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    Hello my name is Trent "and I'm Summer :D" [I'm Vinyl] {Do I have to do this?...*sigh* fine I am shadow} C/ I am Celestia :)
    I'm an Aussie host (Started 2nd June 2013) and have some mlp based pony Tulpa, we all started when I was feeling down (due to my ongoing depression) and I reached out to a friend and he told me about his own tulpa, I soon asked if he would help me create my own, I am not too far into it yet but it is getting better and better.

    "Hehe my turn :3, Hello my name is Summer (Full Name: Summer Breeze) and I'm just over 14 months old. My wife's name is Tammy"

    [Hey, names Vinyl Scratch, was told to say something here so...Hi? I'm a Male Vinyl, I have Red eyes, I stand at 5ft tall and I love Butts, so yeah, ciao]

    {Um....well hi, I am stated above, I like stars, bourbon and uh, yeah}

    C/ Hello, my name is Celestia, I am vaguely based off of the My Little Pony Princess, Princess Celestia, I'd prefer to not be treated like royalty, I like making dresses, spending time with my marefriend and just enjoying life.
  1. Wow ok I forgot about this place, so I'll do a bit of catch up. Summer is doing well, the second tulpa, Vinyl is sentient along with two others, Shadow and Celestia. Yes her name is Shadow, she started off as the advanced servitor as stated above but became a tulpa all by herself, though started off as male, and changed to female about 2 months ago. Celestia is relatively new, around june ish I believe she became sentient and she's made a lot of progress, I still have to learn possession and switching etc though it isn't a priority for me as I would rather I be the one in control of my body. As for other progress, it is extremely rare that I work on any of my tulpa which is a shame but all 5 of us are completely fine with where we are right now and we have no expectations
  2. I started getting back into forcing a little with Summer last night and after about 10 minutes I felt sick in the stomach and I'm not sure why, I didn't push myself because I have been told it could end badly
  3. I chose Summer Breeze, because I was told when first making her, choose something that makes me comfortable and a nice Summer Breeze really calms me down :)
  4. So I'll start with last night. I was just about to start on my second Tulpa when I stumbled across a presence of sorts, my initial reaction was that I had an unintentional Tulpa and proceeded to find out more on it, I eventually figured out that it was just an advanced Servitor and it was in charge of making the forms of whatever I am interacting with, it named itself 'Shadow' which I would think is a fitting name for it. So after that I let shadow do what it does and started on my second Tulpa, got some weirder head pressures and I think my first forcing session went well, even if it was just 10 minutes :)
  5. Uh hello, I'm Trent, and this here is Summer "Hey :3" just saying hello to this community :) Thanks.