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  1. I can't really assert that I'm either crazy or not, I tend to walk the blurred line between the two; I don't have any diagnosed psychiatric issues, but I haven't exactly sought out diagnoses either, and what cognitive discrepancies I do experience aren't personally distressing enough to motivate me to do so. That said, I work around the issue of being caught talking to myself (I used to do that even before I had tulpa residing in my head; embarrassed myself a few too many times by being noticed doing it, so I broke the habit), by having writing be my primary method of forcing. That's where my tulpa all started, so that's where I continue working with them for the most part. We engage in exercises in visualization and such from time to time (probaby less than we should, but I have other rsposibilities to prioritize), and hold conversations, but those conversations stay silent to the outside world and are held in my mind. It works just as well as if I were speaking to them aloud, because I know they can hear me from inside anyway, so it makes little difference whether I speak it or think it. However, writing is (or at least was) still the medium through which I gave them the most creative energy that they feed on. I worry on regular enough basis about being perceived as crazy, just not from working with tulpa.
  2. I masturbate, my tulpa do not, nor do they care that I do or what to. Different strokes for different folks, as they say, lol. Although one of them does feed mostly on sexual energy, she doesn't engage in "taking care of herself" that I'm aware of.
  3. I think it depends on how you define accident; it may be that when some say it, they mean to say that they didn't know that's what they were doing. They may have consciously gone through the process of creating one but without knowing that's what it was accomplishing. For instance, my tulpa tend to start out as characters of mine in writing, so in effort to get to know my characters as best I can, I did a lot of the same things that tulpamancers do when forcing; I didn't know that at the time, so because of that I might be inclined to say that they were accidental. If one is not familiar with the concept of tulpa, how can they know that they are creating one? I think it's the process in and of itself that is not accidental.