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  1. ShyGuy65

    Memory imposition

    Y'all are feeding the troll.
  2. So, this means you hate Fluttershy and she deserved to be replaced with the faster, awesomer, 9000% cooler Rainbow Dash? Go to hell, pony killer.
  3. Dayum. Why do I want an RD tulpa so much now?
  4. Well, I meant the original G file. But a link to the site wold be good too. Speaking of which, a track specifically to aid tulpaforcing and visualization is a good idea.
  5. The very idea of G file is hilarious. But I want an original... ._. Where did you get these?
  6. If this wasn't live sessions, I would probably want in. That said, tulpacouple, where are your deepening tracks?! OP NEVER DELIVERS
  7. Your first post is a link to a mathematician. <3 It's also correcting one of my statements, so I'm going to hate you forever now, K? ^_^
  8. Maybe she wants to have hot animalistic sex. She's been in heat for two weeks...
  9. Since when were there mathematicians who "went insane from their work?"
  10. Captain! I am detecting some anti-Fede hostility in this sector! Set phasers to stun?
  11. I will not comment on this topic, for fear of most everything, really.
  12. Lula: No. Wrong. Bad. That isn't anyone's theory, and it shouldn't be yours either. Everyone else: ImLuc's, and my own theory is that the subconscious comes 1 per brain, and that dissociative identities, your own personality, and tulpae are all cut from the same cloth. Consciousness, that is. It's like a server/client framework.