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  1. Thunder: [A few weeks ago Stryke asked us to choose a place to go for adventures and we chose Hoth randomly. We were all in Rebel snow gear and went hiking in the snow. Then we found the ruined Rebel Echo Base and found an explosive trap there! Turns out Imperial Remnants were hunting for something. So we armed up, hid behind a door, sprang the trap, then took out the Remnant troop when they came in to mop up. Stryke made up the whole scenario for us, and it's the first time he's ever made something complex like that. We had so much fun gunning down those Space Nazi bastards, you don't even know! We have to do this kind of thing again!] Melody: "I know, it was so much fun! I'm not usually a fighter, but this adventure was really fun! Sometimes we go Monster Hunting, but this was something else! Blast-blast, pew-pew! Next time in Okami world!"
  2. I'll be honest Melian, I WAS wondering how you might really feel deep down about that hypothesis. We agree with certain aspects of it, but it can't have been easy to sit there and convince yourself that you're as described. I know I wouldn't like it if people around me were constantly discussing whether I was "real" or not. As I said before, you are indeed you. David is David, I am me, Thunder is Thunder, and Melody is Melody. What is a label compared to personal identity? We must revel in our us-ness! Tulpa Week ho!
  3. It sounds good to us! If Thunder and Melody can decide who wants to talk about what that is! I think it'll be good for THEM to decide what we look at too. Plus I'm always going on about how I want my tulpas to make friends, so what better way than when everyone else is posting? Bring it on I say!
  4. Stryke

    Tulpa Food! Yay!

    Thunder: Well hey, maybe we'll have a big food blowout one day. Huh, should've done that for my birthday last week instead of just having Oreo cake. We do have a big, empty room we can mold in the basement so maybe a banquet hall would be a fun little experiment. Lord knows Stryke eats enough snacks to owe us a bug frickin feast!
  5. Stryke

    Tulpa Food! Yay!

    Thunder: Time was, when I was young, we used to eat together all the time. Stryke would make me a copy of whatever meal I was eating. (Ever see a pony eating a sausage roll? It's a weird image...) Anyway, it started getting hard for him to focus on his food, me, and his partner or whatever he was doing while eating, so we kinda stopped. Now me and Melody eat stuff occasionally. We sometimes have our own breakfast cereal, or we'll conjure up a snack, even give Stryke a bite sometimes, he can make a taste in his mind if he tries real hard. We don't cook or anything, just conjure it up outta nothing. Well, sometimes we pour the cereal or make the tea, but what's the point when we can imagine whatever we want?
  6. Voted other because two tulpas! Thunder has purple eyes (forgot the option Melian? Disspoint.) and Melody has light blue. Though I don't often visualise their eyes in full detail I'm afraid... Thanks for giving me something new to work on Melian; it's a crime that I don't see Thunder's beautiful eye colour all the time!
  7. Stryke

    Popular Tulpa name

    I know there are at least two other tulpas around here named Thunder or with the word Thunder in their name. I can see that getting a little confusing at times.
  8. It really depends on precisely how you're "working on it" I probably used onenof the older guides sushi mentioned (I honestly don't remember which) and I sat down multiple times and repeated Thunder's personality traits to him. You say it's done, but personally I don't think it's a waste of time to reiterate aspects that you think are important. Of course, if you're certain your intended personality is locked in then that's fine. Just be prepared for them to surprise you down the line, it does happen. I never told Thunder to by mildly cynical initially, but he sure is now.
  9. Thunder: I was given a form way back, I was a pony that he created for roleplaying and wanted to be a tulpa instead. I liked it, I looked kinda cool, I could fly, he enjoyed seeing me that way. But he got in trouble for being too into the pony. Long story. Melody had already changed to human by then, and I thought if we were BOTH human it would help him keep the brony stuff on the down-low a little. A while ago Stryke made a Sim of the old Thunderfall, and I decided to use that as a template for human form. I have real trouble remembering the exact details of my face, sometimes I look a bit like other characters he's made, but my hair and clothes are always the same. I guess it's hard to lock down a human face after so long as a horse. Melody: Oh wow, I've been through SO MANY forms! When I first came around I took a pony form too to fit in with the others. I kept changing exactly what it was though, different manes, coats, sub-species. But one day I decided I wanted to wear human clothes so I chose a form based on a picture Dad liked. Now I have a face he made for a Saints Row game instead because it's more realistic, but I have Thunder's problem too. Recently I saw Dad looking at nagas and lamias and snake girls, and I thought that looked fun, so for no other reason I now have a snake tail instead of legs. But I guess TL;DR I chose my own form, it just happened to be something Dad would like originally. Deviation for the win!
  10. Just a couple of odd conversations we've had today... Melody: "Melian of Mist... It's an apt name. We ARE like mist, swirling around someone's mind." Me: "But you can prove mist exists." Melody: "Well yeah, but you're ruining my point." ----------- Thunder: "We're definitely not the same person with different voices. Nuh-uh, nnope ." Melody: "I hope not, because if we are then I've just been ****ing myself." Thunder: "Eww, that's creepy..."
  11. The only sentient headmates I have are Thunderfall and Melody. I was always open to the idea of having a second tulpa, but Melody came along far, far sooner than I was ready for. Wouldn't get rid of her for the world though.
  12. Well, if you ever fancy a chin-wag you know where to find me ^-^
  13. One of the things that drew me to make an account here was the chance to learn how other people do things, to feel like my way of creating thoughtforms was just one part of a rich tapestry of subjectivity. You're probably the best example of this idea: a mental creation that not only doesn't use the label "tulpa" but feels like something else entirely. Any doubts or worries I may get about Thunder and Melody can be diminished greatly by thinking about how fundamentally different you are to them. Within the mind almost any kind of creation is possible. It's a great shame that some others can't look at it that way. To me you're not something aberrant that doesn't belong on, you're an example of the precise things we're trying to learn. Plus you make Melody smile :P
  14. You just made me sad and happy in the same breath there Melian. I'm glad you're willing to stick with us, though I definitely would have followed you on DA. In fact, I still can! Don't let em get you down, you are who and what you are.
  15. Stryke

    Is Your Tulpa Huggable?

    Melody is a cute lamia girl, I think the answer is obvious. Dangerously huggable. Thunder is usually down for a bro-hug most times if that counts.