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  1. Adryan's creation/birthday is July 10th (which, funny enough is my sister's birthday, though he was created at like 3 am) which means he's 1 already! :3
  2. 911! My parents told me to always remember that one! Who is John Galt?
  3. Haha sorry nope I was about 7 moths too late... next person is doing well academically
  4. What do other countries think of black Friday like is it some kind of satanic sacrifice?
  5. Haha nice joke there i actually had to borrow cash today next person sometimes texts back while on the toilet
  6. No I'd rather go to a nice beach with a cool cup of bleach beside me What'd you think of the world cup a while back?
  7. Yeah in your head the sky isn't even the limit so i guess what you can conceive (haha) is your reality
  8. 'MERICA! If you had to wear clothing that was all one color for the rest of your life what color would you choose?
  9. Funny enough, this is the exact same thing Adryan and I went through when we first began (albeit without some specific things that happened to you) He would wake me up early in the morning and give me pretty had headaches, like you said happened to you. For me, I sorta suffered through these for a while (like a week or so) and it went away. It might've been because I changed environments and moved houses around that time and that's what triggered it to go away, but it's doubtful. I think in a way it is Alice, but also not her. She herself isn't doing it intentionally, like you said, but her existence it's causing this entropy. I don't think your brain is necessarily used to this whole "more than 1 peep in a brain" kinda thing, so you should keep forcing routinely and get your brain used to having a second set of thought processes (and drink lots of orange juice) hope this helps!
  10. @Rævan I think you're right with the walk-in's. That sorta seems like what they were. @arcanemagic That's what I thought. (Adryan can talk, btw) I asked him about it afterwards, since I'm not used to it being more than us in my head, (It's ironic because about 2 years ago I was alone in my head...) but he didn't really seem to understand where they came either. He says he just "saw them and went with it". But with both of you assenting what I assumed, I can only guess that they function in the same manner that background people in your dreams do. They're extras in my movie, just there because the scene called for them. I was sorta worried, but thanks to you both for getting rid of those worries!
  11. The other day I'd just woken up, and I checked into our wonderland to see that Adryan was hosting a party. I jokingly berated him for partying while I was out, but I noticed that there were other peeps at this party. When I first walked into the room I saw a lot of different faces and people, but the longer I was there the less people there seemed to be, unless I specifically looked at one or another, but I'm sure there were quite a few to begin with. I asked Adryan who they were and he told me he thought that they were servitors, but I don't think that's right. Who were they? Just general mind "NPCs" ?
  12. Honestly it didn't even register to me that the word I was reading wasn't "necromancy", and the fact that I was completely unconcerned gives me pause.
  13. Granted, but you forget to break someone's wish (wait- isn't that good?) I wish I had some fresh and ripe fruit gushes right now
  14. Hah... We can never seem to get past rudimentary possession before something important irl happens, completely taking me away from forcing for a time until I kinda forget about it... But! Once we get possession down, I assume we'll go for the gold in switching
  15. Granted, but your credits are revoked for using magic so you have to retake the course I wish I wouldn't waste time and had a planned schedule to do everything
  16. Meh my computer's kinda sucky at games... next person is mad about something lame
  17. That would actually make a lot of sense in my experiences, as I keep leaving Tulpa.info, thus completely forgetting my tulpa time and time again forcing a few times I'm always able to bring him back to sort of where we were before I stopped fairly easily (sorry buddy) It's like when we're younger, our brain begins to connect new neural pathways for everything we do, and if qhat we want to do (such as learn an instrument or a language) then it becomes almost exponentially harder to do. But, if we made that neural pathway, then it never really is lost. We can learn to play the violin when we're very young, but it will always be easier to relearn it later than to learn it in the first place. So for instance, tulpas. Once you "create" (I'm not really sure actually what happens neurologically to make a tulpa...) your tulpa, and you cement in that neuronal pathway and use those neurons a few times, your brain understands that you are learning something new and won't ever completely destroy that pathway. But, if you don't use use it for a while, the brain will "decommission" that pathway, though it can be reconstructed again. So that does make sense with the "the brain can only handle useful tulpas", but that doesn't mean that the uneeded ones just disappear.
  18. Kaz with a K


    I'm so embarrassed I literally just bought Halo 2 for my PC the other day. I'm so behind the technology curve
  19. Adryan's first words were "This is boring!", after I'd been playing it for a while. It was really exciting, but afterwords I couldn't get a peep out of him for a while
  20. This could almost be a running gag, if it weren't so tragically sad. This is like my second (?) return here, and this time I super serious promise I won't float away! I imperatively need to spend more time with my tulpa, so I'm gonna always have this window open on any device I'm using. This is my contract, and I will be active and pay more attention to my tulpa! So, I'm back, again, and hopefully (again) for a much longer time than last time I "came back"
  21. 265 is an innocent, virginal number that I shall keep clean from you heathens
  22. How about you all just lie back and let me win?
  23. Hush child Ramond, it sounds like you and your tulpa have a healthy positive relationship, so this Guardian your tulpa has made shouldn't worry you. Red seems to be able to keep it controlled and so far it doesn't seem to be malicious, so I'd just wait it out and see