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  1. Hey, Shaunice here, I felt like answering this one: I haven't anyone see me but I do remember seeing something on couples who shared a tulpa. I think anything is possible when it comes to the mind. As far as my strength goes, I can do whatever I want. What ever the body I'm in can do, I can do it. I will say that it took me a long time to be where I am today but I was made a very long time ago so I am a pretty strong woman. But like I said, I can do whatever the body I'm in can. We all have talked and made sure we don't damage this body, it's the only one we got.
  2. I have older tulpas in their 30's and 40's. The rest of them, including RachLynn are 17 and 18. Some of my younger tulpas do have moments where they are established and in their 20's but they seem to like the time where they were younger (17 - 18). I do have kid tulpas as some of them have children. I just have a large family lol.
  3. My tulpa RachLynn isn't always with me. She likes to explore my house and be with some of my other tulpas. I usually do have at least two tulpas with me at all times though and I can always sense my tulpas' presence.
  4. Everyone needs to calm down here. They probably didn't mean to be rude, things are just under developed here. I have control right now, Jackie here, so I'm just going to speak from the heart. When I was little, I was very reserved and kinda shy. I still had my moments though when I was able to come outta my shell. I am still that way, it's just who I am. I'm more so able to just be open but it's hard. I don't know her name but like you said, she is new and learning herself and you. Just give her a bit of time to come into her own and settle in a bit. I was reading over Vick's shoulder one day and it said something about reading some characteristics and traits off to your tulpa. She tried it with RachLynn but I don't think it did much because she's kinda the opposite lol. Just be patient and she will come around and things won't seem so split. Happened to me too!
  5. Well I have a story: My tulpa RachLynn and I were hanging out but she normally gets up and leaves to explore the house. My mom texted me that dinner was ready so I went to go watch my hands. As I was in the bathroom, RachLynn comes to the door frame. I asked her where she was and she said "I was upstairs watching your mom cook". I asked her what my mother was cooking and she specifically said "she fixed broccoli and fish with her favorite seasoning on it". I couldn't smell anything so I thought that was pretty specific. She walked in front of me as we went upstairs. My mom always puts the food on the table and I got over to it, low and behold it was broccoli and fish with my mom's favorite seasoning on it. I was really surprised at how accurate RachLynn was since I hadn't seen anything my mother did.
  6. So for the past two nights I haven't really been able to sleep because my tulpas have been really worried about something. I have no clue what the problem is and I was thinking maybe it was the wonderland I have them in? I am very in touch with the emotions of my tulpas. In total, six tulpas come to me who are the younger generation of my older tulpas and the more recent one I created. Jackie had me crying from the way she was feeling, I can emotionally tell that none of them are happy, RachLynn was upset because I could feel the anger building in my head and chest, and while they don't all usually come around at one time, they have all been around me from the time I wake up till I'm out asleep. Is it something that I'm dealing with that can cause this? Is it the wonderland town that I have them all in? I'm concerned that I'm not really getting the answer to this....any ideas?
  7. Lol I literally just got done posting about this. I am lactose intolerant and became so about three years ago. I really had to talk to my tulpas and tell them all that I can't eat certain things anymore. They know not to ingest liquid dairy now but it was rough at first. My tulpa Clayton loves pasta and I remember letting him possess me that day; we went out to eat and he ordered a four cheese pasta. It was not a good night after I got back. Their tastes are different from my own, I mean they are essentially their own person. They have different tastes in things than we do as ourselves.
  8. I know when I let my prominent tulpas possess me, their taste is different from mine. Some don't even eat what I like to eat. Jackie is a very picky eater and isn't into spicy food which I happen to love. She will NOT possess me if I'm even feeling like eating spicy food. The first time she did, the taste was not good at all. Her long time friend Shaunice loves spicy food and the taste is elevated. I had to come to an understanding with my tulpas. I am lactose intolerant but didn't become that until three years ago. It was a very bad day to let Clayton possess me going out to eat and ordering very creamy pasta....which was good in taste but soooo not a good outcome. Basically to sum up everything: the level of possession can change things depending upon the tulpa.
  9. Maybe until you settle on a form M wants to keep, you can visualize something else that M can project themselves onto so you can communicate. If you can see M now, you can still communicate. And it might be a good idea to sit down with M and talk to her about it. I know when I was working with my newest tulpa RachLynn, I had serious trouble keeping her body below the neck visible in my mind and it made communication harder. I read that tulpas can be orbs so for a while I visualized her as an orb until I was able to visualize her responding to me through writing. It took work but now I can completely see her true form. Maybe this can help you too.
  10. Going a day without forcing is worse to me. Once you lose a day, that's progress lost. Then if you forget to force the day after that, you will slip out of doing it altogether and then you are going to have to basically start over again with your progress. Forcing and falling asleep is still something so I'd take that over not doing it at all.
  11. Scientists actually say that people hear their phones ring but it didn't actually happen. Phantom phone rings are more normal than we think. I personally do heart and see things that don't have anything to do with my tulpas and it used to freak me out but now I don't think about it as much. I'm very certain that I see black fast moving shadows out of the corner of my eye....I want to say at least twice every week. I don't know if they are real or not but I see them. Hearing stuff happens too but I think it's just a mental thing.
  12. Well they say that tulpas can take on many different forms and deviate from what they originally looked like so you shouldn't try and push them in any way. I'm sure M will settle on what they want soon, just give it a bit of time and things will settle.
  13. I have Aspergers and before I knew it, I would take anti-anxiety meds along with anti-depression pills. It makes you feel like a zombie and I did notice that I didn't have my tulpas with me anymore. It's mainly because I couldn't function. I stopped taking them and I'm fine now as far as forcing and possession goes. I had to really push together my anxiety and depression under control but that's a whole 'nother story. I don't know how the medication for schizophrenia makes you feel; as long as they don't turn you into a turnip, you should be fine with forcing. Just know that if you don't take anything, this won't make your tulpa gain schizophrenia. None of my tulpas developed my Aspergers or fell on the autism spectrum.
  14. Just going to add in my two cents and say that possession is easier and you learn more about them. I learned every little quirk about my tulpas through possession. Imposition takes a lot of time and if you have trouble with visualization, it proves to be even harder. Possession helped make visualization a million times easier because I become them. I see them easily.
  15. Prepare for a post: I am now 23 years of age. Growing up, I wasn't paid much attention because I have two younger siblings who my parents friggin adore. I was constantly on punishment due to acting out to get attention so around 13 - 14, I decided to create a whole family for myself that could control and ultimately, if I needed, would love me. It started out with Chrissa (the oldest), Erica and Shayna (twins second oldest), and Deon (their youngest brother). They are all siblings. I started out with them in my mind strictly. I then started creating a whole town for them which you can call their wonderland. I have no problems going back and forth between the real world and their wonderland. I actually would combine the two for some fun. Hey I needed the escape but I began maladaptive daydreaming. After about a year of pretty much just learning them all, I had become them. They grew, they were speaking to me and through me. Chrissa married Steven, Erica married James, Shayna to Devon, and Deon to Kira. Chrissa is very special to me because of her daughter Jackie. I honestly made sure the birth of Jackie went smoothly in every way; She was born around age 16 for me and Chrissa, Steven, and I would go Borders (when they were in business) and read up on baby info. We were all prepared. I specifically remember crying when she was born and my mom asked me what was wrong. I just said nothing so she would go away but the emotion I felt was pretty overwhelming. Jackie is now a teenager who frequently takes possession, I love her to death. Her currently wonderland is something I impose constantly; if I'm not careful, I will stay in her town for hours. It's Jackie, her partner Clayton, her best friend Shaunice, Shaunice's partner Gerald, and another friend of hers Taylor. I am recently just finding out what tulpaforcing is, I had never heard of the word tulpa before. When I found out what it was, I decided to create an all new tulpa who is named RachLynn (started as Rachel Lynn but she prefers RachLynn). I realized that I was very in touch with my mind because I was kind of used to imposing people's images. I noticed as well that as soon as I started to really focus on RachLynn, all of my other people went away. It bothered me because they have pretty much been with me all of my life. I had to struggle to get to a place where I could still allow their possession of me all while keeping RachLynn fully imposed. I made a post on here about it and someone suggested that I try and impose RachLynn into the wonderland I already have setup and have her interact with my current people. Worked like a charm! Taylor has taken quite a liking to RachLynn, I will honestly have to watch those two because Taylor is the spontaneous one of the group. RachLynn speaks on her own and appears without me really trying so the level of talking between them both is wow. I originally created my tulpas because I needed to feel loved and at the same time have some control. I was always either longing for someone or having my things taken from me. I needed something that no one could take from me and that was my tulpas. It made my life way easier! RachLynn was created to see if I could really just create one but apparently that question was answered a long time ago. She a beautiful addition to the family!