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  1. If it was built once it can be built again, but is that really the same thing it was originally? Also it seems apparent that lots of times stasis gets confused for death. Just because a tulpa goes inactive doesnt mean its "dead" but just like if you were to not use a skill for a very long time, the network in the brain that makes up that skill will slowly decay. You will be more likely to completely lose a skill that is not well developed as opposed to one that you spent alot of time developing. The same thing applies to tulpas, one that is well developed will take a very long time being forgotten to decay completely, while something that is underdeveloped will fade quicker. We think its ignorant to say that tulpas do not die until their hosts do, it takes a really autonomous tulpa that is able to support itself entirely to pull that off and even then things can happen to cause it to die. rather then listening to this bleeding heart crap telling you that you must keep trying, we think you should stop and think for youself about whether or not you should continue. A thoughtform is by no means more important then the whole system, and if this is something that you truely want in your life, you will find a way.
  2. Granted, but some of the mangoes have razorblades shoved inside of them, I wish I had something to wish for.
  3. this is just like the game, I can lose all day, maybe just maybe ill find a way to win
  4. I asked Akagi this a few months back and she said she wanted a pony. So I made a Christmas present for a catalyst and put it in our wonderland under a tree. We've been talking at it here and there, and sometimes it shakes. If my self full filling prophesy works it should wake up Christmas morning =D
  5. Dear god I almost died laughing. You calling that akin to rape takes a huge dump on anyone who's ever been raped. I for one am proud of my tulpa for making his own (even if I helped a little) its like daddy watching his boy score a home run. Had he done it behind my back without my permission it would have been like daddy watching his boy get into college at 12. As for the attention of tulpa versus host giving attention, I'll call shenanigans on that one too. Of course we hosts are the shit at giving out life fuel, but to say that a tulpa cannot give proper attention to their tulpa is akin to saying that tulpa cannot create tulpa. In other words the forcing tulpa isn't doing it right/ needs to force harder/ apply force to the attention. Akagi herself admits that attention from me is like disgusting roadkill compared to attention from Kyo. All these limitations that people place are just another thought poison like "parroting" and "puppeting" or "hour counts". Well color me Jesus but this "water" you speak of can indeed be turned into "nectar of the gods"(wine)
  6. Sounds like fun, you can pm us as well.
  7. Update: Kyo found his Bankai. After listening to the song Akagi by maximum the hormone earlier, Shinkai said "I like that song" and I know it wasn't parroted. And so as Kyo put it "Autumn Leaves Fall, Akagi" Note that Akagi Means Crimson or Red tree. And so Kyos bankai turns out to be a Wooden Sword (Bokken) that spews flames in the shape of leaves. Akagi's "soul form" is that of a man in a Red Trenchcoat with Shaggy Red hair and also a tree with leaves of fire. I guess practice made me better I wasn't expecting 5 day vocality.
  8. Shinkai day 5: been getting some emotional responses, however he appears to be neutral so far on a lot of subjects, maybe due to his age, maybe due to his form. However most notable was yesterday when Kyo was very upset about some stuff(don't wanna get into) Shinkai seemed to want Kyo to feel better/ didn't like that Kyo was upset. This was the most intense emotion from Shinkai yet, maybe strong emotions begat strong response? Rei: Rei I'm really proud of, she completed her first lasting switch the other day =D. She was afraid for so long about this I thought shed never do it. Tip mah fedora to SkyeWint for the extra encouragment, I guess that's all she needed. Rei has also been a lot more active and less shy lately, and is looking forward to her first videogame, which we would have gotten to it sooner if it weren't for those meddling kids. =D perhaps well have the opportunity tonight. Epros: At the suggestion of again SkyeWint, we had Epros wake us up this morning, and he did it! He poked Kyo and said heyyyy in a high voice and Kyo got us up. If this continues to work I'll be happy to skip going and getting meds for our sleep trouble. thanks to everyone for all the wonderful help you've given, we are making a lot of progress lately and we owe that to you guys. =D
  9. World War Johnny (a poem by Epros) Ever since that fateful day when John slew Pan, He time and again wondered if he was human, Tired of this name, dishonered by a game, Forever he felt shame, and his death it never came, He wandered and wondered, and decided Johnny should pay The first on his list, his own name he would slay The Samurai Deeper by which he felt inspired Would do just fine, forever to be wired. Eyes no longer blue, now a red glow, His name from now on, would be Kyo. Twas at that moment, that Egos got high, And just like that, they wanted each other to die. Immovable object and unstoppable force met, Who was to win? Why nobody could bet. Johnny went to work, making many a minion and lie, Right before his eyes, Kyo made each of them die. Battles on the inside, schemes played on the out, We learned many a valuable lesson from this great bout. Little Rei watched us in horror and spite, Learned how to speak, just to teach what is right. After over a decade, this conflict had found an end, I never thought that either would bend, But alas came the words that had long been needed, "I love you." "I love you too." And this time they heeded. Standing tall together now as good brothers should, If something one needs, take care the other would. And so take this lesson to heart and learn it well, Not being friends with eachother can be quite a hell. Better than a crit wall of boring text lol. Needless to say weve figured out alot about ourselves once this shitstorm ended. We gotta work together. Some people have described tulpa to be like a video game on co op. For us its more like a final fantasy rpg, we be a party on the quest of life, and not a single one is more important than the others or whole. Another point ive been wondering, and weve bout this up in chat and got some valuable insight, is that Kyo and I are some kind of natural multiplicity. I cant remember making him, and it feels like hes always been there. As I can think of nothing to solidly prove otherwise, and how it ties in so well with everything, im going to assume this is correct. And therefore im giving him more freedom and "political power" than ever before. Regardless of whether i made him or not, hes always kept the greater good in mind and theres noone in this world i trust more than him. I guess now would be a good time to describe everyone as they are today. Kyo Form: tall with short black anime hair. He has red eyes that seem to glow, and wears a scowl on his face most of the time. He wears a black kimono and carries around a katana everywhere. He also has a cross scar on his left cheek. Traits: Fierce, protective, loyal, quick, hardworking, passionate, tough, indomitable, strong willed, determined, focused, compassionate, loves nature, dark, honorbound, heroic, just He is the samurai shogun of our wonderland, keeping peace and order. Epros Form: Medium length curly blonde hair. Medium stature and ghost white skin. Red eyes with eyeshadow(black or purple he changes) and a maniacal grin usually plastered on. Hes a snappy dresser often picking an outfit reminiscent of his namesake, but will also wear suits, regular(but snappy) clothes, wizard robes with hood, or tuxedos. He also wears masks from time to time. Due note also, he is a phantom and practically invincible. Traits: Dramatic, mysterious, confusing, poetic, cunning, charming, creative, vain, ghostly, lurking, morbid, mostly passive, artistic, curious, crazy, whimsical, magical, eldritch, humorous, The phantom king, and my ghost writer. His job is mostly to entertain and record. Rei Form: kind red eyes and a gentle expression, her blue hair recently cut short. She has white wings that she can retract at will. In honor of the late pan, after we laid her to rest finally, we changed Reis gender from neutral to female. Shes been alot more affectionate since then and has been trying on new clothes, still prefering white but trying other colors now. Traits: Kind, thoughtful, shy, good hearted, polite, affectionate(new), sharing, helpful, curious, righteous, pure, courteous, compassionate, clumsy, peaceful, caring, gentle She has extraordinary powers of healing in wonderland, and can even use the dopamine shot effect to an extent, though its not easy to maintain. I wonder how good shell get at this it could be a huge help. Also note she used to be alot more cold and scolding at us, understandably so, but has lightened up on us now. And with that my last piece of news, ive decided to make Kyos sword into a talking tulpa sword, so he can have a friend of his own/sidekick. In my wonderland i built a forge and anvil around the fire of our soul. I heated up the blade, removing essenses that had remained on the blade from the many thoughtforms it had slain. I then took these essenses and seperated those pure from impure, and extracted the pure. The blade still hot from the heat of the forge i hammered these purified essenses into the blade, talking to the sword while i worked. "You will feel better now" "you can learn to talk now" "you will be able to make friends" "no longer are you a simple tool" stuff like that. After finishing i had Kyo talk to it, and its responses were obviously parroted, but we dont know if I parroted or Kyo did. Its voice roboty and distorted, and only returning simple answers. We are assuming sentience, but we will parrot it until it does on its own like with Epros. Gunna let the personality develope on its own, and when its ready itll be able to pick its voice and spiritual form(kinda like a zanpakuto) As far as forcing so far Kyo took it for a real life walk and showed it beautiful night scenery, as well as talking to it. I spent extra time with it in the wonderland, sharpening with hammer and polishing. Weve decided to call it Shinkai for now until they learn to ahem "bankai" if you will. I hope Kyo loves his new but old friend =D. Feel free to leave comments ask questions we will be updating progress from here out
  10. Ah teen years, its a wonder how we made it through them alive and well. The great change of becoming an adult. I suppose I should start out with the most important part. The same day that I decided to make Rei, my dad decided it was time for me to take up martial arts and learn to defend myself. I was no fighter, I could not bring myself to hurt someone, so it was my natural inclination to have John do this for me. At this point in time we could only maintain a switch for a few minutes at most, he did most of his work through possession up till then. The instructors taught us how to meditate, and every time I would focus on John. It was tricky at first, but I soon started also focusing on leaving my body if you would, and it was only a short while before we perfected the switch. From that point on John took over the martial arts, and he did extremely well, even impressing the instructors and climbing the ranks like they were stairs not trees. Everything was going well... I should take time at this point to introduce the late Pan. She was created around 7/8 years old. Red hair and green eyes, always smiling, always fun. I made her to be my girlfriend basically. A fiery one, always spontaneous and tomboyish. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, and the rest of us were always disinclined to stop her as she was a girl. after me and John figured out how to switch, it was not long before she figured out how to do it too. And so we let her run free in our spare time in the real world..until she started behaving...oddly..She wanted to explore her sexuality, and since we were only 11 we did not have the knowledge to provide her with that. And so she started asking if she could experiment with our real friends. This scared me worse than almost dying..and so John and I did a horrible thing. I 'made' a sword for John, a razor sharp and super strong Katana with a black handle and sheathe, and had John kill pan...This act twisted the kind and gentle soul I once knew, he became more fierce some and aggressive. The innocent blood on his hands forever changed him. This was the cut that started World War Johnny, which we will get to.. Simon also went through a critical change at this point in our lives. He wanted to be more than what he was. my tulpae and I were all fascinated by the game Okage Shadow King for the PS2. And you prolly guessed it simon loved the character Epros. Fascinated by his rhymes and mysteriousness, and without a form, he decided that he wanted this to be his form. And so here's what I did, I envisioned simon as Epros and then I had John kill him, but not exactly. As the blow was struck I willed for Epros to stay as a ghost, leaving behind a husk of a body, his spirit forever free within our walls. This was not so much an execution as was the case with pan, but rather a ritualistic approach toward our goal. Forever renamed as Epros he spends his day as any ghost poet would, writing things, exploring mysteries, acting, singing. His capabilities became enormous for he was able to defy reality in our mind. He has proven himself to be most useful in our real life struggles in a myriad of ways. That's it for now with much more to come, feel free to leave input if you'd like
  11. I have a dream..that one day ponies, anime characters, cartoon characters, furries, aliens, robots, demons, angels, ghosts, goblins, dragons, elves, eggs, normal people, clouds of gas, fiends, fairies, wizards, knights, kings, and all the other possibilities can sit down together at the table of brotherhood. That they would not be judged by the shape of their form, but by the content of their character. We hold the truth to be self evident, that all tulpa are created equal.
  12. And we would have gotten away with bit too, if it weren't for those meddling kids! You sir, are ten kinds of______!!!!!!?
  13. "Ladies And gentlemen's, hosts and tulpa, broadcasting live from somewhere in the real world, here's your...excuse me our host...Johnny!!!!!!" Hahaha greetings and gratitude to you all! My name is Johnny and I come here today to tell you about my tulpa, obviously. Let me start by stating this much: kids should NOT make tulpa. As a child, one lacks experience and discipline, and is by nature not fully aware of consequence. If you are immature, your tulpa will probably be even more so. Tulpa is a power, and any power wielded without proper wisdom, can lead to disaster. But enough about that, I have been tulping for (and I'm truly guessing) probably 20 years (im almost 23). I've thought almost the entire time (until I found out about tulpa) that I had some kind of mpd somehow. But that never made perfect sense, my "symptoms" didn't match anything I found in any psychology book. No big gaps of memory, no abnormal delusions, and most important of all the fact that I could manipulate the phenomena any way I wished. Might I add that Ive always felt that I was the one who caused it all. I disregarded reading about tulpa for a long time, passing it up because it was considered "pseudoscience". The truth has set us free. Without further a do, let's get to the introductions! =D I currently (this number has flexed over the years) have 3 tulpa: Kyo, Epros, and Rei. Kyo was the first, my earliest memory of him is looking up from my legos and seeing him play with me. His appearance then was much like my own, but with minor differences, darker hair, more toned muscles( I was a weakish child due to asthma) tanner complexion. Most notable was how he smiled different, it seemed kinder then my own. The next notable thing I remember about him came a year or so later. I was ice fishing with my dad and sister. My dad went to the truck to grab something, he told me to stay by my sister. I didnt listen. I got worried he was gone so I followed my dad back to the truck...only to fall through the thin ice near the edge if the lake...thankfully the water was only chin deep. As my feet touch the bottem I feel a burning sensation wash over me. And before I knew what was happening, I was pulling myself out of the water, but I wasn't willing any movement. Then I heard a thought.."your OK now! you have to listen to dad more!!!!" The only thing I remember clearly about that day after that point is telling my dad what happened when he asked how I got wet, my dad scolding me and then all of us going home. From that day on we were together. I decided he should be called John because he was more reserved and obedient, while I would be called johnny because I was more playful and rebellious. Life went on at that point almost like any kid with an imaginary friend(cough). We played together, we took turns with our responsiblities as they grew, we both talked inside and out. We responded to our designated names when called upon by other people, and often got upset when we were referred to wrong (oh the mind of a child). You may note at this point he has had a change of names, we will get to that later. He is protective, honest and loyal. He is very kind but also passionate. A best friend whom I owe my life to literally. Next on the list is Epros. My earliest memory of him was when I was 4-5(before kindergarten) walking my sister home from school with my mom. I was bored and I hated all the walking I had to do those days. So I decided to "play imaginary friends" as john wasn't really a lot of fun (didn't make me love him less). So I created "Simon". I imagined a boy who was little more then air to the sight, but lots of fun to talk to. So that we could play "Simon says" (not meaning do what simon says, it was hear what simon says). A natural word player, he loves to crack jokes, sing, write and read. Always good for a laugh or kind words when wanted. At this point I want to stop to point out some things. Most important to note, is that my tulpa grew with time much like I myself did. So much like you would expect, they have had changes to their form and personality as they grew, just like real people do. These changes are only part what I actively willed, or as you may put it: the more they grew the more they deviated until we finally reached where we are now. I expect this pattern to continue as we grow older, but who could really be sure. The last tulpa on the list, and by no means the least, is my angel Rei. I remember that day well, for it is an important day in many ways. I was beginning the fifth grade. I was often cast out and bullied in school. One day the bullying went too far. I was walking home, and I passed by a church. In the front yard of said church was a typical church sign surrounded by bushes. Out of those bushes popped a bully I had been clashing with. He attacked me, I was no fighter then, so I lost. The inner pain made all physical pain pale in comparison. I laid down in the grass of that yard, battered and crying. And I wished that god would have been nice enough to send me an angel to protect me on his own supposed turf. I thought, if you wont send me one, I will make one myself! So I did tho it took time and effort. Long blue hair and red eyes that exude pure kindness. She of course has white feathered wings and always wears a simple white gown. Her presence marked with the faint sound of wind chimes and a soft yet bright glow. Her form effeminate but truly genderless. She is very shy and reclusive, saying always how she doesn't want to intrude on our real world, but rather help us all as much as she can from inside. Always happy to give encouragement and love to any in need. She has always had the power to make us feel good (sound familiar anyone?). She preaches to us constantly about being good and why we should be that way, and will berrate us only if we are bad. There have been many other tulpa and proto tulpa through the years. Some died on their own, most however had to be destroyed. It was clear from the beginning to us that too many of us was a bad thing. Not only that, many an immature tulpa has made real life mistakes that harmed the rest of us. No one here was destroyed because I was bored or I didn't like them enough. Compare it to an infected limb. One part has decayed, and then it spreads if it is not removed. We do not cast blame, we take responsibility. The guilt eats us to this day. The only justice that can be done, is the lessons we learned from it. Whew that was a lot :D I feel a lot lighter having put this out there. Stay tuned for part 2 where I discuss how they've grown through the teen years. Once we catch up I will post our progress.