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  1. Im having a lot of trouble making or even starting a tulpa. Iv read 5 or six guides, 4-5 hours worth of reading. Yet none of them really help me. I want someone who is experienced and that is able to answer questions I have and help me get started with a tulpa? Any takers?
  2. Nice! Im really jealous. Visualization is one of my main goal's after the usual tulpa creation process. May I ask how long you've been forcing with Toby?
  3. Iv made a tulpa in the past and didn't have much success (Mostly my part, not seeing results and getting bored so I just moved on) Now I feel like really ready. One problem. I want to base my tulpa off Korra (Look, and voice wise) The personality can be one of a kind, but I feel like the look would give me the ability to not get bored when working with her. I hear people in guides say to not base your tulpa off people or they'll have identity issues (Or something like that) so would it be ok to do this while in the creation process? Also, if anyone of you are kind enough to message me your skype if I ever need to ask a quick question instead of posting a thread every time I need something answered that would be great.
  4. I was, and still am interested in tulpae, but I was much more into it last summer and back then I decided to make a tulpa, lets just say i didn't get very far into the process. I want to know if I should just reintroduce my tulpa back into my daily routine, or should I just create a whole new one and forget about my original one. (I never got very far, most I ever got from my tulpa was pressure in the head)
  5. These are just theory's. what I believe. If a tulpa is not a second consciousness what is it? every definition on the web, and when ever it is defined that is what a tulpa is considered as.
  6. Just think about the concept, like really dig into it. Think how bizarre the concept of Tulpae is. You create a second conscious within your own. Its like duplicating your self, but its not you. This consciousness can control you, you can go into its world, it can come into our world. Dont think of your wonderland as a place, think of it as another dimension. If your able to switch with your tulpa, you could call it changing dimensions, Your going into another world while your tulpa is in ours. Really, think about how weird and amazing that is. So many people doubt us, yet so little have these experiences. If you really dig into it, it just blows my mind.
  7. I want to know, you can impose your tulpa right? You can (Remotly) feel them, right? If you where to have a good, but sexual relationship with your tulpa. Could he/she feel you up (And do other things), when imposed, and you would be able to feel them doing it and get turned on? This popped into my head a couple days ago and now just remembered it. So what do you all think and what experiences have you all had? Moderator Notice: Post modified to remove unnecessary and controversial comment. -Thundercap is butthurt
  8. My question, I wont say that I do or dont do psychedelic drugs, but I want to know, would they help in some sort of manner while you force. Lets say, you cannot understand your tulpa, you both want to impose,etc. The drug opens your mind to understanding things so much better. It lets you answer things you couldn't of ever answered while sober. So, do you think this would ever work or makes any sense?
  9. No vocal. Didnt get that far. I got some pressures in my head while asking questions. and she randomly pops into my mind as a though (Im assuming that's her trying to get attention)
  10. I narrate and have a wonderland. Passive forcing seems like it gets us no where also narrating has not really ever helped.
  11. I created a tulpa 6 or so months ago. I still think about her (Once every other day most of the time) I used to think about my tulpa every hour. She was always on my mind. I dont know what happened. I still have much interest. I guess once I created her,let her create her own looks and after she formed her body I though I was done or something (I dont really know) So what can I do to constantly think about my tulpa,what are entertaining ways to force. I try to force with my tulpa all the time but a minute in I just totally loose focus. I need entertainment to keep on production and forcing. So all Im really asking is how did you people over come all this (If you ever where like this)
  12. I want to train my minds eye so it works with my actual eye's. I want to,in a nut shell, Induce self/controlled hallucinations.
  13. Crap. I was happy for a second. A thread without a broney. Thanks alot ExtraExtrapie