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  1. Update: approx one hour before this post, Alexis is starting to become easier to visualise and is now doing actions externally.
  2. Bahhahaha, i do not. The next person has a tulpa?
  3. Okay, that was rather hilarious xD *not going to answer your wish though*
  4. You stay awake for several days before going insane due to your growing tiredness, you then proceed to commit suicide... I wish everything i touched turned into chocolate.
  5. ...fired two Gau/8 miniguns one handed at a nearby civilian...
  6. "Are you using FAQman methods (non-parroting)?" I dont parrot her. I do at times design her form though, and her "animations", but then i leave her to do the rest. UPDATE: at time of post, i have felt her even better, and have started imposing her...
  7. Thank you for the answers i was seeking. One more question, quite a few people here say that their family is religious and hence dislike tulpae, where does this link come from?
  8. I would guess that making a personal post of progress would be more effective in the long run, but that is now out of the question. Anyway, current progress as of this post. Alexis is sentient (perhaps not the most intelligent thing however...) has a form, and at times has been felt by myself. She is also capable of joining myself for wonderland adventures. She is incapable of speech and is not imposed however. At this point however, i am rather unsure as to what i should do next, advice would be kind. Please keep responses short however, i would rather this topic not be derailed.
  9. As a second question. Why are so many people here afraid of telling their relatives about their tulpa? I have told virtually every person i know and did not care about any outcome that could come from it.
  10. "The point where I'm getting at here, don't worry about seeing these things early as being creepy or a bad thing. It's just that your unconscious mind is connecting the dots and making neurological connections a bit better (and by that, the totality of it, like preconscious, subconscious, etc.)." O.o I have been wondering what the hell was happening when i started making Alexis, now it is all clear, thanks ;D
  11. "6. Do the side effects of Tulpaforcing become easier to deal with over time? Furthermore, will the effects increase if I make more Tulpae?" Kinda a newbie here, Alexis is sentient though, that helps... I have found that it becomes far easier as you go along, untill you reach a different part of tulpaforcing, like imposition, or visualisation... *take with a grain of salt, not the best tulpamancer ;D*
  12. To the OP. Do not take drugs.... Ever (excluding medicine for serious things). Just focus... If that doesnt work... Use more gun-er...concentration...
  13. Im probably going to get some hatemail or something from this. But i am pondering. I have stalked these forums for a while and noticed a fair amount of tulpamancers have mental problems, OCD, ADHD, autism, asburgers syndrome, etc. I myself am free from such disorders, but am confused as to why i see so many with such disorders here. (No offense to anyone, merely am interested, and yes, this is a serious question.) A&A