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  1. "I'll rekt u m8 I swear on mi host"
  2. Hi zerofox, I'm actually in an extremely similar situation. I realized that Clare would send me raw thoughts and then I would end up translating what she sent me, basically the output would end up being my mind voice or hers rarely, but this causes issue because sometimes I'd translate what she was saying incorrectly. For example, a simple yes or no question. Sometimes I'll understand clearly her response, and other times I can't understand what she's saying. Also alike you, I would end up understanding the beginning of her sentence and then it suddenly stops midway. Soon I understood the difference between her thoughts and mine, then I thought of a new way to communicate with her. Instead of using my mind voice, I began to send raw thoughts to her as she did to me. This works great and learning to compile message/thoughts without relying on "literally" thinking about them helps a lot with forcing, reading, problem solving, etc. Currently, I want to help her transition from raw thoughts to a more solid mind voice. Then I can stop mistranslating what she says, because she'd be in control of what she's saying. I've tried the method you suggested (having her say new words etc.) and I got really great results. Usually when Clare says anything in her mind voice she'll have to steal a bit of my mind voice for me to hear it. I'm looking to get her to the point where she doesn't need to rely on my mind voice to speak. Now that I know others have this problem it simplified things a bit. I'm thinking that you don't have to wait for your tulpa to learn how to speak properly. Think of how we teach people foreign to a language how to speak it, usually a spanish teacher will have to know english to teach english students spanish. If I teach Clare how to send her raw thoughts in a more comprehensible form while speaking to her in raw thoughts it would probably work far better. I'll continue using this method and see how it turns out!