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    Alright so life story? Well lets get to the start, names Michael but I like to be called mike, I have one sister and I live with my dad at home I am 17 and I have a desent life I have some trust worthy friends and life could be a hell of a lot worse. I was the driest of the 2 my sister and I my mom devorst my dad when I was 4, I lived in the same house coming to Ontario for a good 14-15 years before moving and I was born in Brith Columbia and here before 2 months of age, my mom would drop off gifts for Hollidays but with no hello and my dad would just say she's alow life for leaving when she left I crayed for "days on end" he sed but I was to little to understand, growing up I never expected more always less, so in school I shot for 50-60 and to try and make my dad happy 70-80, I got a lot when I was yunger so job or asking for money never came to mind. Me and my sister fought and still fight a lot but when needed we worked together. Before my mom left she gave me my first gaming sistom my PS1 and man did I love it over time and bing little and careless it finely played its last game and broke then I got a PS2 for my birthday and al was restored to my simple life meanwhile what's going on around me I shut out my dad going thruw a new woman baby sitters, house made and friends of friends (all his age) and now that I think about it thare was a good 6-7 peaple for he was stuck with one. With all that going on one ill never for get she had 4 daughters then her and my sister that's 6 girls that controlled the house and it was just me my dad and my dog max (Newfoundlander, I'm Newfie) I was a big Lego fan and that's what I did i hid in my room building with my Lego then sleep then school, Lego,sleep,school friends were short stock in the part of my life and I was fighting for my self I try end play my PS2 as much as I could but someone was always watching tv and told me to go to my room so I never left my room unless food was ready or washroom brakes. At the time that's what I thought life was and I was ok with it I was happy I had my Lego and I had no one telling me what was going on was kinda wrong. One day after my dad was annoyed about me sneaking up early before school to play some spyro he got my a tv for my room so I didint have to bug him for it (he leaves for work at 6:00) at this point I was as happy as I could be I had my Lego and a tv in my room to play PS2 all I want, one day I had my friend mikey over and we were playing some games and my sister asked if she can take the tv and PS2 to watch a movie and I sed no I wasn't mean about it or yelled I just looked at her and sed no, so she get mad and ran to my dad and told him I wouldn't let her so mikey was sent home and I was gruounded form my PS2 till my dad and him girlfriend seen fit and my sister got to have the tv and PS2 till then, I was pissed and angry and what could I do? So I stayed in my room playing with my Lego till I got it back a cup pile weeks go by and I get to back and my dad was done with that girl and she was kicked out, when ever a woman was removed from out lives my dad always send no more girls just us 3 working together form now on and I liked it as well did my sister we both didint like how often the title of girlfriend changed till he found "her" and she will be named "her" on here, well my dad and "her" started seeing her and as always my sister hated "her" but I seen my dad was happy so I didint care to much she was nice. A year gos by and things have bin stedy and no changing but my liking for "her" grew thin and she was evil she only wanted the best for "her" wasn't looking for the best she made things as hard as she could for me and my sister and convincing my dad that this is the best thing for kids. My sister retaliated full force at times will all o did was accepted that's how this'll work and played my PS2 and Lego then year 2 roles around the snowy Halliday is coming up and my PS2's dics try wouldn't open I was destroyed I had a lot of peaple I spent time with but I wouldn't call them friends one had an Xbox 360 and all he would play was halo 3, now he invited me over to play it and he would beat me over and over at it one on one or two on one, when my PS2 broke I knew what to get. But she tryed to stop it she thought I broke it to get a new one, saying it was convenient that cristmass was comeing around and it brakes but my dad new what was brokering and understood it was gonna happen over time I had it for a good 4-5 years, so I got my driest Xbox 360 and game Halo 3. Life was still easy at that point my dad and his girlfriend started fighting like normal, this was summer so my friend mikey and his mom and dad sed "hay come over for the night" I was like sounds good my dad was ok with it so I went at this point I didint use the computer or Internet and mikey was my best friend with a fue side friends. That one night tht I stayed thare turnd out to be the rest of the summer I didint go back home unless my dad had to talk to me about something (always bad never my doing I was Never home) I liked it it was like I traded my sister and dad with shit girlfriend for amazing dad mom and little brother tht I got alon pg with rilly well the funny part about the house at that point was I'm mike he was mikey and his dad and mom was mike (dad) and Sam (mom) that one night stay tuned out to stretch in to the school year and I was happy then my dad sed any maybe your sister can stay thare too and Sam sed yea I didint care mikey and I stayed in the 4th flor and thay stayed out we ate slep and hung out in thare besides school, washroom and stuff life was grate it was like my dad just gave us to mike and Sam and we were happy with it, we'll my dad and "her" made up and me and my sister had to go back we understood and we went with no fight winter was now passing and my sad girlfriend realized I spent a lot of time with mikey and I still do going over comeing home for supper and then going back till late them home agen she didint like that and got my dad to not let me over ther best friend, little brother taken because I was happy I broke down I wa 13-14 at this point and didint know what do to so I just cryed like I did when I lost my mom I realized that that was bull and I was it gonna let that b**** control my life like that and told my dad straight up and he understood it was out of line and lifted the ban he put on and not only that he was letting stay the night on some week days agen, my dads girlfriend was mad oh soo mad. My sister came over sometimes too it was it bad at all then my sister wanted a friend at my house for the night, a school night he sed no as we both knew he would if we ever asked but she didint like that she demanded my moms number and called her asing if she could live with my mom... It's bin along time of not talking or seeing my mom so finding out she had a number I could call her on was shocking, ,y dad gave her that number knowing my mom would say no and my sister would be crushed by how my mom didint want us.. My dad was wrong she sed yes and tryed to get the paper work for my sister and my dad just wouldn't do it, wile this is going on I talk to my mom asked why she left and what's going on she sed she left because my dads was difficult. I understood that and took it for what it was worth and I didn't bother to get my dads side. My grad rolls up and I was going to high school next year my dad and mom were proud but only my mom showed up to it I thought my dad was working so I didint care I was just happy to see someone was thare. I'm gonna skip to late grade 9 to mid grade 10 when I got my first true love it started out me and a couple not so close friend hung out and she was thare that's when I met her and I liked her on sight she hardly noticed me, about a week later am and one of the friends were in a library so thay can check Facebook and she came running over and I just acted normally she asked if Alexis had a phone and she didint so tabitha took mine and put her number in it ans told me if she texted its for Alexis I sed sure I had unlimited text so I was ok with it I went home that night thinking should I text her.. And I did things went as I wanted ( I didint put this in but I lost my v-card at 14 and was a sex hound since and I think had sex with 4 difrint peaple at this point)(i know TMI but your here for my bio right) so we hangout and just mest around every time we hung out she was ok with is and so was i now bing who I was (no longer am) I didint want to be tied down so I can sleep around more and when she asked to date I sed no every time, for a year the went on for till I thought its time Chrismass is here and I think she's love the idea of me asking her out so I did.. She sed no.. 2 days later she was dating a guy name not my little brother soe. Outher guys she's bin messing around with wile with me I wa broken ones agen but till this pont I haven't cryed since my mom and the thought of losing what I consider my brother so I thought that's how I deal with this stress and well I couldn't cry.. Or anything I just bottled it up and slept it off like I did every thing elts that hurt me but now I was depressed, shut down and I couldint think I couldint pick up a controller and play my Xbox I was broken..she still sed she loved me and se can still have out just no sex and I was somewhat ok with that at the time but it was better then not havin her at all I stayed the night at her place my dad thinking I'm at my moms and my mom was ok with this I talk to her about how I felt and I opened up to her unlike I ever have to some before and I cryed once agen..after that night I tryed my hardest to talk her in to comeing back to me and she grew angry and told me not to talk to her I hated my self for this after that the school year just got worse side friends became more true friends and the number was reduced to 4-5 peaple with the excepshon of mikey. Then here's this year a side friend toled me she had an meet me account and I could try talking to her and I tryed not to do it but I couldn't help it it was something I counldint help but do and I did I sent her a message on how she left me on an hurt full note and I think I should get one more try at Friends at least I asked if I could spend valentines day with her seeing she left mikey for cheating on her and she had no one to spent it with she sed yes and I was happy and extremly excited we hung out and the same out me and her showed our true colours with out cloths stoping us and we were talking agen I was happy but she sed no more sex and I was ok with it I had her agen so what I thought at this point I had my bros josh,Danny and Baxter (also a mike nicknamed Baxter) mikey and I grew part and we stop talking after awhile but chat now and then my home life I realized rilly sucked with my sister hating everything and I was geting less and less my sister just got a $200 grad dress with $100 shos with a lot of outher stuf and my dad my ant and some outher family when to her grad thow I'm leaving out a hell of a lot of detailing I seem my life was short handed so far and I'm looking for better but the problem I have bin having was a friend a true friend i know won't over Time grow apart it talk s*** behind my back who could be better then yoru self right? When I was toled about tulpa I had to resurch this I couldint bleave it form just a a bros friend I had to see more and here I am on I'm excited to get to know more and maybe get to making one of my own so far I have I t had the bet places to start to much noice and het I end up passing out trying to visualize and can't focuse ill try and learn the site to post progress on the tulpa I'm going to create I'm excited and I can't wate to start.

    I'm wight dirty blond with green eyes(like to switch with blue depending on mood)
    I am fairly thin but I have meet on my bones
    I can take a lot of bull s*** with out bursting and I can take a joke
    I'm easy going and easy to get along with
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