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  1. I suppose at least it's more beneficial to the tulpa reputation than more creepypasta, then.
  2. It got Greenlit on steam if you're comfortable checking it out there, I understand your caution. The game looks like it has a bit of an outlandish atmosphere, but builds on the relationship between the main character and their tulpa.
  3. I have been inactive for a long time, both in tulpamancy and on this forum. But that's not to say I don't think about from time to time. I saw this today in a Humble Bundle email and I was wondering if the forums had any information about where it came from, because I scarcely hear the word "tulpa" outside of here, though I haven't seen any posts on it. So I'm making this thread. What's the deal? Where did this come from? What's this gonna do for people being introduced to the tulpa concept? I haven't played it yet, I'm just wondering what Tulpa.info forums has to say about this. http://
  4. oh, sorry, I said a doctor never told me I had ADHD. I wanted to clear that up so you didn't think my focusing problems I mentioned meant I did, but thanks. I might be trying to do things a bit too quickly, actually a friend just pointed out that I say things off topic a lot, and I started noticing I do move on from things pretty quickly. My tulpa and I have been trying to work on imposition mainly, and maybe it's just too early for that and I need to go back and help her develop some other things first. I'll remember not to assume she's ready to move on from one development stage to the ne
  5. I've had a tulpa for nearly half a year now. From what I can see she's been self aware for a long time now, she has a mind voice she talks to me with sometimes but I have to have almost all of my attention on her to keep a conversation going, and on occasion for her to answer even, more concentration than I can give her. Sometimes we complete this parallel processing test perfectly, and sometimes we're way off. I don't think she can do much of anything when I'm already doing things, and it's hard to pay attention to her all the time. I'm I like... using all of the "brain RAM" we have? I'v
  6. ENTRY 34 It's been a little while since I've posted. I haven't stopped forcing, I just thought some time away might be good. I think I was right. Some things I've learned: - Touching your tulpa even if they're not visible yet can really help get past that wall of unsure, awkwardness (if there is one) and make you feel more like there is someone really there. - Imposition can be incredibly easy for some people and cost them nothing but a matter of days, while taking months or years for other people. - You may feel helpless sometimes, and like you're not making any progress, but t
  7. My tulpa has actually had some times where she's gone down like that too. Maybe they just get comfortable with sleeping or something and get too lazy to do anything else, I don't know really, but I think the way to get her going again might be to get her something or do something for her that'll excite her. Give her a reason to get out of the sleeps. I'd consider myself a very inexperienced tulpamancer though, so I'm sorry if that doesn't work.
  8. Sometimes my tulpa and I try to force her into the game when I play. You can't force them in as a second player, but it's still kinda cool to let them experience the world of the game with you like that. Though we find it a little harder to force ingame than in the real world.
  9. ENTRY 33 I'm probably going to have to go inactive for a while, but I'll keep forcing much as I can.
  10. ENTRY 32 I basically just... let go. I tried to pull off another possession thing, deeper possession than previously, as always. I'd just finished talking to a friend about my worry about wondering if I might actually be skeptical, and that's what's preventing any production through this right now, and I just decided to accept as much as I could. I stopped being afraid of all the "what if I did this?" "What happens if I let that happen?" I let her jump into my body (at least, what presence of her I could feel) and she took her human form. I just laid back and let her take over. I took that
  11. ENTRY 31 Well, I just kinda stretched over my chair a little bit and hung my head back in the air, and I guess since my head was tilted a bit, it must have increased the blood flow to my brain a bit or something cause suddenly I was able to jump into my wonderland and just nearly effortlessly stay there and still feel everything around me. I could kinda even feel like I was actually flying or something cool like that when I jumped across the field using my jet wings to get to the house. Maybe it was just not being right-side-up that made me too disoriented to focus on reality or somethin
  12. ENTRY 30 I put together some new concepts now. Images are liked due to size, and laziness to actually resize the images. The Dominion Eye: http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/1022/f673pim1cpd996afg.jpg Both Bre and I can use it I guess. Energy Gems: http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/9ff3/a4m3yj3w5i6687kfg.jpg They will basically function like coins in a Mario game. She collects them around the land, floating around in assorted colours like in Spyro, with that weird fiery sort of blaze glowing out of it, making shiny dingy noises when touched/obtained. They're mostly in the wonderl
  13. ENTRY 29 Some things I'd like to go over before my cat finds my keyboard again. First off, Bre's official height has been defined as two feet and one inch. Now for some definitions: Tulpoid I know this is supposed to be an actual word but I'm using it to describe non-sentient objects that aren't legitimate pieces of reality, just imposed, or in the wonderland. So if you see the word "tulpoid" in this progress report, and it is not specified otherwise, this is what I mean. If you can come up with a better word, or already know one, feel free to tell me. Tulpa Magic A genre of magic w
  14. ENTRY 28 Although we have been doing some very well rounded exercise and practice, Bre and I have been spending a lot of time playing Zelda TP. We've both been very much enjoying our adventures through Hyrule together, and we're thinking of actually playing the whole Zelda timeline through, but that would take a while. Some of the games like Twilight Princess sure as Hell aren't short. Besides that we've been making a lot of progress. I still can't see her imposed, but I can really feel where she is, and sometimes my vision kinda... blurs... where she's sitting or standing, like my brain
  15. ENTRY 27 Darnit Google, being so smart, and having such a good memory, and being so amazing that it even has a sensible, provable religion about it... Well, redrew Bre's hair. Much more accurate to what she's intended now. Visualising should be a cake walk with about 30% more frosting now. Sorry for bad lighting and all. That's all I've got for you for now, maybe I'll report more later. Bre and I have been playing Zelda TP and watching Friendship is Witchcraft.
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