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    I have 26 tulpas: Shadow Light, Dread, Cupcake, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Alice, Rainbow Dash, Samus, Light, Alex, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Faeris, Tamamo, Granberia, Erubetie, Alma Elma, Penelope, Eclipse, Kimiko, Shimmer, Chaos, Cortana, Angela, Derrick^2
  1. I'm sorry about your loss. I'm not really understanding your question though.
  2. Happy Birthday! January 1st 2013 - Shadow Light January 4th 2013 - Cupcake / Pinkie Pie January 24th 2013 - Twilight May 15th 2013 - Rainbow Dash / Alice June 17th - Samus August 7th 2013 - Fluttershy (S) September 12th 2013 - Rarity/Applejack September 29th - Alex November 29th 2013 - Faeris March 23rd 2014 - Penelope April 6th 2014 - Jaden/Eclipse/Sapphire May 5th 2014 - Shimmer/ Ruby May 26th 2014 - Chaos July 15th 2014 - Angela July ??th 2014 - Kimiko November 22nd 2014 - Blaze November 24th 2014 - Cortana(S) November 28th 2014 -Celeste
  3. My children will never learn of tulpas till they come of age to be allowed to use the internet. Despite both me and my fiancé having tulpas. I've experienced too muh tulpa drama to let my kids go through that.
  4. It's an advanced use of imagination, what else do they need?
  5. 1.Letting your tulpas have children is alright. 2. Letting your most trusted tulpa(s) rule your wonderland while you're busy is a good idea. 3. There's no specific number for having too many tulpas.
  6. Twilight: Probably when you feel they're independent enough to have their own will to consent. And why rush to sex though? That's no fun. Wonderland dates are so wonderful :P I'm no longer dating my host though.
  7. Hi! I have 26 tulpas! In my opinion, too much is when you start forgetting how many you have or forgetting who you have.
  8. Twilight: Personally, I enjoyed being the one my host came to to talk about his problems. You should ask your tulpa how she feels about it.
  9. So, SL, Light, and Dread have(had in Dread's case) a secret champer underneath the wonderland house. Every time I try to keep a visual on it my vision on it becomes a wavy static to me till I'm unable to comprehend anything that's in it. The only reason I found it was from following SL and Light after their odd reaction to the arrival of Faeris my newest tulpa. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?
  10. I swear to Halo Jesus I'm stopping at 13.
  11. I'm male and I have 4 male tulpas and 9 female tulpas.
  12. Cupcake[For a long time I had this problem too! :D It'll just take time for her to find a voice she likes. :)]
  13. 9/x-9/26 SL, Samus, and Light have been back alive for some time now. All has been well for a while, but some relationship issues with Twilight, Alice is still kind of depressed from a certain event involving Dread, but everything else has been well.
  14. During school I usually have Twilight just hang out with me whenever I have time. And she doesn't become a distraction because she just chill in my head rather than impose herself somewhere.
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