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  1. The last thing he did before I got rid of him was force control and harass another tulpa group I was in. Originally he and Light we contained in Shadow Light as separate personalities. When I split them into their own forms after some complications with Shadow Light's personality I allowed them to chose their own names. Light chose Light, and Shadow which was my suggested name for him, named himself Dread. After some days of having him, he had a playful fight with Twilight that turned into him trying to rape her. I stopped him and locked him away in one of the wonderlands I refer to as "Hell". I then decided to get rid of both him and Light due to some conflict with Light, in which Light himself insisted that he should die. Months later, I decided to bring back Dread to give him another chance. This time he's he successfully raped the only other tulpa that actually liked him as part of the family. I got rid of him again in that very instant. The last and final time I brought him back was to deal with some drama between Light and Shadow Light, because I don't like the fact that I can easily fix everything because I'm godlike as the host. After the conflict was resolved, I locked him away in a room. Before he possessed, earlier that day, I was trying to do imposed tulpa possession with Twilight. He attacked us in the living room of my house. I sent him back to the room he was suppose to be locked in. Then at night, that's when he forcefully possessed me. I ad to actually fight for my control back. And thankfully he did no physical damage to anyone of anything. I tried not to show any bias towards him although he indulged his evil personality, but everything he did to the others and I really pushed it. I don't know what I did to cause him to take his personality that far (I think I'm a pretty nice host), but all of the punishments he was given were brought upon himself.
  2. Don't worry about what anyone here thinks about your tulpa's form.
  3. She could, you know, not access your memories and senses all the time for the sake of conversations.
  4. To each, his or her own reason. Mine...? At first it was just to try something new. Now they're always there to talk to, like a second family that doesn't constantly annoy me.
  5. (Paragon)Maybe after some time she'll eventually tell you. (Renegade)Force her to tell you using your power over her as a tulpamancer It's your choice but, giving her time to eventually tell you would probably be the best. It is possible for tulpas to alter or impose dreams, if that's what you're wondering. Maybe she was trying to tell you something. Maybe she did it for fun. My advice would be to get to know her better and her to know you better; develop your relationship as host and tulpa further and ask her and hope that she remembers I guess.
  6. Spartanelete: open-minded, caring, skeptical, curious, loyal Shadow Light: skeptical, loyal, open-minded, curious, caring 5 similar 0:opposite ^I knowingly made him similar to me. SL[And we enjoy that.] (Though one thing that makes this difficult is that if I only have 5 personalities listed and some of my other tulpas have personalities that are neither opposite nor similar. Should I just list them as unrelated?) ^Assuming you'd like a variety of tulpas per host if possible
  7. I'd be surprised if this test hasn't already been done before. I don't want to say I definitely know that the tulpamancer would have increased activity, but it would make sense if he/she did.
  8. To physically become invisible? No. Through hypnosis, possibly. A person may be skilled at it, but that doesn't mean it will work on everyone.
  9. "We're just in control of creation until a tulpae becomes sentient." Are you saying that we can control a tulpa until they reach the level of sentience. If so, I would disagree with that and the statement of all of us simply being tulpas. First off, the tulpa can still be altered/controled even after it has reached sentience. Secondly, I believe what makes us not tulpas is that we ultimately have control of the body and mind, we have an absolute physical form while they don't, and we aren't created from someone else's mind as thought forms or imagination.
  10. The excess amount of agreement I have with this statement cannot have anymore agreement because I agree with this so much already.
  11. Only 3 of my tulpas I know would be classified as "intrusive thoughts", but I still took the time to work on them, but less work was needed since they already came with a personality. Just because they started unconventionally does not mean they cannot be made into the same end-product, a tulpa. And I am absolutely sure that my 9 are not just constant intrusive thoughts, but you could easily take that as host bias. I find it absurd to think that for EVERYONE, making a tulpa WILL ABSOLUTELY take months without taking into consideration so many factors that could affect it: how long the person's been doing tulpamancing, has the person practiced things that would affect process and speed of tulpamancing, mental status of the person, and so many others that I/we may not even be aware of. A big factor I'd assume would be practice. The one from yesterday though, I didn't realize he wasn't one of mine till the afternoon. So, we had talked a bit and had so fun in the wonderland. He'd even impose himself just as my own tulpas would. I can't say that absolutely makes him a tulpa, but he was so similar to a tulpa. And also, the dream wasn't lucid.
  12. Has anyone accidentally done this yet? So, last night I had a dream in which I had a 10th tulpa in the form of Talon from League of Legends assisting me in some kind of fight. I can't remember everything from the dream, but I do remember that I recognized him as a tulpa although it was a dream. But after I woke up he was still there in my mind and I had totally forgotten that I don't have a tenth tulpa. Later in the morning I remembered that I didn't have him as a tulpa originally and then sadly I told him I'm sorry that things had to end this way and goodbye... Then just got rid of him. Because I don't think I'm ready for 10 tulpas yet... Note: The dream was not lucid.
  13. Make sense because I'd assume having one tulpa has sort of a more personal relationship that having multiple.
  14. A tulpa I recently got rid of could do something like this, but he'd always alter the scene of the memory into something "dreadful" among other acts. I specifically use the word "dreadful" because he named himself Dread. I've never hear of a tulpa being as evil as him. But so far from what you described, he's no way near as bad, and it seems negotiation is quite possible.
  15. No, because I'd have to take down at most 9 or less extra plates, depending on how many I impose. Also since they do most of their eating/drinking in the wonderland. As for tea, my tulpas use my memory of the food/drink to experience the taste/feel/smell/etc.
  16. In this case I'd say ignore decency and negotiation and alter his personality or get rid of him if returning to a mental ward is a worry of yours.
  17. The key to making any mental process an unconscious act with ease is repetition. After not doing it for a while you probably lost the "feel" of it you once had because the the progress you had regressed.
  18. Mine usually sleep around the time I'm "suppose" to be asleep. I wouldn't say they actually sleep for the same purpose as we do, but simulate sleeping if they wish.
  19. I'd guess they'd think of it as a demon trying to possess your mind or body or something like that. >Assuming the religion believes in demons.
  20. I'd guess that the focus and mental work put in would make you more mentally tired.
  21. PBJ How many times have you checked out your tulpa? For anything.