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  1. It might take a little bit of tweaking, but I think you could pull it off: Find plain front and back views of the character, no special poses just like concept art: standing there. Trace over where you see (with your imagination + judgement), and add the finishing touches (nipple placement, belly button, etc) via referencing a nude model. There are tons of resources for artistic nudes you could work from. If you are able to do this on your computer, just add another layer, if you lack software you can find gimp amd opencanvas free downloads. This would be preferred as you can more easily 'undo'. If you have to do it by hand, tracing paper or wax paper should do, and you could work off of that. I know it's not the easiest of solutions, but it would allow her to keep the body she wants and maybe she could even tweak it with you. Just what I would do in your shoes, everyone's mind works differently. Good luck!
  2. Oh! Here you are! Looking forward to seeing how things progress. Very happy you started a PR. ^^ Mathias and I wish you the best of luck, let us know if there is ever anything we can help with. <3
  3. Oh yes, definitely customize/change/'perfect' the PM, I was just coining the thought of the balance of friendly/strict. As far as explaining the search in the Q&A, I think that's a fantastic idea, and would make the PM's much more bearable. However, maybe the PM could point the person in that direction, as you know not everyone clicks around as much as they should when getting on a forum. We're coming up with what has the potential to be an easy solution to an irritating problem. That's pretty snazzy.
  4. You are more than welcome to create any type of tulpa you wish, however, before going into this, I would just like you to know that: - Although people have had success with creating tulpa to be just like pre-existing characters, there have also been lots of failures. - 'Setting the bar' for your tulpa can potentially stress them out and create insecurity/feelings of inadequacy, and stunt progress. In turn, not getting the results you want can frustrate you, therefore also stressing out your tulpa. It is very important that you do not look at the potential tulpa as if it's going to be just like having one from the show. This comes off to me as more of a novelty. Your reasons are none of my business, but if you just like the character and wish you could talk to it, perhaps a tulpa isn't the best way to express that. This is a different personality, a different 'being' for lack of a better term. How you treat it and 'raise' it during creation will have a lot to do with the end result (obviously). I don't think it would be very fun to be 'born' and have it drilled into my head that I need to be just like someone else because that's as close as my creator can get to the real thing. As I've mentioned earlier though, there have been successes. Regardless of whether or not you decide to go 'canon pony', please read up on as many guides as you can before starting. Know exactly what you want going into it, be organized, this will help avoid confusion. Good luck.
  5. I'm happy that things seem to be going smoothly for you! Don't worry, there's still a high possibility that once it hatches it will enjoy storms with you. Perhaps the little egg is just stressed because of the unfamiliar external stimuli. Oh I can't wait until it hatches. You're doing a great job by the way.
  6. Writing exercises work wonderfully! I'm happy that you two are really getting into something that you can share on a more 'imaginitave' level. :) Keep us posted on any particularly interesting scenarios. Hope that you feel better soon ^^
  7. Mathias is going to do his best to answer your questions. He wanted me to mention though that he is still in the process of fully 'understanding himself' so his responses may be basic and may change later as he experiences different things. 1. What are your (the Tulpae) fundamental characteristics that all have? I am sure that if Creative stopped treating as I am real, and perhaps over a period of time told me that I was just imaginary, neglected me... Which of course she would never do. However, with enough of this I could feel that it is a very real possibility that my psyche and sense of self could be wholly stripped from me and I would revert into a thought. This is speculation of course, but there are even humans who question whether or not they are real, I don't have a body tying me to (perceived) reality. 2. What rights or "legitimate expectations" would you say you have? Don't have? Do any of the fundamental characteristics above play into this? To never be completely alone. Any social creature (which I believe tulpa are, as we have the minds of humans who are social creatures) would go mad if left in solitary confinement for long enough. Some are more social than others, for instance I have Creative and one or two other friends I talk to. But if I had no one, it would be a very bleak existance. Like any being, I deserve at least a chance at experiencing happiness. 3. Basic needs are mentioned in that example. Do you have any basic needs? Assume a definition of "minimum resources required to sustain". Do these basic needs (or lack thereof) change any aspect of your answer to question 2? To exist as I am now, I'm going to say neglect could easily change everything. Unless brainwashed to believe otherwise, I would still be aware of that fact that I am very much real. But, I'm sure the feelings of it all over an extended period of time would change who I am. So a bare minimum to sustain myself as I am, is to have the love and appreciation of Creative (host). I've read reports of tulpa making tulpa, perhaps this would solve for here and maybe even #2, but I have never created a tulpa, so I don't know how that works.
  8. Oh wow, that's pretty intense. Theory: Perhaps you've been desensitized? You interpret it differently because you experience it constantly, while Roswell hasn't experienced taste near as much? I'm curious as to how this works. What do you think?
  9. Oh wow I'm really close to Tulpadelphia (Tulpasburgh no joke, come dahntahn). Next time your in town get at me bro we'll have ice cream or some shit. Forcin' them tulpaeiie (because you know that's what more than 1 is called).
  10. Mathias and I have not done possession, but I'm going to share my guess: I believe 'taste' would be the same, but 'interpretation' would be different. As in, spicy foods might give me a burning feeling, but Mathias might enjoy them, even though we both taste the same 'flavor'. I think that's as 'diverse' as it could possibly get, since we are sharing the same mouth, and the mouth itself does not physically change.
  11. Why thank you! Taking a psychological approach (treating the tulpa as a developing 'human' mind) makes it much easier to 'slip' things in much less straightforwardly. I think it feels more positive and sticks more than 'you will be ____'. But that's just my take on it, there are obviously many different ways to 'form' and 'create' your tulpa. :) I think everyone should explore different options and find what works for them. Every mind is different. Well, considering this is a Creation guide, I don't think I'll put things like that in here. This was just something I put together for those who may have questions or those who may want to try new things and keep forcing interesting with their tulpa. When I have more experience with more 'advanced' things, I'll most likely create a different guide (in the same style as this one) for more 'advanced' folks. Again, thanks for the feedback! Really do appreciate it.
  12. Well, there are a few reasons why she might have 'disappeared'. - You could have just stressed yourself out so much you weren't able to see her. - She was just stressed out and didn't know what to do, perhaps she felt powerless. There's nothing wrong with 'sisters' or 'best friends'. :) It's whatever works for you. If anything, reminding her that you are her 'sister' might be even more empowering to her. You'll work through it, no biggie. Just be patient and positive, and things will end up just fine. What's ironic, is that I tend to worry a lot too (about physical-world based issues). I've developed Mathias in a way to where he is the 'wise' half of me, he'll usually reach in and know just what to say to help me slow down. If you continue to feed to her that she has the -power- to help you, she'll be more prone to -believing- that she can help you, and in turn will do more to help you through your problems. Happy I could help! ^^
  13. Well, she's probably just very confused and stressed. I'm going to suggest that you approach her with nothing but positivity, vaguely explain yourself, and then tell her that you need her to help you and you can both work together to make things all better. I've found through working with my own tulpa, that the best approach in problem solving, is a positive and psychological one. (Just as it is with another person, it seems so obvious, no?) Important points I feel would really help the situation: 1) You are coming to terms with the issue. 2) Apologize, explain that you were afraid only because of how special she is to you, and you want to be the best host possible. You just panicked. (These are to draw her in, and comfort her. Remind her of her importance and why you got so stressed over this in the first place. If she has a better understanding, she'll empathize more with you.) 3) Identifying her as a part of the 'team'. 'We' 'Us', etc. 4) Telling her that you will both improve and grow together. 5) Explain that first though, you need her help to clean up the mess, and it would make both of you ('us') very happy. (Put emphasis on her importance, boost her confidence, you want her to believe that you two are going to be partners, and work together. This should be very motivating to her as well as help vanquish her doubts. Remember, she's as doubtful and scared as you are.) 6) Reassuring her that all is well and this isn't a big deal, and again that you're sorry and you didn't mean to scare/stress her. (Reassure her to keep the positive tone, fixing this isn't impossible, this is do-able, and you're both going to work through it with ease. Remove the preconceived notion that this is the most horrible thing ever out of her mind.) I'm going to give an example of a positive tone for 1, 2. "Hey ****, I know things have been pretty chaotic, but things are going to get much better starting right now. I'm so sorry that these things happened in the first place, as silly as it sounds I was only afraid because of how important you are to me. I want to be the best host that I can be for you." It is very important that you approach her with confidence, because she's only going to be as strong as you are. You are her greatest influence, especially early in development. Yes, she can help you, and there's no doubt in my mind that she will. But first, you have to take the lead. You don't have to write her a speech, just put emphasis on those points I've listed in any order that works for you. (End with positivity and reassurance.) If you want to be REALLY personable and make a connection, (this may also show that you really 'mean it'), you can write it out in the form of a letter, and 'offer' it to her. Write it, call her over, tell her 'I've written something for you', and read it to her aloud. This isn't necessary, but it could help rekindle some of your bond since you're taking time out of your day to write her something nice, and be a little more convincing because you've put more thought into it. Wishing you both the best of luck, I know you can make things better.
  14. I really appreciate that you're putting safety first, I really respect you for that. I agree, safety is #1. Although I have done things that may be deemed irresponsible or unsafe, safety has always been my #1 concern. (My surroundings, alone or with people, under what conditions, do my research, mentally prepare myself, etc.) Basically I'm a big girl and have been exposed to a lot, I manage. It's not something someone should jump into though. So actually now that you've mentioned safety, I'm just going to throw out there that if anybody has any questions, I'll do my best to answer. These are tools, they CAN be incredibly 'risky' tools. Don't just try something because it sounds like a good idea.
  15. D'aw, can't wait for your egg to hatch. Kudos to you for doing proper research before diving in, it shows you're responsible and ready to be a good host. I feel something you should remember though, is that no matter what you're having a heavy influence over your tulpa's personality from the beginning. All of this talking of yourself, your feelings, your tulpa is absorbing like a sponge. So, if you don't force different traits, your tulpa will most likely be very much like you (plus whatever you're hoping for in your subconscious). Which, is in no way a bad thing, but you don't need to 'force' something directly to your tulpa for your tulpa to pick up on it. Think of yourself as the only influence on it's developing mind. Forcing personality isn't necessarily bad for your tulpa, considering that they are taking information from you from day 1. Again, this isn't a bad thing, but no matter how you spin it, you're molding a large part of it's personality whether or not you're trying to. Regardless of whether or not you 'design' and 'force' a type of personality to your tulpa, it will still be able to think on it's own after the initial creation, and it will still develop it's own opinions and personality as time marches on. 'Deviation', I'm sure you already know that though. You are the host, creator, your tulpa is your 'child' so to speak. You want to raise it to be 'good' by your standards, so there's nothing wrong with that. Good luck, again, can't wait to see what the egg hatches into. ^^
  16. Linkzelda gave some good advice. Here is my honest opinion: Your imagination is running a little wild, that's all. It's running even more wild because the more anxious and stressed out you get, the less control you have over your thoughts. Not to mention you already think that this is so terrible, that you're fear of it is just fueling the fire. Because of all of these things going on in your mind, your link to your tulpa is probably a little hindered. The stress, fear, anxiety you're going through is also affecting her. Reach out to her, apologize for being so out of whack, and ween yourself back into your wonderland. When you see something like the clone, look at it head on and tell yourself, and it if you feel the need 'You are not real'. Retake control of your imagination and everything will be okay. Now go tend to your stressed tulpa. Good luck! Also: Don't worry about parroting/etc. It's also just adding to your fear. Force as you normally would, be patient and work with her, she will become sentient if she isn't already. These things do take time, but it's no biggie when you're going to have her for the rest of your life. Make the creation process fun, no need to stress.
  17. You're welcome. :) Yeah, I've noticed a lot of people refer to E as MDMA/Molly. Really unfortunate because MDMA is a much 'cleaner' experience, it's a guaranteed 'feel good'. As far as cocaine goes, well, it's honestly the only substance I've tried that I've decided I will never, EVER try again. Stay safe (which I'm sure you will as you just reassured me), and keep us posted if you do any experimentation with your tulpa.
  18. Why thank you, that certainly means a lot to me. Good luck. :) Oh, that's not a problem at all. :) I have the original in a different format, so editing and reuploading wouldn't be a problem. I decided to upload as .pdf because it kept things neat, and I had more control over what the final product looked like. ^^ This is mostly something for beginners to learn from and other members who are still forcing to perhaps get some new ideas and try different things. When Mathias and I really get into things like possession and the like, I'm sure I'll release a guide for more 'advanced' folk. Thanks for the feedback! Thank you! Hope some of it can be helpful to you.
  19. Greetings! Welcome to .info. I think it's great that you're designing a tulpa, and it's right to do as much research as possible. Check out various guides, and get an idea of what you want before even starting so you don't have to deal with any confusion later down the road. That being said, here are my experiences with forcing under the influence. I've included ALL substances, not just psychoactive ones, I figured the information would perhaps still be interesting: Marijuana - It really slowed Mathias down. So to 'chill' with your tulpa, maybe, but if your brain gets 'lazy' at all when you're high (which most peoples' do), I could see it only useful for bonding/conversation. Music as external stimuli is also pretty nice, for some people it's easier to focus on one thing (ie. music) high than when sober. It seems like both Mathias and myself have been able to appreciate things like music more while high. But as far as forcing traits and trying to 'develop' your tulpa in that regard, I think the mind's a little too sluggish. Every mind is different though. Alcohol - As you know, it's important to be in a good mood when you drink. Don't force while you're in a bad all. It's not good for you or the tulpa. That being said, forcing is effective as long as you keep it lighthearted. Have a good time with your tulpa. MDMA - By far the most useful in forcing out of what I've experienced. If you have any experience with MDMA you already know it's really not good to do back to back. It will completely drain you if you overdo it. If used responsibly, your tulpa is completely open to you, and you are even more open to your tulpa. This is excellent for forcing, and things absorbed during the influence of MDMA seem to 'stick' very well. It's as if things are 'deeper' when under the influence of MDMA, if that makes any sense. If toying with this, I'd say 1x/month MAX. Seriously, be kind to your body. Xanax - Not overdoing it. Not any more in doseage than what would be prescribed for someone with heavy anxiety. (5mg ish?) Really calms the mind down. It calms your tulpa down too. Forcing is more laid back. I don't really 'force' with this though, it's nice to have relaxing conversation with your tulpa though. If you're able to get really comfortable and visualize/go on adventures in your imagination (wonderland), it's incredibly easy to reach a 'meditative' state while on xanax. Don't get too cozy though, you might fall asleep. Ritalin - Imagine wanting to run laps around the world. Imagine thinking words to your tulpa 5x faster than you normally would because you are so hyped. Your tulpa is able to respond just as quickly, because it's the body that has been affected, not the mind. I find myself so ADD that I don't actively force, I'm usually having to keep my hands preoccupied with something, but I involve my tulpa as much as I can. If I can keep myself busy with something mindless (I use an elliptical), and I'm able to listen to music (earbuds, zone out), I can go on some pretty vivid adventures in the wonderland (open eyed of course). Caffeine - Heavily toned down ritalin. Nicotine - As a smoker, it doesn't really do anything. But, if you're one of those blessed people that can have cigarettes only when you drink or once in a blue moon (which I don't recommend, it's a horrid habit to get into), I imagine the 'nicotine high' would be pleasurable for both tulpa and host. If I go all day without a ciggy, and then have one, we both share a little rush, but it's short lived. From experiences prior to my tulpa, as in things I haven't tried with him but I have tried before him, I can say LSD (reasonable dose) would be incredibly helpful with visualization and communication (perhaps bond). I imagine cocaine would be incredibly terrible for forcing. I've also had ecstacy, I imagine it would be great for forcing, but not for your health. Despite the fact that my experience with ecstacy was (thankfully) a good one, a I HIGHLY recommend NOT doing E. (If you don't know, E is MDMA + Filler. Common fillers are meth, cocaine, adderall, whatever. That's why there are so many different types of E pills.) Anyways, I was told that what I was given was laced with adderall (super-ritalin), but I find out after taking it it was cut with meth, so word from the wise, don't buy the stuff. Don't trust whatever anybody says to you about E. It's almost a guarantee they're lying to you. It's been cut with whatever is cheapest of the options within their reach, pretty scary stuff. Anyhow looking over this post, all I can say is 'whew, Mathias and I have been through a lot together.' His favorites were MDMA and Xanax, he is okay with marijuana but prefers to stay away from anything with a speeder quality. It can make him anxious. P.S. - Try digital drugs. There's a thread in 'Research' about it, perhaps you'll find something interesting there.
  20. Greetings all. I just wanted to share some forcing methods and just coin a few ideas that could be potentially helpful to anyone planning a tulpa. The methods enclosed might also give those who already have a tulpa something new to try. :) As mentioned in the guide, there are unlimited ways to accomplish what you want to do. Try different things, read MANY guides, and form your own technique and opinions. This is simply a condensed version of my approach to creation. Do what feels right and works for you. You can access the guide here. (PDF format) Introduction Important Vocabulary What is a tulpa? What a tulpa is not. Complexities of the Host/Tulpa relationship Part 1 – Beginning The Importance of Proper Planning The Dangers of Doubt Importance of Bond To wonderland, or not to wonderland? Part 2 – Introduction to Different Tools Creative Outlets Meditation Self Hypnosis Part 3 – Tips and Exercises To Plan a Beneficial Personality Basic Hypnosis Scripts Wonderland Settings via Hypnosis Letters to Your Tulpa Would like to thank Linkzelda for his hypnosis guides. It is through these guides that I had discovered how helpful and effective hypnosis is in forcing. So, thank you!
  21. I must say that I agree with the stricter approach. Let's be honest here, we want to be taken seriously, and that's not going to happen when most newcomers don't care to do any reading and just want 'oh cool I can have an imaginary friend that has it's own mind tell me how'. I do think it would be in the best interest of the community to keep this to a minimum. What I THINK would be a good balance of strictness/friendliness, would be to have those posts deleted, and a PM sent to the person who posted. It can even be copy/pasted as something along the lines of: "We welcome you to the community and it's great that you're interested in creating a tulpa. However, as 'for science!' is our phrase, we need to ensure that new members are able to at least educate themselves and take the process somewhat seriously as to keep the forums as helpful and organized as possible. After reading through the Guides if you find some of your questions are still unanswered, you are more than welcome to start a thread and members will be willing to help you. Have a great day, and good luck!" Of course not exactly that, but you know what I mean. I'd approach newbies with something like that, and warn everyone (and delete threads) that's been here for a while (which that doesn't really happen as far as I've seen). If we approach newcomers with a 'we want to help you but we don't have time for lazy bullshit' attitude, these threads would happen less and less. Oh, in that PM, explain the search. Not everyone knows how forum searches work. Also, there's no reason that the forums can't be monitored more closely. I'm not blaming anyone, I know everyone has their own life. But these forums aren't exactly the busiest. There's usually a handful of new threads posted daily at best. Perhaps new threads can be peeped at daily, I'm sure that would help.
  22. Are you still attempting to create one through storywriting? :3
  23. Now we need accounts of tulpa coming out and confessing their hosts aren't real.
  24. One tulpa = tulpa two tulpa = two tulpa all the tulpa = all tulpa I used tulpae when I saw others using it here because I literally had no idea. I was just kind of like 'huh'. Then I was put into my place in the irc. i good grl now k? only sai 'tulpa'. I think the most I'd slip now is 'tulpas'.