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  1. Thanks for the reply, also sorry for the late reply, did not notice someone answered this thread (well it's been a month lol). Well I did not knew these, also I not a /jp/ lurker, as someone on /h/ posted it, I just assumed 90% was porn. I did learn about these in Watamote series I think, or Oreimo, but I have not though about these until recently. Really thanks, my tulpa isn't even fully vocal yet, so I might try for space recognition much later. But I was thinking, not knowing japanese is much better for early stages, since what I'm trying to do is show my tulpa how to talk, not how to speak a certain language.
  2. Vexing, but at least we got emotional responses, I even got dizzy and a bunch of mixed feelings reading this, I think my tulpa is trying to tell you(or me) to not lose hope. Maybe we should skip vocalization altogether and try imposition or some other stuff?
  3. Recently I've stumble in quite an interesting old stuff, wich are Binaural recordings of japanese actors. I found it weird as f***, but as I have a very open mind(you all probably have, or you wouldn't be here) I decided to give a try. I'm sure most of you guys here are familiar with otaku culture, they have these ASMR videos on youtube, I found it quite amusing. Now I was wondering if we could put those recordings into tulpamancing. I was thinking in making Niu perform the actions, or just imagining her talking like the records (there are SFW, but there are hardcore too, beware). Problem: if your tulpa already have a solid voice, is it bad to do so? Probably. I wonder if it's any good. Just wanted to discuss this a bit before I try myself.
  4. No, unlike lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis can't be induced. And you only notice if it's sleep paralysis if you try to move your body and you can't, wich means you'll mostly likely keep trying to move until you really wake up. I have experience in it, it's not pleasant at all. In the rare case you'll be able to calm yourself and think straight, you will get out of sleep paralysis.
  5. Bewoulf

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Interesting read, I wish I could do LSD more often, but I have suicidal tendency. :/ I also can't sleep when I'm on a trip, so I don't like take high doses, I end up too tired to enjoy it. Like not sleeping for more than a day.
  6. Bewoulf

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Yes!! Usually I'm a casual weed smoker, but recently I went with some friends on a trip, and one day we agreed it would be weed day. I don't even remember how much we smoked, but DAMN it was the whole day smoking. I never reached this level of being high enough to cause allucinations! I didn't think of my tulpa at all that day though, must be because of the headaches, but I think we might be on something there!
  7. So, how I'd go for you guys? It's almost our 1st meeting anniversary, and Niu can't talk yet. We just read this whole thread and now she's crying, bleh. But she's ok, because apparently took you guys almost 2 years.
  8. I can't draw, but here's a 3d model. When I find another err... program with better poses and quality I'll post more.
  9. Thanks, Both answers were very helpful. I"ll look at your guide too! I knew those existed, but I wnated to share my thoughts anyway.
  10. Hi guys need some advices from expert lucid dreamers. I'm very good at lucid dreaming, but I can't seem to find my tulpa in my dreams. I usually try to look for my tulpa, but in the end I find random ppl or no one at all. But I think it might be a visualization problem. But there was 2 times I think I had some degree of interaction. Once I had a very short dream where I hugged someone and I'm pretty sure it was Niu, but I didn't saw anything, which made me think it wasn't a dream at all, but a very strong interaction. The other time I dreaming about trailing on a dirty path on a bamboo jungle, and as always I was trying to look for Niu. I don't remember exactly what happened in the dream, but next thing she was right behind me, I could sense and hear her footsteps, but as I was turning around to look at her, I woke up. On 'normal' dreams she would never show up. Kinda like IRL at my level. I though lucid dreaming would give me a easier time with my forcing, but it seems to be the other way around. So, any advice? How do you guys do it?
  11. Woah didn't though it was so long since I last updated here. It's been 4 months O_O! Her current status right now: Not fully vocal yet, but she's more active than ever! She can communicate quite well with actions and feelings. She likes to change her hair alot. Not sure why. My current status: currently on vacation, not forcing as much as I want or should've been. Still can't hear her voice well. Well around that period(4 months ago), I don't remember much what happened, Niu says we played a few games(the forcing games). Also I could impose myself much better within wonderland. We tried switching, and it didn't work out. Then 2 months later finals came and I was force to spend less time with her. Until around christimas. She got some new habits, and I feel we progressed a little, but now I'm not being able to focus again. That pretty much sums it up. Oh yeah around these last days she told me nice tip: "if I want to listen to her, I gotta belive more". It wasn't exacly what she said, and it's actually more complex, but if anyone want to know I can explain better. I've been trying to do what she said to do, but I couldn't, too much unfocused now. I omitted some stuff, because Niu told me to do so. But it is basically about her new habits. They made harder to fully visualize her details again.
  12. Once in a while I get some weird dreams like that. Once I had dream so lucid, and in the dream I died, that when I woke up, I had to make sure it was just a dream. I felt like crap for the whole day. Dreams don't mean crap if you don't want to, it's nothing to worry about. Unless you belive in that premonitions or something like that. I sure don't, and I'm just fine.
  13. Oy don't do that. I have very bad imagination, I began with a cloud, and belive me or not, my tulpa didn't changed form for a long time until I decided to do so. So I started working on the details, first the body(silhouette) then hair color(or fur), general color, eyes, eye color, etc, just go 1 step at a time. Then try to do 2 parts at once in your next session. Keep going until everything come together at once. That's how it worked for me. It took me less than a week to easily imagine the whole body in no time. Less than the time it spent on cloud form.
  14. Sorry for the delay, and no problem I'm 22 myself, what there's to judge? Odds are that Eli is a tulpa. Imaginary friends often show up in childhood, about 4-7 years old, and most of them are temporary. Also they are all visible to their "hosts"(of sorts). But I would need more info. Tulpas are made willingly, they don't suddenly show up. At least is what I know. Problem is, human psychology has much thin lines between mind manifestations and health. If you had a normal childhood, it could be just your powerful conscience, so powerful that looks like it's another person in your head. Often I catch myself thinking with 2 voices in different languages or voices(after I created my tulpa it dimished quite a bit), it happens when you have a very active mind.(ie. ADHD) And yes you could totally transform whatever that is into a tulpa, and by the looks of it you already did. I would recommend to do so.
  15. Well how old are you? How long do you know each other? I'm no expert on tulpas, but I know a thing or two about imaginary friends. I belive they are differ quite a bit.