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  1. They are still very early on, but no, I have two. Upon reading this post the next person remembered something that they had to do.
  2. Very much so! The next person has sneezed in the last hour.
  3. no. the next person has not tulpaforced today.
  4. hey guys, i was wondering, is it physically possible to move ones eyes independently of each other? if so, does anyone know of someone who has done this successfully? im asking because i had an idea for a servitor (when im that far along) which would use both eyes separately to scan through a text book/ book report book quickly as a homework assistance tool.
  5. i use the apparent age of my tulpae, cryss usually looks about 10 years old, and i made holly's form to be about the same age as me (17).
  6. bleh, i need to keep my updates more...up to date. im going to try to post more regularly, but well see. anyways, here's a summary of my progress so far: first off, i managed to get my visualization good enough that i felt like i could start some actual work, its not great but i think it will get the job done for now. ive also started being able to kinda playback songs in my head with a good amount of detail which should help with hearing my tulpae. second, i have a consistent wonderland now. i started of on a floating city with a bit of an assassins creed feel to it, but ,through some events which i will describe in a bit, i spend most of my time on a medium sized island below the city. the island is maybe three miles across and fairly round with about one third of it being dense forest and the other two thirds being desert, dominated by a large volcano. i spend most of my time in the forest area living in a large house built into the side of a rock formation. there i have my main sleeping area, a cartography room where i can form and alter my wonderland, and a tulpaforging room where i can symbolically build my tulpa's personality visually using different materials (i.e. if she is strong willed i add a layer of brick because it is a strong material) third, and most important, i have tulpae! i met my first when i was on that floating city i mentioned. i was walking along this market like street and from a darkish corner a small grey skinned imp-like girl with deep red hair and crystalline purple eyes said to me "please dont let them bury me" and kinda sent an emotion of fear and sadness towards me. after i recovered from the shock of this scared little girl speaking so clearly to me i realized that i couldn't leave her there and so i took her so a safe place and put her in a kind of protective stasis bubble for the night. the next day i found her and pulled her out of stasis so that i could talk to her, she didnt talk much but i did get some emotion of contented relief toward me. as we were walking along i got some thought that something bad was coming and instinctively jumped off of the city right before a random chinese dragon obliterated the place where we were standing. in retrospect this is a pretty damn random event and i figure that it was just an intrusive thought, but in any case after we jumped off we landed on the island and thats where we stayed. so anyways that happened, i decided to call her cryss, because of her eyes, i gave her a dog, and she spends most of her time wandering around the forest. as of right now i dont think she is really a tulpa by definition but rather a consistent wonderland character, but in any case i still care about her and try to make sure she is ok. and finally the other day i actually began working on a full fledged tulpa, i made a catgirl form for her with brown hair, and green eyes, and dressed her in camo cargo pants, a lose olive green tee shirt covered by a brown leather vest, and a scarf-hood type thing. i started forging her personality as strong willed but kind hearted, with a love for nature, technology and learning. well thats about it, sorry for the long read but i didnt want to leave out anything important. ill try to post more regularly from now on which should make things more manageable. anyways, thanks for reading, and happy tulpaforging!
  7. i saw a thread on dreamviews asking what a tulpa was. i initially skipped over it because i was kinda focused but ended up reading it which took me to the tulpa land section of dreamviews. afterwards i made the natural migration here.
  8. tis done the next person is leaning on their left elbow.
  9. In the words of a rather famous short green guy "do or do not, there is no try" The next person in using at least three separate media devices (tv, iPod, laptop, etc.)
  10. No, no answers to the universe, but the answer to the third question on the test is B The next person is a male around five feet tall with brown hair and green eyes.
  11. good luck to you too, ill put the results on my progress page tomorrow.
  12. I don't know if you would be pulling her away from her family if you didn't want to. Maybe ask her what she Thinks? I managed to just barely get to cryss for short while during lunch today to check her wards and make sure she was ok and placed a beacon near her this time. Hopefully I'll be able to find her tonight.
  13. Yeah though I am concerned that I only created it to be temporary. I have a bad problem with rushing sessions as well so I didn't get much of anything done, much less find cryss so I'm kinda worried about her being on her own again. The "because you were there" answer is interesting, and honestly kinda sweet. Edit: I think I am in fact going to make cryss my first tulpa. It's mind symbolism, like potions to imprint personality or computers to access the subconscious, not actuall magic.
  14. now this is just a comment from someone whos very new to tulpae so take it for what its worth, but i would say this is a good sign. to me it says that your mind has accepted the existance of your tulpa and decided to let it respond on its own. so yes i would say keep on trying. but of course i dont have much knowledge on the subject so it may be best to take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  15. no couldn't find the shack, its actually more of a little hole in the wall in an alley, and i only kind of vaguely remember the landmarks around it. at the moment my visualization skills are probably far too weak and my wonderland too varying for me to find anything consistently. i tried to use the aura trick (cant remember who original came up with that) to find her but i think that either the trance i put her in or the protection ward that i put around her blocked out the aura. i think that maybe tonight ill try to find the magic that i used to protect her. anyways good luck finding mary!