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  1. Thanks for the help :) 12/8/2014 Okay. So. Today. I did some more passive forcing after I woke up today, just every now and then thinking about Sky, visualizing her, the likes. Not much happened except me worrying a bit more about parroting. Later though I asked her some questions which I knew I couldn't have parroted. I asked her what her favourite colour was and expected blue but she said "Red" which genuinly surprised me. Later on I asked her what type of music she liked and said "Rock" which also was unexpected. During all this time I was just hearing my normal mindvoice for both sides of our conversation but later I asked her some other question (forgot it now, sorry) and she basically giggled in a very distinct voice and said "I don't know". I also went outside and meditated doing some active forcing working on visualization and fixing up our wonderland. Other than that today seemed average but I'm glad I'm seeing development so quickly.
  2. 11/8/2014 Continued I asked Sky a few questions and got basic replies...I haven't heard of sentience or responses in one day before..I'm worried I'm puppeting. Meh, besides from that I did some forcing and meditation and stuff as well. Anyways, here's hoping she develops a bit better and is a bit more talkative.
  3. Yeeee Next person's favourite drink is soda.
  4. 11/8/2014 Hey guys, I'm new here, I only just joined today and only started "forcing" Sky today. She has blue hair, a white shirt and grey sweatpants, just to give you the general look of her. I might draw how I see her later. Anyway, I've created a wonderland for her which is basically a cottage next to the sea in a pretty colourful world. I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen during the course of her development but I'm excited for it. Any tips for a newbie?