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  1. If you can cope with my accent/idiocy and Raz's incompetence then we are more than willing to chat.
  2. You don't know how much I laughed at that comment. Anyway if everyone on the internet thought in that manner they wouldn't have even bothered to set up the poll at the top of your screen. I thought I was on 'tulpa.info' a site where we are slightly more professional about our identity not 'Youtube'
  3. I am hetero Lad and Raziel tell's me that he is the same so I can only assume that that will bring conflict.
  4. I am a lad and Raziel is a lad as far as either of of us know.
  5. You my good sir have given me hope for humanity. Your mad for posting this but still you gave me hope. We are both taking the pledge.(Why do I feel like I am in a cult now ?.)
  6. Similar happened to Raz in earlier creation when he was unable to speak fluently.I am not sure what caused it or if I even had part in it but Raz recovered in a few days after me pestering him with the ''Are you still tired ?'' question every five minutes.(not recommended).
  7. A Mixture of curiosity (curiost?) and mental illness because I am certainly not lonely.
  8. You do get used to relaying what they say when (eventually) and it is extremely awkward with your mates especially at first.They don't all take you seriously at first sure I remember that my brothers first response to me even telling him about the phenomenon was ''b*******''.
  9. Sort of...I have a stuffed Irish blood hound in the hall. The next person is spend's a lot of time locked in the broom cupboard
  10. Doubt you should be worried mate if anything I would be concerned that it's a false movement its similar to when your getting sign's of sentience your looking so hard for something to happen that you actually do it yourself and it's really you unintentionally moving your entire upper body rather than your tulpa. If your able to ask Augustus if he did it because that's the only way to be sure. If it is your tulpa I feel like saying ''You lucky lucky ********'' but really you should be proud. If not.I did that a lot with Raz at first.So I assume that most people have done this before.
  11. It's Raziel with a creepy grin. Why did I do this again ?
  12. I have no clue how to describe Raz he picked the form and I have no clue what the hell it is.At first he was a albino human for a while but he informed me that it looked terrible now he is a.....black....thing....with two sets of eyes...and is quite creepy and cute at the same time.....I think I'll leave someone else can put a label on what he look's like.All I know right now is he's humanoid.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/OS7a6dg.jpg Well van gogh and Michelangelo probably rocking in their grave's upon this post but this is what me and Raziel look like in the wonderland after decorating it for Halloween [Warning]I will not be held responsible for vomiting/diarrhea/Epileptic fit's/eye hemorrhages/death/night terrors induced by the crudeness of this photo I have never done art lesson's due to my hand shaking all over the place during it which led to me using the rubber more than the pencil.That and my mate's that do have art lesson's refused to draw anything for me.
  14. Same here and I think it would have been better if I didn't tell them.
  15. I had it since birth mate and my father,my uncle and my grandfather all have it and we even have a Halloween story behind why our family has it (We were in the paper once I would love to give away my family name but you know the creeps out there).So its genetic.
  16. Before you say it yes I have a essential tremor.It is a tremor in my hand's that never goes no matter how scared/nervous/angry/relaxed that I have genetically passed down from my father since birth it has lead to a lot of trouble's from handwriting to even people thinking I was autistic. If anyone has no clue what this is basically in the hospital (which cost 300 quid to find out) I was in told I had something wrong with the thalamus in the brain which causes involuntary movement's in my hand/legs because of this (that and it pisses me off). Now when I was working with Raziel on possessi
  17. Well I better not stay on this forum then.
  18. Well that knowledge removes half the post's on this thread. Edit:Actually I wouldn't mind if that creepy vid was removed it disturb's me mentally but it does have some degree of a link mate (intentional or not)if you watch the video.
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