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  1. Hmm, progress has been made, although not really tulpa-related. So recently I've been struggling with mindscape immersion. As you know from one of my previous posts, I usually visualize things in 3rd person because it's easier for me and well, it just happens naturally. But I don't really "feel it" that way. I can't immerse into my mindscape body when I'm merely looking at it. So I wanted to change that and every now and then I would try to visualize in 1st person. It was really difficult though, I wasn't able to focus enough, my vision would quickly shift to 3rd person and my mind was generally wandering very easily. So I've been quickly giving up with this and returning to just practicing visualization in general. But few days ago I've accidentally found a method that helped with that, and is very simple. Visualize your hands. And that's it! When you think of it, it actually makes sense- hands are the part of us that we see the most throughout our life. It's quite easy for the mind to "jump in" the mindscape body when you see it the same way you see it in real life. So basically, now I just visualize my hands and concentrate on seeing and feeling them, and the rest just kind of comes naturally.
  2. I'm not sure if a servitor could do that for you. That "tip of the tongue" feeling IMO means that you just have the raw thought of that memory that you need to decode and that process would need some training to become faster. Sure, you could probably make a servitor do it in the "background" but I think that would need the training as well. In other words, having a servitor do that quickly for you would mean that you can consciously do it anuway. But I might be totally wrong, I pretty often am :P
  3. The problem is kind of definitely solved now, so now that my mind is calm I think I can get back to my regular forcing schedule. But now I've actually noticed how powerful all this meditation practice really is. As you've probably guessed, this "event" was a woman, a very special one. THE one if I can say so. But well, things didn't go the right way with her and that got me, well.. kinda depressed. I thought I won't be able to get up after this for several weeks. But surprisingly, I managed to "compress" those several weeks of thinking in a single day. An entire day of thinking about stuff, a massive headache and when I woke up next day, I felt about all this differently. Kinda like you think about a crush from several years ago. But well, I've got some more important things to do right now than getting you guys bored to death with my problems. Time to catch up with my tulpas. 321GO!
  4. Alright, so it's been a while since my last post. The reason I've been holding up with it is that I wanted to wait for some significant thing to write about. But now it's probably about time I write something. So over the past few weeks I've been thinking less of my tulpae due to a relatively important "event" that was taking up most of my head's processing power. There's a good chance that "event" might be reading that so I'd rather avoid getting into detail ;) I've been also diving into New Age stuff, spirituality, witchcraft, modern magic and metaphysics, so yeah, my forcing time was very limited. And I gotta tell you, there's nothing worse that developing your own beliefs and religion throughout your entire life, based off of other religions, only to find out that such thing alrrady exists and is called New Age o.O But as for tulpaforcing, I think I should quote Applejack here: I didn't learn anythin'!
  5. Yes, that's the guide, thanks guys. I probably couldn't find it because for some reason I was being sure that it was about blocking out intrusive thoughts, so I didn't check this one since it was about doubt. Silly me. NotAnonymous: I know several things are unique from person to person and I've tried to put an emphasis on that, but I still had to keep some of the concepts, like the "reality axis". Some people might perceive 'fiction' and 'fantasy' the same way, some might be keeping the 'fiction' in the 'reality' area. I know it but I didn't know how to explain it the other way, really. I might edit that later when I suddenly have a better idea as how to make it more clear. Your post explains this whole idea really well and I think I might link it up in the OP if you don't mind.
  6. Well, 'moving' the thoughts around, I agree, is symbolism. Relocating on the other hand (at least that's how I see it) is not necessarily 'moving'. It is getting an idea of the thought and re-creating it, basically thinking it again, but this time the same way you perceive reality. Think of it as copy-paste. I know, symbolism again, but I'm finding it hard to explain things in a non-symbolic way. As for the vote, I consider this method of mine a trick, really. So if anything, it wouldn't feel right to put it in the guides section anyway. The way we perceive thoughts is very personal by definition, so I don't expect it to work the same for everyone, nor to find any evidence or anything.
  7. Well I am a brony but I didn't make pony tulpas. I'm also a furry and didn't make furry tulpas. I've been also wondering why tulpas are so popular in the brony community and I think Sushi's explanation makes alot of sense. As for the war part, I wouldn't worry too much. Although if you believe it can affect them, it probably might(still, a small chance), because you'll be focusing on that while visualizing the fights and such. But if you think of it as a game or roleplay, it should all be fine. I personally do alot of wonderland fighting with my tulpas. When we want to fight the "bad guys", we spawn a bunch of hearthless monsters. When we spar, nobody actually gets injured. It works kind of like in SAO, if you watched it - a blade passes right through the body, leaving just a digital-ish trail that disappears after a while. So as long as you and your tulpa know those are just mobs and threat it like a roleplay game, you will be alright. I'd also recommend not doing those fights to let go off your anger, because you'll probably be putting alot of emotion into it. And whenever powerful emotions are involved, there's a higher chance for it to have a permanent effect. That's why you should focus on positive emotions while forcing. Just to be clear though, it doesn't mean this even CAN have a negative effect on your tulpa whatsoever, we don't know this. So don't freak out if you've been doing this out of anger and whatnot, ok? But you can follow my advice if you want to be extra sure.
  8. Update: Added three paragraphs to better explain the general idea. "The lost guide" - here I've tried to briefly explain the guide that has inspired me to experiment and as a result come up with this method. "How it works" - in this paragraph I explain what is this method supposed to do and what kind of results you can expect from it. "Origins..." - a story about my experience with this trick before, how did I come up with it and how I didn't think about using it for forcing.. I hope this will give you a better idea of this trick, and will let you understand my point of view.
  9. I've had a similar problem for some time. But basically, if you're directing your forcing intentions towards the same tulpa, it will reach them. They will hear those words/thoughts/whatever no matter if you feel them at that time or not.So you're not creating two tulpae unless you really want to. It might also be that in wonderland, you are focusing more on the visuals than 'feeling' your tulpa. And that's pretty normal because humans pretty much rely on sight, so it's natural that most of your attention goes towards this sense. Maybe try to close your eyes in the wonderland and focus on feeling your tulpa's presence instead of seeing them if you want to feel them the same way you do during passive forcing? I think that might work.
  10. Hmm, I think I see it now. The problem is that things here don't have one consistent meaning and people perceive them differently, that's what makes it difficult to understand. And english not being my native language makes it difficult to explain what I really mean. This entire method is easily to be misunderstood and that's why I did the whole symbolistic explanation to try and avoid confusion. I don't think I'll be able to extract the 'actual' tip from it and squeeze it into few words. But I'll try to add something like that at the beginning. I know I won't be able to go without this explanation, but I think I could write what is this method supposed to do and how will it affect the forcing. Because it's not much of a forcing method itself, more like a trick to aid. That's why I call it a forcing 'booster' - it's not supposed to be used alone but to kind of help to get into the right mindset before the actual forcing. As for the meaning of the words, by subconscious I meant the unconscious thoughts in general, not some ultimate being in the back of our mind. And by mental barrier - that thing that filters out your tulpa's words as unimportant thoughts. Many tulpas said they were struggling to "break through" that barrier in order to be heard, so I thought it won't be an issue to use that term here. Thanks for helping me to improve it. I don't care too much if it gets approved and whatnot, but I want it to be understood by others. I'll try and do some edits later today.
  11. I don't know, Sands. For me, it still is not symbolism. Maybe I'm just too bad at explaining things. I use symbolism and it works pretty well for me, but this definitely doesn't fall into my definition of it. I've been actually thinking whether it does or not, before posting this here. Yes, the "guide" might be a bit symbolistic because it seemed easier to explain it this way. But I don't consider the actual method symbolism. Still, I accept your vote. Although, I've decided to leave the post as is, because this method is more elaborate than just "imagine how would it be... " Also, I'm wondering why are you denying things like "subconscious" or "mental barriers". Maybe you're just looking at this whole tulpa thing more scientifically, while I am a bit abstract person and that's why it's difficult for us to understand each other. And I don't want to fall again into an argument that's based just on a different point of view on the entire thing.
  12. It's not symbolism, Sands, and I know exactly which guide you're talking about. The "locations" were just a metaphor, it's all about the "feel" associated with particular thoughts. This whole trick is about forcefully making thoughts feel different, not necessarily throwing them from left to right. For some people it may actually feel like they're coming from a different direction, but for me it's more of an abstract feeling. So you think "how would it be blah blah" and you think it as a thought of different type. By doing this, you're making your subconscious "ready" for responses from your tulpa, which in general tears down the mental barrier. But for this to work, you have to figure out what all those 'types' of thoughts actually feel like. With symbolism, you wouldn't have to. This entire idea is pretty abstract, it's difficult to explain it clearly, sorry :) Thank you for your feedback, I will edit the post later today to try and make it more clear. And thank you Twilight, this is exactly what I wanted to put there. I'm in hurry to work right now, but I'll edit that in when I'm back.
  13. Unexpected update, guys! So yesterday evening while chatting on IRC, I've gotten a weird urge to force. It's been a long time since I've had those so I instantly left the chat and started forcing, it might have been something important, right? I decided to focus properly to avoid falling asleep this time. But it didn't take me too long to realize that my intense concentration might actually block my tulpa's thoughts, so I relaxed a little bit and then my mind began wandering, so I've focused a bit more. I've been "oscillating" between relaxation and concentration for a whie, but kept Lena in mind all that time. And suddenly I think I managed to center the mind. For those of you who don't know, centering is entering a "perfect" state of mind, somewhere between clear mind and concentration, that allows you to kind of passively observe different trains of thoughts, without getting carried away by them. You can read details about it elsewhere though, I'm not an expert. I've only been centered for about five seconds, but after this, I saw a clear image of a big chamber, in middle of which someone was standing. I zoomed in and saw Lena, in a gold and silver armour, with blonde hair and a gold spear in hand. She was much different that I imagined her, but I kinda liked it this way. And she didn't look shy at all. That visualization was very vivid, even though it only lasted for a few seconds. I think I'm getting better at this. Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post, their forms are more consistent now in my subconscious. Previously I would visualize them as just women at first, and then consciously "add" wings and tail to the visualization. Now they "render" completely every time I think of them. I think it's a very good sign. Note to self: Never neglect any progress.
  14. A wild update approaches. So after the excitement regarding my latest progress, we had a moment of some serious doubt, as always to be honest. The reason for that was a particular thread about "misinterpretation of assuming sentience from the start" which I won't bother to link here because it's too much of a hassle with a phone. But you probably know which thread I'm talking about. But don't worry, I think we made it through. Even though I still think I might have been simulating them, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I suppose. So yeah, we're all good. As for my forcing performance, it wasn't too good last week. My visualization seems to have improved a bit, but I have trouble concentrating. And I've fallen asleep during forcing way too often. I think I might need to move the forcing slider from 'relaxation' to 'concentration' to remedy that. We will see how it goes.
  15. Well, as long as you're still focusing on HER it should all be good. I mean, focusing on her as a person. If you're still perceiving her as the same person, even though she looks different, then you will still be forcing her, not a second tulpa. Basically, I think you won't create a second one unless you specifically want to. What I do with my tuppers, I gave them an initial form and we stick to it, to avoid confusion. We can always change it, or even the names, later on should we decide to.