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  1. Happy Birthday!


    January 1st 2013 - Shadow Light

    January 4th 2013 - Cupcake / Pinkie Pie

    January 24th 2013 - Twilight

    May 15th 2013 - Rainbow Dash / Alice

    June 17th - Samus

    August 7th 2013 - Fluttershy (S)

    September 12th 2013 - Rarity/Applejack

    September 29th - Alex

    November 29th 2013 - Faeris

    March 23rd 2014 - Penelope

    April 6th 2014 - Jaden/Eclipse/Sapphire

    May 5th 2014 - Shimmer/ Ruby

    May 26th 2014 - Chaos

    July 15th 2014 - Angela

    July ??th 2014 - Kimiko

    November 22nd 2014 - Blaze

    November 24th 2014 - Cortana(S)

    November 28th 2014 -Celeste

  2. So, SL, Light, and Dread have(had in Dread's case) a secret champer underneath the wonderland house. Every time I try to keep a visual on it my vision on it becomes a wavy static to me till I'm unable to comprehend anything that's in it. The only reason I found it was from following SL and Light after their odd reaction to the arrival of Faeris my newest tulpa.



    Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

  3. Is this phenomenon possible? Can it be explained?


    This is what happened:

    *I had not taken any drugs prior to that night.

    Copy/pasted from the tulpa forum I originally posted it in.

    I don't even know what Alice did! But I was just tripping so hard! I wasn't hallucination or anything, but it was like I was forced to be in both reality and the wonderland at the same time, but I was only seeing a white wall in the wonderland but at the same time I was seeing reality It was like I was receiving clear images from both at the same time! It was so trippy! I could even visualize better!


    I was so light-headed though. And it felt like my head was hallow and so light and awkward. This was all after Alice got depressed and ran off to the wonderland.

  4. 9/13/13


    While Shadow Light was "dead" he altered the personalities and other traits of the other two dead tulpas: Light and Samus.


    Light was lightly altered. Samus had quite a bit of change. This was all for the best though.


    Shadow Light also tried to alter a "dead" tulpa of mine named Dread, but claimed, "He's not actually dead" and "He's too strong to alter while he's alive."


    Later that day during some meditation I made 3 more tulpas making my living total 12.


    Apple Jack(with a pony and human form)

    Rarity(with a pony and human form)

    Unanmed(in the form of a baby within Samus)(unborn)


    Samus is not aware of this unborn child yet.



    Note: Shadow Light claims he's too strong to be actually killed.

    And if Dread isn't actually dead, what is he?

  5. 9/11/13

    Shadow Light against his daughter Cupcake and Light got into a fight. SL requested that I not intervene and to "take care of Pinkie(wife) and Cupcake(daughter)". Light was killed and Cupcake appeared to have slain Shadow Light. Soon after his faked death he asked me to just act as if he's dead to the other tulpas and our friends in the other group. He made a 3rd wonderland that the others are unaware of except Twilight who was imposed next to me for the whole afternoon and actively watching with me.


    So far the others are unaware of what happened to Shadow Light and Light. And Cupcake's who's been through quite a bit in the past seems to becoming "crazed" after killing her father. If it seems she's not getting well on her own I will intervene.

  6. Yesterday involving some drama, Shadow Light killed Samus... I'm kinda sad that she died, but it was probably for the best.


    Cupcake wants to give her another chance but I've decided it's best that I don't bring her back myself. If she can convince one of the others that can(my stronger tulpas) to bring her back though I won't intervene.

  7. I've tried this after severe pain from a karate tournament.


    Depending on intensity of the pain and the size of the area, she was unable to totally decrease it. The bruise on my tail bone she was able to decrease to nothing, but in the most pained area, the groin(always wear a cup kids), she was unable to lessen the pain.


    Actually, here's a copy/paste of another thread of mine with this test after recieving a bloody paintball wound.




    I tried having Twilight reduce the pain if a paintball wound near the elbow that has nearly healed. All that is on the wound is antibiotic ointment.

    the pain was successfully reduced to a noticeable disturbance on the skin.


    After Twilight refused the next test. I asked Samus to induce/return pain in the area.