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  1. Welcome to, which in my opinion, is not the best tulpa place around. Though surprisingly I've yet to run into this problem. I have 9 tulpas. 1. There is not limit. 2. No... To a certain extent maybe... Like that guy I heard of with 123...
  2. Watch a lot of porn/hentai. You'll be able to visualize everyone naked... I'm not even kidding. :| It's not like it's an easy route and it doesn't have to be of that character. Maybe she could pick out some details from naked hentai girls or real girls.
  3. Generally in life, it's healthy to avoid negative emotions. Why not try both?
  4. Depends on the person. But you should avoid having negative emotions influence the development of the tulpa.
  5. You have to believe in yourself and your tulpa more. It's easy to practice thinking, but nothing matters unless you believe in what you're thinking.
  6. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but the strength of a tulpa can affect it's efficiency and in possession and tasks of other sorts and influence over your mind. As for others seeing your tulpa, you can probably trick people into seeing your tulpa like hypnosis, or if they already know the form, you can possibly easily influence them into seeing it. It's not that you're able to project your thoughts into a visible form, but just convincing others that they can see it. Just like sharing tulpas or like imposing a tulpa as you usually would, except having someone else impose their copy of it.
  7. Do you speak from personal experience, or just a guess. Everyone can have their own reasons for having tulpas. There is no predefined reason. And if he wants to make a pony harem that's his choice. Trying to scare him out of something isn't the right way to persuade someone you're supposedly trying to help.
  8. ^This I have 4 of the mane 6. But I also gave them premade memories.(Results may vary) Eventually they slighly drifted away from the characters, but that is good.
  9. What they taste is not them having an individual brain. I'm talking about an actual complex brain. But still, what they tasted is still from your experience, even the wax. If you never tasted wax, how would she know what wax tastes like? And what most likely influenced her having taste like wax was the information gained about chocolate companies putting wax in their chocolate. Even if they have individual opinions, they're all contained in the same mind and their senses are based off of what you've touched, felt, etc. They could even force it to taste like a banana if they wanted to, because you (most likely) have tasted a banana before.
  10. I base their ages from their forms.
  11. Twilight: Fields of Gold Shadow Light: Dreams of Absolution The others: None.
  12. They don't have their own minds, they are all in your head. They may have independence, but the don't have their own individual brain. but that doesn't mean they can't force something to taste the way they want it to. All of their senses are based on your experiences. If you've taste vanilla ice-cream To them if they eat vanilla ice cream it's probably going to taste like some sort of vanilla ice cream you've tasted.
  13. A servitor isn't necessarily a tulpa. It's a temporary non-developed "tulpa" made to serve a purpose or complete tasks, etc.
  14. What I did to get back one of my runaway tulpas was send another tulpa after her. Maybe you could have a servitor search for her if all else fails..
  15. Twilight[i think I know this tulpa... Well, I hope he's at peace now, in a way...]
  16. He may have no prior experience with food, but you do and he's also in your head along with memories of food and everything. Just as a tulpas "sense" work off of what you know and have experienced, the same would take affect from what you know about food and certain allergies pertaining to certain foods. His surprising allergic reaction probably came from your knowledge of lactose intolerance.
  17. I was reading through an old thread from here about a host mentally committing suicide in their wonderland and leaving his female tulpa as the permanent host. I didn't see much discussion as to how it is possible/impossible, but more of "My host also died", "OP might be trolling", ect. Now, the question is. Can person(with or without a tulpa) actually mentally kill him/herself. Here's what I think. It is probably impossible. I don't believe a host is equally expendable as a tulpa. As far as I know there'd quite a lot people that would have been using this form of mental suicide if it were possible. And even if it is, if you truly believe a host is a super developed tulpa, then that means they can be mentally killed in a way just like removing/killing/deleting/etc a tulpa, but they can easily be brought back as a tulpa could. But from what was described in the thread, she, the new host was not aware of this(Assuming he actually succeeded in this mental suicide.) and made another tulpa to become the new host. Now another question is. Can a "current host" make a tulpa the new permanent host? Like a perma-switch type of possession. Now the most interesting question that can be linked to this act... What if a person were to perform this without a tulpa(Assuming it's possible.) Then if all of this is possible this next post makes me question whether the host is actually "dead" rather than just remaining dormant probably by choice.
  18. I just searched for it. No results. :( I only know of myself doing this.
  19. It's not like you can mentally transmit thoughts. And the person on the receiving end would probably just be processing the taken information you give about the tulpa. So it's pretty much just helping the said person make a tulpa (I guess it would help them believe in it more), like that one guy that "sells tulpas" with his recordings.
  20. I haven't had this happen and never heard of this yet, but this is quite interesting. But it puzzles me as to how it's possible. How/why would your body suddenly make itself allergic due to a swap of personalities. Even more interesting, your tulpa only possessed you rather than a full switch? So you yourself were still aware. This doesn't make sense to me.
  21. I gave him multiple chances, but he screwed them up and scarred one of my other tulpas, Cupcake. You "imagine" it back. Simple as back. Maybe using memory of it as reference.
  22. I've brought back Dread about 3 times total after killing him myself each time. So yes, it is very possible to bring back a "dead" tulpa. But from what you've described, it sounds more like MPD, which can/was probably caused by a traumatic event.
  23. I only plan on using it for preexisting pain. <- Probably best use for it. Out of sight wounds and injuries would probably be checked on though rather than shrug them off and ignore them. As for cuts ans such that you can see, although you are dampening the pain, the cells still react to the opened wound and continue their repairs since the process of healing is more of chemical reactions and cell functions than voluntary mental reactions.
  24. 8/24/13 I tried having Twilight reduce the pain if a paintball wound near the elbow that has nearly healed. All that is on the wound is antibiotic ointment. the pain was successfuly reduced to a noticeable disturbance on the skin. After Twilight refused the next test. I asked Samus to induce/return pain in the area. General Idea: It's most likely a placebo effect.