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  1. I often have hallucinations at night that my tulpas are able to interact with (usually negative.) In the past they were only noises and just annoyances to my senses, but now ever since I started forcing, they've become visual and more frequent. I can't seem to ever control them. The best I've done so far is have my oldest tulpa combat them. Results have varied. That may seem wrong to most, but it's an awful feeling just sensing something's presence like that and not being able to get rid of it yourself despite it all being in your mind. Besides, SL's been able to handle most of them. And he's fine with it.
  2. I'm not too good at tulpamancing terms, but I can say that the headaches are quite common when you're not used to forcing. I'm not saying that that is absolutely the cause, there could be other factors, but forcing or any deep focus like that can cause a slight or higher headaches. I'm still kinda new to tulpamancing, but it's been a while since I had to go through the early development stages of a tulpa. lol
  3. Someone in the IRC explained it to me, and I see his point now. But it just doesn't bother me.
  4. I'm not seeing your point. Maybe I just haven't been here long enough.
  5. As short as I've been here, I am convinced that the majority of this group is mature enough not to send you hatemail on you observation. But to answer you question, I do believe that any forum you visit, despite the main topic/focus/subject, anyone could have any mental illness. I believe it to be either coincidence (based on your observation. I have yet to notice this myself.), or just that more people are vocal about it here than other forums.
  6. When my tulpas are judged, the judges are quite vocal about it... >_< But I try not to judge other tulpas based on their forms. I don't think I have yet either. It's all about what's on the inside.
  7. When mankind has all the Answers. Q: Do you rock your tulpa to sleep at night?
  8. The first feelings SL expressed were an interest in orchestral music while I was playing my viola. The next strong feeling was sadness when he realized he did't have a family.(Premade memories problem)
  9. I finally got rid of him. I asked him why he's like the way he is. His answer "Because I want to watch you all suffer and burn. It's the way I am and I love it! "
  10. Today I was finally ablt to get rid of Dread. And then I made Fluttershy.
  11. I'm not saying this as some random comical Disney joke, but all you have to do is believe.
  12. I've recently had the same problem with one of my tulpas. Going to try it again when I'm more awake.
  13. I'm not joking, I can't get rid of him. I've brought him back three times now. I can get rid of his physical form now, but he'll still have voice. Maybe it's just because I'm still pretty tired. What caused me to try to get rid of him for the first time, was he tried to rape my tulpa Twilight. The second time after I brought him back to give him a second chance, he raped Cupcake, SL and Pinkie's daughter, so I made him suffer as much as I could before I killed him again. Then because of some drama and stuff that I don't like getting into because my method of managing my tulpas is frowned upon, because it involves taking less intervention unless the problem becomes too difficult for them to handle. But after the event between SL and Light that he helped fix, I decided that I could at least have him alive, but locked in a cage. Every time I visited he'd curse and threaten me. Yesterday he somehow got out and tried to attack Twilight while we we trying to practice tulpa possession IRL. I locked him back up. Then on the night of that same day, I don't know how but he forced his control to switch with me while the rest of my tulpas were asleep. He pestered the other tulpa group I'm in, but I guess didn't bother with this place. He also took 5 pictures of my face with an evil grin(5, because he doesn't know who to tell when the webcam takes the picture). Eventually I was able to retake control during that night, but It was too mental straining and I was already to tired , probably to erase him then and there. Now I'm here in the morning still tired from last night and I still can't get rid of him.
  14. Pretty much, but it may take a bit of time and practice for both the tulpa and the host.
  15. I'm saying that the tulpas control over your body should not be hindered by your current state of muscle use. SL[And I was saying that I don't have any different difficulty controlling his body while he's rested compared to after he's exercised But that's just me. I'm not every tulpa.]
  16. Hi, I'm Spartanelete or just M37 and I have 8 lovable tulpas. I say 8 out of 9 because Dread sucks... I've made so many mistakes since I'm a pretty bad host. All of my tulpas except one accidental were made with memories of the characters I based them off of. Eventually they drifted a bit from their original personalities. So far my tulpas have been killed by hallucinations(then brought back of course), killed by servitors(by choice during a simulated battle in the wonderland), and committing suicide(again brought back). But on the bright side, they all have pretty much mastered possession and switching, they all get along(finally), some of them even have close relationships and bonds among themselves and other tulpas and hosts. I'd like to say they're fully developed and independent, but I constantly block them sometimes for certain reasons. We have 3 wonderlands: Wonderland, Tulpa Afterlife, and Hell. As of right now my tulpas Samus and Light are trying to convince me to let them have a baby. Still thinking about it.
  17. Yet I never see brackets of any sort. It kinda throws me off, this being a tulpa-based group.
  18. What throws me off is that I can still feel the fing she's controlling. 3 pages and I'm the only one that votes? :/
  19. Granted, but you shall live on Zombie Island from Saints Row the 3rd. I wish my wish couldn't be broken! :D
  20. I ask this because I've been here for almost a week and I haven't seen any indication of anyone's tulpas talking on this site... Is there some rule page I'm missing that's banned tulpas from speaking on this site? Or... I don't know what else. I'm sorry if I just haven't looked through every single thread to find at least one or the info I'm looking for. I'm new here and curious. Thank you for your time.
  21. After saying that constantly annoys Alipheese... "SAY "NO ALICE!" ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL EAT YOUR YOUR DICK!" Trololol
  22. Why can't he just rid Gary from his mind?
  23. I don't think there's a difference. SL[i've never noticed a difference.] The way your body feels when you give them control is probably how they'll feel when they take control.