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  1. Give Ashmo my slot. I'm leaving the community.
  2. I usually make my tulpa a character in most the games I play.
  3. So, I followed that link you posted to another thread, where the first link was this, which talks about the thoughts of "Anthropology Professor Tanya Luhrmann" -- the same one who wrote the NY Times article. Interesting. Very interesting.
  4. This seems to suggest that tulpa were originally meant to be created gods in Tibetan Buddhism. Though students who believed in the divinity of the tulpa were deemed failures.
  5. Yeah, I value my tulpa's insight because she often thinks of things that I wouldn't, but it's a matter of having a different perspective. I'd say we're around the same intelligence.
  6. Shui

    Tulpas and sleep

    Well, first off, meditation can replace sleep -- but not all sleep. There are a number of bad side effects to not getting enough sleep, and many of these will hit you even if you're meditating. I strongly suspect that even if someone switches with their tulpa for the sleeping hours, they will still feel many of these effects. But of course I'm not switching yet, so I can't say for sure.
  7. Frankly, I side with Yori on all of this. But I'm tired of arguing about it.
  8. Nope. That's another flaw with Pascal's Wager. He didn't even consider the possibility that his Christianity might annoy Odin or Zeus. (Especially Zeus -- he liked to sleep with the goddesses of other religions, and Christianity doesn't have goddesses.) But that doesn't really apply, even on a metaphorical level, to tulpa.
  9. Well, like I said, don't expect too much of it. Fifteen seconds gets a bit repetitive, and it's easy to hear where it ends and loops, so it's a bit distracting. But maybe it'll give you an idea of whether this is the sort of thing that works with you.
  10. But what do I call just the ones who share Kevin's body?
  11. The criticism seems fair, but none of that stuff really bothered me. The only thing I want is a definition. Nobillis, I think you and your (clan? system? family?) define switching a bit differently than most of the community -- which is a good thing. I think the definitions around here are slightly off what they should be. But I would really like to know exactly what you mean by "switching". Other than that, I personally have no complaints.
  12. Personally, I don't see why length is an issue. Articles and guides have an advantage over forum posts and personal messages in that you don't have to read them all the way through. If I pick up a guide on making tulpa, for example, I'm going to skip over the parts that are no longer relevant to me, like narration.
  13. Shui

    So it goes

    Oh yeah. I think that was Enny's PR. The idea was based off the Engineer's Ring, and the idea is that it will remind you of what it represents every time you write or draw, as well as when you see it. I don't do much writing -- I type absolutely everything -- so it's only a visual reminder for me. But I imagine it should work better for other people. Let me know how it works out for you.
  14. This has been brought up several times before. Pretty much every time, people conclude that there's no way to prove someone has a tulpa except, as Chupi said, possibly with a brain scan.
  15. Sorry I've taken so long. I've had so much trouble with my computer. I got a new version of linux, and for some reason Firefox just stops working after a while and I have to restart the X server to get it working again. It works ok for reading the site and posting, but not for uploading large files. I had to trim this file down a lot to get it to upload. The original is six minutes, and loops pretty seamlessly. This one is fifteen seconds and doesn't loop as well. Some words come through clearly, but not many. In this sample, you can hear her clearly saying "I hope so". I think I can fix that, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Oh, and my original description of this was wrong. I said she was saying three things at once -- that was me misremembering. It's made from three recordings, but she's actually saying six things at once. I cut a six-minute sample out of three recordings, combined them all into one file, and then cut that file in half and pasted the end over the beginning, and the beginning over the end, and then added the binaural beat on top of that. I imagine you can probably do this pretty easily with a free audio editing program like Audacity. I used a linux program called mhWaveEdit, because it came with my operating system. Anyway, here's the file. (At least I hope it uploaded. I can't play it.)
  16. Ouch. I got some similar stuff from my mother when I was a teenager, but never like that. What do you think of Urban Shaman? Everyone always recommends The Law and the Promise, which I think is just about the most useless book ever. Do you think Urban Shaman has been useful?
  17. Thank you for that link, Nobillis. That has happened to me before, and I'm interested to read a scientific paper on the subject.
  18. What you're talking about sounds a lot like this. Nothing wrong with allowing Patricia to become a tulpa, but I wouldn't allow everyone to do so -- at least not for a while. Give yourself plenty of time to get to know your current tulpa first.
  19. Once again, if both Phi and CreativeMind are in, I'll bow out and give SkyeWint and Dialogues the empty seats.
  20. Guy reads about tulpa in Times article. Googles it. Finds Finds thread about the article he just read. Sees half the community immediately assume that the member mentioned in the article is a depraved pervert. Takes that assumption to the logical conclusion: that the bulk of the community is depraved perverts. Runs away and never comes back.
  21. Shui

    So it goes

    Well, I'm going by this. At least 32 out of 43 people polled had a tulpa of the gender they were attracted to. Only three people who were attracted to traditional genders had a tulpa who was not of the gender they were attracted to. Of course 43 people is not a large enough sample, so this could be completely off. And I thought about mentioning you as an exception, but, well, I wouldn't expect you to be physically attracted to Bud. He's different from many tulpa in that regard.
  22. Shui

    So it goes

    In general, younger people do seem to have more trouble with tulpa. Many of them give up pretty early on, and those that do stick around often treat it like a frivolous game. But that's not to say that teenagers can't or shouldn't create tulpa. Personally, from what I've seen of you so far, I think you'll do well. Wow, that sounds really bad. I thought I was unfortunate having to spend an hour on the bus to get to or from school. But it should be a good opportunity for forcing. It sounds like you've got quite a gift there. I'm jealous. It's been suggested that it's connected to the concept of the anima and animus, but I think in most cases it's attraction. It's easier to visualize someone you're attracted to. Though there are exceptions. CyberD is a straight guy with a male tulpa. He suggests that people have tulpa of the gender they're not attracted to, so it doesn't degenerate into something sexual. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a tulpa of the gender you're attracted to. I have a female tulpa, and we treat each other roughly like coworkers. Anyway, good luck, and I look forward to hearing more!
  23. The instant I saw Gamma's post, I checked Wikipedia. The Times article is already being used as a reference. It doesn't actually say that this community exists (and I don't think it should until the community gets mentioned in an article) but it does present a modern perspective of tulpa as sentient hallucinations, which makes me very happy.
  24. Perhaps I misread your post, but it looks like you're being dismissive without backing up your claims with anything whatsoever. On the other hand, I provided five links that illustrate how a game can affect your thought process. And just for fun, here's another one. I'm sorry if I misunderstood. If you have any logical justification behind what you said, please elaborate. Well, I looked it up. I couldn't find more Tibetan loanwords than I could count on one hand. But I did find this: So it looks like both plurals are acceptable for a Tibetan loanword ending in -a. Well, at least it doesn't say sherpae.