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  1. I wasn't sure if this is a common practice here or not. lol Sorry if I pretty much made a "how to breath" thread.
  2. We've tried it 3 times. We come close, but we can never seem to be accurate enough. My oldest tulpa(7 months) participated.
  3. I'd think it would depend on the person's beginning mental health and endurance.
  4. Hmmm... I might try this with my oldest and youngest tulpas if they agree.
  5. "The meditation group will need hosts who have experience , or are willing and capable of learning meditation." I'm pretty experienced in meditating, or so I think. Still need a test subject for that group?
  6. I tried posting this while my account was still waiting to be activated by an admin; The most your tulpa could do is use your memory, even if recessive, identify the last known location of that object, because your tulpa does not have physical eyes and etc. Not going into metaphysics though, which would disagree with my claim.
  7. Just as the title says. Possessing your tulpa's body just as they would you in real life. I've done this many times in the wonderland, along with hearing their thoughts. If you have experience with this, feel free to join this experiment. If you don't, think of this as a learning experience as you try. I can't really explain how to do it. I'd guess it just came natural from being possessed so often. But it'd be great if someone could explain it. So, what I am asking of you to do, is: IRL, have your tulpa possess you then go back to having control. Then while they are in an imposed form, try to possess it. Then do the same in the wonder land. IRL= In real life From what I've tried here are my results: Host(Myself): Can possess IRL Can possess in wonderland Tulpas: Can possess IRL Can possess in wonderland Notes: While possessing tulpa IRL my eyes were closed. While being possessed in the wonderland, regaining my control was easy. While possessing my tulpa in real life, all sense of touch were sent to my body's hands. While IRL, while possess my tulpa and moving my body's limbs(while standing up) I get mixed results of mirrored parralelled movements. Also keeping her point of view was difficult so I was stuck with a mental view of the area she was standing in when we started. While possessing in a rested position I was able to maintain all senses her form experienced including vision. I was able to travel around the inside of my house in her body as far as my memory of the area could perceive then traveled again with my body to find the only unseen object was my sleeping dog.
  8. I just tried my own method with RD. All I did was close my eyes, impose myself as I would with a tulpa, who's perception would be most likely based from my memory, of the area and fought and lost. Much less complex. It was like being in the wonderland.
  9. Only Pinkie, Shadow Light, Cupcake, Dread, and Light(not from deathnote). The others like Twilight, Alice, and Rainbow Dash, I just have their personalities memorized from the shows and video games they're from. As for Samus, when I discovered her, she had a different form and her own personality. She only chose her form after friends in another group suggested Samus Aran from Metroid as her name, then she decided to also take the form.
  10. I've 8 tulpas without "trying" within a year. My first one took some time, but developed fast due to exposing him to various things like music performances, school, books, people, stuff like that.
  11. Why not? We once had a pet baby gator named Gummy, but then he ran off somewhere.
  12. I could do that, though I'd rather avoid the problem in the first place. If there's no way to avoid having intrusive thoughts, then I'll guess I'll treat them like "threatening" intrusive thoughts as I have with similar cases. And what I said about the pseudoscience. Yep, that's what was sorta steering me away from this place. Actually and ironically my main reason for making an account here was to help others without making up pseudoscience theories. But so far I've only been helped. :p
  13. And you know the brain can't do this how? Thanks, but telling me to not believe what can happen can't happen doesn't help much.
  14. Drama, beach parties, adventures, other stuff, sometimes music, indoor parties, and stuff in general.
  15. I usually wouldn't come here for help, but why not. So I have a problem with being able to create tulpas tooooooo easy. My third tulpa Twilight, I accidentally made while I was having an awful migraine, my 9th tulpa Samus, apparently was dwelling in my second wonderland for a while, and my 10th tulpa Fluttershy, who had just appeared only minutes ago... But I decided to erase her... Part of me died a little when I did... So, my question is, what are some methods to avoid creating more tulpas so easily?
  16. Hi, our names are Spartan SL[shadow Light] P[Pinkie Pie!] C[Cupcake "Pie" Light] T[Twilight Sparkle. It's a pleasure to meet you! :)] A[Alipheese Fateburn XVI or just Alice...] R[Rainbow Dash. Sup.] S[samus Aran. Hello. :)] F[And Fluttershy. :3]