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  1. Sorry that we haven't posted anything in a while, but a lot has been happening in the land of the tulpas, and we are now ready to post the results of a long experiment with different stages. I don't really feel like being formal right now, so I'm not going to be. Stage one: Information collection. I gave out a sequence of numbers and letters the my tulpas. (Long story on how I have five now) They could write it down, not write it down, whatever. Stage two: Information retention. I told them that they had to remember their particular sequence for two weeks. Midna decided to challenge herself and not write it down, but two of the others wrote theirs down. We waited two weeks. Stage three: Information report. They all gave out the information exactly ad told. I had it written down before telling them. Purpose of this all: To see how long they could remember the sequences and/or the location of their written sequence.
  2. NO! YOU CAN'T BE! Ha. Well thank you for helping.
  3. TREKIE FTW! And so far the Resistance is doing good. And thank you. I will try to keep them from Shaper and XM influences.
  4. Thanks. I thought it was tulpae because I read it somewhere. Can't remember.
  5. I have a question that is rather extremely important to me, but before I ask it, I must explain why I am asking. So there's this game out on Google Play for ONLY Android devices (authored by Niantic Labs at Google) that is being ported to iOS (sometime this year I believe), and I am a Level 3 Agent for the Resistance. The whole thing is centered around XM. XM is Exotic Matter. Though this is just a game, I am curious because this game has a direct influence on the human thought pattern depending on which side you're on. This is supposedly XM exposure. Resistance Agents become more logical and fight harder to keep the Enlightened from taking over the world while the Enlightened Agents become more.... Bloated in thoughts. They seem to view "enlightenment" as the only source of knowledge. Their motto is "Become Enlightened" while the Resistance motto is "Keep Resisting" I think. But my point is.... This game influences differentiations in thought patterns. I have experienced this myself. I am a host of 5 tulpae and have a huge plane where they exist that is always changing because it is a growing society. My point is.... Could this game effect tulpae, too? I have noticed that most Enlightened speak in a godly manner while Resistance are skeptical of XM. I am resisting the XM exposure, but I don't know for how long I can keep up. Will this effect my tulpae?
  6. Ian here. I'm making this quick because I'm trying to finish up a Source map and just thought I'd tell you of the most recent excitement. Midna and I were just chit chatting, talking, spending time together when I thought of something. What if I put a sort of gateway to other universes in town square? (we actually live by a lake a mediocre distance away from the village) I decided to give it a try. A couple days passed of actually getting the thing up and giving it a Stargate effect (I love Atlantis). After that, I decided to think about what would be on the other side and if it could be multi dimensional. Day after day of working on it, I finally completed the Stargate with Midna's help. I was so excited about this I almost peed my real world pants. I could travel to other universes and dimensions! So I dialed in to a random sequence. Then effect was right. It had a low hum. That was when a person poked their head through with a, "What? Leave me alone." After a short talk, I decided to give the gate a true test. I did a little parroting and puppeting of some NTCs (non tulpa characters). Long story short..... THE GATE WORKS!
  7. Hi. It's Midna, Ian's tulpa. This is the first experiment I'm putting here. We were just spending time together when I thought about what might happen if I tried to change my own form. I spent a day or two thinking about what I wanted to look like before I actually changed my form into it. I thought it was cool, Ian was impressed. I'm sorry if this isn't like an actual experiment, I didn't know what would happen if I tried to change my form, I experimented because I was curious. -Midna
  8. Thanks. And I'm not afraid his tulpae are weak because Asperger's. I don't think they're weak at all. Can't I just look out for a friend?
  9. I didn't say I think there's no hope. I know he SHOULD be okay, but I can't help but worry. He's my best friend.
  10. And if the host had Asperger's? I'm concerned about the safety of all for of them. But also Midna if I listen to them.
  11. Could binaural beats harm tulpae? A friend of mine has 3 tulpae (WOW) and just recently looked into binaural beats. I myself am a bit curious, but seeing as they have a direct influence on your brain, which houses your tulpae, could it effect/harm them? I'm worried that a certain pattern of the frequencies at certain tones at certain levels, etc. Etc. Etc., could harm one. I'm worried. He also has Asperger's. That especially worries me about the things harming him. 3 tulpae and Asperger's, but he's my best friend ever.
  12. Good thinking. What kind of experiment do you have in mind? Another experiment from yours truly. Experiment: Summoning Materials: Me Procedure: Stood in the forest by a lake. Rose one (1) hand and concentrated on a box with an object inside. Result: Received one (1) small, ornate box with a small Chinese dragon figure in palm of hand. Notes: Should attempt something more complex later... -Ian