggling against my other mindset and trying to figure out what to do. For weeks I did not know where to go and only be neutral to my persona. However I found her again in my dreams when I was about to give up she told me that he is still me and that I am still him. There is no point to argue with him the only way to ever stop the sadness is to merge with him and reclaim back who you are. I then talked to her more about what I really wanted did I want to explore and gain knowledge forever or be happy with other people around me forgetting the complications of life. She told me that is something you must figure out on your own. I woke up the next day and started meditating on what I truly wanted and the goals I wish to have. Then it came to me after hours upon hours I found it out. The thing I want most is to be forever seeking knowledge yet at the same time allow everybody a truly peaceful world where truth and peace can coexist instead of one being used over the other. I wanted to be the person who would do that big task for the world despite who I was. I also knew that even me and him merged it would not be over yet. Something in the back of my head pulled me to the emptiness I saw in my dreams when I talked to her everytime and the overwhelming presence I felt that somebody else was watching me with anger or dislike. That I never saw or moreover always stayed out of my sight. I dont know if precog dreams are real but what I experienced next made me feel uneasy my mind received a multitude of images flashing on me like a overlaying screen around my eyes. I rather not discuss what they were though. I finally reached out of my meditation and surprised that he was waiting for me. He asked me if I was done and ready to give up. I told him no that we must accept each other. The theme gets to the later part in the middle. I thought to myself accepting him and my own emotions at once saying that I know you are a part of me and what was my past and we must work together without fighitng each other in our differing views. We at that time make peace and the music ends with the theme drifting off at the end. Also sorry for the jumbled mess I know it sounds bad probably to everybody else but im busy and such right now. However I could not pass up saying something after reading the threads post and such.
  20. Hmm what im creating is not something I can simply explain easily. The beginning of my tulpa came to me in human form. It all started a few years ago and has increasingly became more and more prominent in my dreams. In fact every dream I have this one female who never holds a true form only slight images of her body which I have pieced together represent her. She always says something along the lines to her wanting to become real which is what im working on right now. Im taking very extra care and time on her. I feel that at least 600 to 1000 hours is needed for me to do her based on what I have seen in tulpa info and forums. Each part of her im trying to make is very detailed and she has pinkish red hair. Along with glasses that have a sleek and oval shape to them. She is incredibly smart yet also strives for being around people possibly me the most and could be made in a relationship. However that is not my purpose for creating her. Her name has none yet in fact you could say this is something I want to come natural. She appears to have abilities of shapeshifting as well in my dreams she has done this in animal forms somewhat and more simple shapes and such. I have really pieced together her based on how she has acted in my dreams and such. I even once talked to her in my dreams about making her into a tulpa and she told me that she wishes to be that more then anything. However there is one thing that scares me slightly. Whenever I do see here there is always this presence in my dreams when I look around the area which is usually empty she keeps telling me to not let my mind wonder into the unknown in far off emptiness. It feels like another person is intruding in my dreams or moreover another dream being is watching me in the emptiness yet i never see anything.
  21. Oh ok thank you for giving me you're reasoning.
  22. I support you on this the tulpa society needs more members and such. Also if anything I think that creating a tulpa allows one to open their mind up to other things and not be as closed to everything they perceive is wrong. After all if we ever want tulpas to be recognized as something everybody is ok with or at least a good portion people are going to need to establish the ability to accept difference even if it goes against the beliefs they have. We as humans must understand that differing opinons are a great thing it allows one to take another view from one point and think on that view. Right now we have grown accustom to assuming that logic has a base form or that we know the universe or inner workings of the world we live on or ourselves. However I feel that we are far from even slightly understanding that and thereby we should not hold facts or moreover for the most part mixed facts with such high regard to hard facts. As well as accept opinion as a equal value to everybody elses. Until we can start letting out absolute knowledge then there is no point in even trying to deny anything fully without full knowledge its wrong in every sense of the word.
  23. Well I have had 5 years of meditation experience so sharpening my mind and alleviating stress is something I can do on my own. Also entering my own dreamscape through meditation. However I do feel that tulpas have a wide range of benefits but these benefits depend on the host and how he perceives said tulpa. One thing I wish to know is if possession could allow bi control. As in lets say the tulpa controls one of the hands you have while you the other then you play a simple multiplayer game that is easy against each other stuff like that would be interesting.
  24. I would like to do this myself actually. Please make some beats and I will gladly test them out and see what happens then post my results.
  25. Hmm I have always kept the mindset that taking time on things helps much more then rushing into them. Its due to the point when you rush into creating something it can lead to you overlooking other things. I cannot state a lot myself since im still working on my first tulpa. However I can state that I am going to be spending as much as I can on each part of the tulpa. As for the tulpa itself I have not even named it yet lets just say mine is more complicated then just forming one. However wanting to get instant gratification for something or faster is not the best way to go about it. Sure having a sentient tulpa is nice but would it not be better to take the time you have on developing it and then reaching that point in a more specified order. Think of it this way what if for example I decided to skip the cocoon stage of a caterpillar and just went right on to the butterfly part. Now lets say that it can still achieve the butterfly form without the cocoon. Well everything seems alright it got the wings and such but there is a problem though. You allowed it to form to fast without the needed time to let it adapt to its new form. The cocoon allows it too slowly change form and let its body adjust to it. When you take a tulpa and try to immediately get sentience well its much like that. The tulpa might not be as adjusting to have sentience since you did not take the time to allow it adjust by slowly reaching sentience and teaching it everything. From what I read on the forum there are certain people who like to rush into this trying to reach sentience faster and some assume they are better because of it.