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  1. Why doesn't someone with schizophrenia create a "good" tulpa to fight his schizophrenic/mpd hallucinations and personalities?
  2. Sorry to bump an old thread but I have been forcing for the past 2 weeks with melatonin. I find the effects incredible. I take a shot of espresso and lie in the dark for 15 minutes, take the 5mg of melatonin and lie in bed. My visualization starts from just average all the way to nearly full lucidity. After about half an hour I can open my eyes and instantly go back to wonderland when I close them, see all my surroundings and actually interact with them. I'm also beginning to get audio hallucinations but still have trouble deciphering and holding onto them. This is still a great improvement from 5 months of no sound. I m probably one of the oldest slow pokes by now and these are the first good results I've been seeing. Definitely continuing this strategy.
  3. Sounds like a good idea if it helps you, I just don't really see how it would improve visualization.
  4. This is freaky. Like the magic tricks where the magicians use cultural prototypes to guess what a person will think of. The words just pop up into your head even though you're trying your hardest to think of something else.
  5. OK so I have a hypothesis that melatonin will improve tulpaforcing productivity and increase tulpa receptivity. I think this experiment will work best on people who are somewhat on their way in creating a tulpa but do not have a completely sentient being in their mind. I thought of this last night thinking about the thread where people were talking about the idea that tulpaforcing before bed or when tired or under-slept gave them better imagination and let them think more creatively. Another thing is the Orange Shower. Some people said that the orange juice is good because of the vitamin C, that it helps with headaches but i think contrary. Orange juice is well known to increase melatonin, while cold showers make you very awake, giving you a perfect tulpaforcing setting. Anyways, for those who do not know what melatonin is, it's basically a hormone secreted in the pineal gland (also known as the third eye). It is responsible for many things, one of which is falling asleep at night. If you want to learn more, go on wikipedia or some shit. What I want you guys to do is: 1. Buy some melatonin (you can get it at most pharmacies without prescription) 2. Take the recommended dose before tulpaforcing as well as something with caffeine. (coffee, green tea, espresso, eca, redbull etc) 3. Go into a pitch black room (or as close to pitch black as you can) 4. Tulpaforce for an hour (or as long as you can without fallling asleep) 5. Report back your results. If you are feeling adventurous, you can up the dose but I am not responsible if you die. I'm going to do the same thing as soon as I can get my hands on some melatonin. EDIT: caffeine is part of the experiment so you don't fall asleep from the melatonin. Take the caffeine at least 20 minutes before so it has time to kick in.
  6. Oh God fuck off with these 1700s philosophy debates on dualism. Human choice =/= free will. Shut the fuck up. You are not a unique snowflake, you are not exempt from the laws of physics and do not have free will. If you still have issues with this, take an intro to psychology course.
  7. This. Tulpa's can only have as much free will as humans.
  8. Alright this is a pretty far fetched theory but it could be possible. So I was reading the thread where tulpa possession changed the voice of the host. That got me thinking and I ended up connecting the dots to Heath Ledger's death. Before the filming of the Dark Knight, Heath locked himself up in a hotel room to practice for his role as the Joker. This is a month of focusing pure energy, emotion, and thought onto a character (sounds a lot like a tulpa huh?). Although his method may not be the traditional way we make tulpa but the main idea is the same. Heath said that he really made the Joker "come to life". If you listen to Heath Ledger's voice in the movie, it most certainly isn't his, perhaps it is a sort of partial possession by the created Joker in his head, the one that wouldn't leave his head after the filming of the movie. The reason why he played the character so well was because he literally became the character. You might ask, "why would the (mental) joker go along with the script and the filming of the movie?" Well he had no reason not to, perhaps Heath and his Joker were even friendly, they got along, and the acting was great. After the movie though, Heath had no use for the Joker, the movie is done and there is no reason for Heath to have the bastardized consciousness of a clown in his head. But so much time and emotion had been invested in him that he would not go away so simply. So despite Heath's attempts to ignore him and stop believing it was true, the Joker would just drive him more and more crazy. What could Heath do? Tell someone? Fuck no, they'd out him in a mental asylum or just not believe him. How on Earth could he know what was going on? So instead of ignoring or trying to somehow fix his problem, he went crazy, his Joker drove him crazy, starving for the attention that he was losing. Since the Joker's personality is already crazy, this made the situation even worse. So instead of getting help, Heath did the only thing he could do: take shitloads of drugs to drown out the Joker in his head. This obviously not only pissed off the Joker, but also made Heath get even more depressed and crazy. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and overdosed. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, but despite how far fetched the theory is, it makes sense from a tulpa-point-of-view Some quotes: Rolling Stones Magazine “He couldn’t seem to disengage; the inexactness bothered him.” “Ledger had no formal training, and there’s this to be said for acting school: it teaches you to approach a role as foreign, as a language you’ll temporarily speak. Ledger didn’t appear to have that. He needed to dig for (and inhabit) the part of himself that was the character. ‘Performance comes from absolutely believing what you’re doing,’ he said. ‘You convince yourself, and believe in the story with all your heart.’ It didn’t always shut off when a production did, and I think it ground him.” “As The Joker in next summer’s The Dark Knight, he will appear as a man severed from all connection. A ‘psychopathic, mass-murdering clown with zero empathy,’ is how he described it to the New York Times. On set, Michael Caine said the performance sometimes turned so frightening he forgot his own lines.”
  9. Actually the human brain can only support up to 64 tulpae. In the new versions of Human 2.0 and 2.1 you are given the ability to upgrade to 128 or 256 tulpabits/second.
  10. Alright so my LSD trip has been postponed to Thursday but I will keep you guys updated
  11. I may be taking LSD this weekend with friends and I will attempt to force throughout my trip. Should I take the full dose or stick with a low dose? I haven't had any experience with hallucinogens yet and my drug experience is limited to weed, codeine, and morphine. Will post results after.
  12. I never noticed that. Had no idea I could do that, thanks.
  13. Is there any way Pleeb could enable an "All Threads" feature. So instead of having to click on every single board and have 10 tabs open and then have to open even more for each thread, you could choose to just have one board that would link to all threads that have new posts. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to code this but it would be so much more convenient for users that prefer to read all new threads regularly.
  14. Dude don't procrastinate, start as fast as possible. Some of my best forcing sessions have been during class or after homework.
  15. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0361862/ If you haven't seen this movie, go see it. If you have seen the movie,