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    I'm 19 and first discovered tulpa.info through a string of links from horror websites. I've always been interested in the power of imagination etc and after a few months lurking about on the forums, one thing led to another and so Sally (now Destiny) was created. She gained sentience quicker than I expected and I'm proud of her.

    I have gained another two tulpas since then, Faith and Isaac, and with them at my side things should get really interesting :D
  1. Thank you very much!!! I am on tulpa.io and I personally find that it's a vicious cycle of "newbies are intimidated because there aren't any newbies and therefore don't join" haha. It has the potential to be an incredible site. But it's obviously not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I believe that when we said "newby" site, we simply meant that it was new.
  2. Episode 6 which is complete rambling and filler due to scheduling problems...
  3. It's okay, really, I'd just got out of an argument and was pretty annoyed at that point and I should have reacted a little nicer. Thank you for saying sorry, I am too.
  4. Maybe not hypocritical, more just plain rude, but anyway... Yes, that would be the basic point. Please, don't get us wrong, we don't expect to be able to answer every question, but we would be able to pull up guides and such if needed to help. And honestly, while it would be nice for the podcast to be used as useful listening material, it is currently only intended to be for entertainment purposes.
  5. Hi ^^ If you're reading this, hopefully you're a newbie. Hopefully you have a lot of questions. Hopefully you want to be on a podcast with Fin and I. Hopefully you are looking for an excuse to broadcast your utterly insignificant opinions to the entire community. Maybe I want to much, but if you fit all or most of these criteria (Criteri?) then DO WE HAVE A JOB FOR YOU!!! You might have guessed by now that we would like you (yes, you!) to be a guest on our podcast and ask us all of your questions. To apply, please write a little about yourself below, rough age, if you have a tulpa, if so how old are they, and so on. We hope to hear from you soon ^^ - Craos
  6. Thanks for the awesome response ^^ I would not necessarily say that merging is a bad thing, more that in our situation it is inconvenient. For some, merging can be seen as a good thing, and I've heard of many who have just straight up merged with their tulpa permanently, which I guess is okay if they both want it. But still, the thought scares the crap out of us. When merged you are both people at once, which means no talking, no interacting at all. Plus, you're not you any more. And the thought of accidentally getting stuck like that scares the hell out of me, heh.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/hosts-co/hosts-co-episode-5 And episode 5 is up, with special guests Nycto and Siouxsie ^^
  8. https://soundcloud.com/hosts-co/hosts-co-episode-4 Holy crap kids, it's been a while. But we're back. I apologise so much for my crappy mic quality (it broke, but I've bought a new one for episode 5) but we thought we'd release it anyway. In this episode we interview Nico and Destiny, our tulpas.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Craos32
  10. https://soundcloud.com/hosts-co/hosts-co-podcast-episode-3 Episode 3 is up, Merry Christmas!
  11. This thread fills me with far more happiness than it should :P
  12. https://soundcloud.com/hosts-co/hosts-co-podcast-2 Enjoy episode 2 :)
  13. This is very good, I certainly enjoyed it. Good work!!
  14. I will most likely continue if I remember, and as soon as we want guests to join us then we'll let you know :) Thank you very much for the feedback.