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  1. I stop procrastinating and just do it. It seems my brain comes up with any and every reason to hold off on forcing. Of course, this is only necessary in the "low times" of my adventures, when not much is happening and it isn't the only thing on my mind. Usually I'm motivated enough to just force when I have free time (which during winter break is quite often). I've been teaching myself to draw lately. I seem to run into this same problem with procrastination. At least I know the solution...
  2. It's a bit much to expect someone who has no experience with your subjective reality to be able to understand it. I can talk to my mom about headaches, she's a nurse and a human being who has experienced headaches before. I couldn't talk to her about lucid dreams and dream signs and especially tulpas. She wouldn't understand any of it. It's why communities like this are important to have. People who share similar subjective realities can band together to discuss it. The only reason I don't have a log here is because I have a friend who I can talk with in real life about this. I would defin
  3. I swear people have their own definitions for this, but in general, forcing is the act of giving attention to your tulpa. Passive forcing is when the host gives attention to their tulpa while not focused solely on their tulpa. This would be your forcing done throughout the day, narration, etc. Active forcing is when the host gives attention to their tulpa while focused solely on their tulpa. Meditation is not forcing and not required to active force, but some people do find that it helps them concentrate before an active forcing session.
  4. Yay! I said awhile ago in that thread you wrote that if Hyde had made you happy at all since you started working on him that this was worth doing. I'm glad you are finally getting there. Let's face it, being able to let go of those unfair comparisons you are making about the progress of others compared to yourself is a lot better of a solution than leaving all tulpa communities like I also suggested.
  5. I was surfing the internet at 2am and decided to visit a site I hadn't been on for like 2 years. I have no idea what prompted me to do so, but I can't say I regret that now. This is actually where I first saw the idea mentioned. Had a hyperlink in the post and everything. Easiest thing in the world to just click on it and read.
  6. For a human being, nothing comes naturally. We have to learn everything we do. (I wonder if anyone knows where this is from.) Learning is done by practice and with time. There's already a ton of resources about this, so I'll just link you to the correct spot in order to find what you need. Look under visualization. A tulpa doesn't need a form, or so I'm told. You can create a tulpa without visualizing anything at all. You would need a lot of narration and maybe trying to visualize their presence just out of your eye sight, but it can be done. I don't believe this is very common though. V
  7. Not really the place to discuss that, Yori. Hound has been updating his PR (and has quite a lengthy summary of the last year on there). You should read there first and spare Hound having to summarize his progress on someone else's thread. Korzant, this reminds me a lot of my start with Celia. I spent quite a lot longer on visualization than anywhere else though. I was pretty bad at it at first. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. It's nice to see. Looking forward to reading more.
  8. I can't believe that PR is coming up again. You would think that baptists would have a better understanding of a concept like this, but ignorance prevailed. Hound hopefully learned an important lesson, and it had nothing to do with trusting his family. When you choose to blindly accept another person's moral code, it will come back and bite you in the ass. Religion is important for people. It gives direction and hope when you can't find it yourself. It also gives good ideas and reasons to live by them. It just has a large amount of bullshit to cut through at the same time. As far a
  9. I should stop lurking. I've been following this PR since you made that thread with questions about a plant for a tulpa. This is very well written, I should say that. I'm excited to see your updates. Tulpas are indeed crazy wonderful. It seems like people here forget to step back and enjoy the moment. I wonder how much Zala is cueing off of your analysis of your forcing sessions. Last time when you were questioning her, her mouth wasn't moving and it made you unsure if you were speaking to the creature in front of you. Today that was corrected, leaving you with no doubt (or less doubt) about
  10. If you go on the main page of tulpa.info and look to the right, there is a whole section labelled "Getting Started" with a whole bunch of good links to look at. I don't believe it's possible to see that on the mobile version, but on a web browser, there really shouldn't be an excuse... Admittedly, the guides were segregated rather strangely on tulpa.info. I showed my friend this website the day I discovered it (because I knew he'd find it interesting) and he was looking at FAQman's guide and Irish's guide while I was looking at Kiahdaj's. If you clicked on the guides tab on the main site (b
  11. Terrible line of thinking. Name one reason why someone would make a tulpa in a way that is unselfish. You shouldn't put yourself down just because it's selfish. Being selfish initially with tulpamancy isn't even a bad thing. Raid and you will find reasons for Raid to enjoy her existence, even if it isn't clear from the onset.
  12. Tulpas can always shapeshift. There is no reason why your tulpa couldn't take a more humanoid form, be an ent/treant, etc. A tulpa's form limits them in ways only their creator or they choose. As for plants being a unique form: no, we actually recently had a member join who was making a tree-formed tulpa (Ashmo's girlfriend, Evermore).
  13. Everyone has their reasons for having a tulpa. Most of them will feel selfish, but that doesn't stop them from being good reasons. Knowing why you are doing something will probably work out better for you than not knowing why. It will also harden your resolve to see it through. Trust me, there will be days where you will be thankful for that. You sound confused because you don't know if the path you are walking down is a good one. If you stand in the middle of a forest and walk in any direction, you will eventually end up outside of it. You will experience different things (good and bad) on
  14. Hey hey! You did some reading about tulpas after all. Good luck with Nicole.
  15. Do whatever you feel is right. That is always going to be the thing you should base your ending direction on. Passive forcing alone can form a tulpa. Just ask CyberD
  16. Have you had any similar experiences when you were younger? Have you ever had any interaction with a character of your own creation (and if so, how much)? Can you describe the part where she possessed you and calmed you down a bit more? I've never heard of something like that. I've always assumed that during possession, your own thoughts and feelings remain your own. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit skeptical at such progress without knowing more information myself.
  17. He probably meant to post it in this thread: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-suppressing-essential-tremor-s (merged from thread "Tulpas in New York Times")
  18. I did a lot of roleplay as a kid, and I grew up with a sister who is one year younger than me. If I had an imaginary friend, it was probably never longer than a few days. Not sure where that would leave me. (So I had imaginary friends, but they were never a long term thing and none of them relate to Celia in any way I know of.)
  19. You couldn't even get a photo-realistic drawing of a tulpa anyways. Not even sure why you would want to do a comparison between two beings who have to be drawn by two different people (their hosts, who are the only one's who can get all the details) while the artists have different styles. Also, isn't it commonly said that you don't create a tulpa for their form? How doesn't that apply here?
  20. It was a mass spam message posted on every PR for about 5 pages into this forum. Not really anything that mattered, trust me.
  21. This has been a very depressing night. Shui and now Entertaining. I don't know what I can say. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is that if you keep telling yourself that you can't do something, then you most likely can't. You didn't list your reasons openly and what you did say in your last two posts doesn't justify this, so I don't believe I understand what went wrong or if I ever will understand it. Good luck, Entertaining, on all of your future ventures.
  22. Never ever assume you are doing something incorrectly unless it feels morally wrong to you. This entire experience is personal and likely full of symbolism and belief. All of these different kinds of forcing are just used as a means to give your tulpa attention. That's what they really need. And as far as I can tell, you are doing great. You are getting results and having fun. Why stop and question yourself now?
  23. Yori, a lot of smaller news websites are just buzzfeeds for other ones. The heavy hitter was the NY Times article. Anyone who is truly interested in tulpas would search google for them, find Tulpa.info and maybe even the subreddit (depending on demographic), and quickly realize that this is not a common stance taken. The rest will blow it off, most likely. That is probably for the best.
  24. Have you ever tried reading to Allison? Of course, when reading you can take as much time as you want. When I first started reading to my tulpa, it was hard to maintain focus on her and still actually take in the story at the same time. It definitely took practice, though I'd like to say my reading speed has increased over these last two months while trying to passive force. If you can't keep up with what is being said in a subbed anime, I'd suggest pausing every ten minutes or so to narrate your thoughts to Allison. You can try keeping her in your thoughts, but it will probably still wo
  25. Welcome Flux! The style of narration doesn't matter very much. The only thing is that you have to be narrating TO your tulpa. Directing your attention to her is the important part. It may feel awkward at first, and that's fine. Just keep at it! I would keep practicing visualization in some manner if you aren't going to focus on her form specifically. Else you may find that she has a form and you can't picture her one day. I know people with shapeshifter tulpa who had problems with visualization early on. Check out the guides section for some ideas. There are plenty of visualization pract
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