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  1. Has any of your tulpas developed in a way you never anticipated or planned for? For example, asserting their own will, getting more involved in your daily activities, their form has changed on its own,etc. I only ask cause...I'm pretty sure my tulpa is not who I once planned for her to be..I'm not upset, infact I'm actually happy...but..she started out as a Pokémon..but now..she's a Shapeshifter..or maybe she was always one and I didn't notice until now.. I don't know..what about you guys? You have any stories to share?
  2. It's been over two weeks since my last update and to say things have been interesting would be an understatement. I've been working more and more on Melody and she seems to be steadily getting stronger. It's not that easy to find time though, especially considering I'm trying to do well in my studies. As you already know, I've been more motivated to do school work, which is a far cry from before since I sometimes waited till last minute to do it. I've also been getting more flashes of Melody's form in the real world. Also, the other week I had my first tulpa-related dream..I can only recall bits and pieces but Melody was definitely in it. But perhaps the biggest event is what occurred the other night: I was sleeping peacefully in my bed when, and I'm not joking here, I felt..something..nudging me in the side, it was enough to make me scoot over. Maybe it was more sleep paralysis but I was napping too well..and it felt too real..could it have been my Meloetta friend scooting me over to make more room? I would really appreciate your input on this matter guys.
  3. So far, progress on my Tulpa, who has become a Meloetta I've named Melody, is going quite well. Now, before you go and jump down my throat of basing my Tulpa off a preexisting character, I AM trying to do things that set her apart from others, make her one of a kind if you will. One of the biggest things I've done is give her different Elemental Forms she can use like Fire, Water, Electric, and Wind. I'm up to the point where I'm assigning aspects of personality to her..I'm also trying to visualize her in the real world and..I think it's gradually working. No really, the more time I spend visualizing, the more power she gains..I know this may sound crazy but..I've been noticing glimpses of something in the corner of my eye the past week or two, and the more work I do..the more times I see them. Also, this is just me but..I think she's been helping me in some ways, such as helping me stay focused on my studies for college, or giving me this "feeling" when I think of something, as if saying "don't do it, it's not worth it." Like, the other week, I thought of going to the bookstore to buy a bag of chips and automatically, I got this weird feeling in my head that "it wasn't worth it", sure enough, when I got there, a line-up a mile long was there. Needless to say, I didn't go. I haven't actually heard her speaking yet but I'm gradually getting there. So, what you guys think? Do you think I'm making good progress?
  4. Say,um, any of you guys know if there's a Chatroom around here? Or a Shoutbox or anything?
  5. I was lying down to go to sleep when I..I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure if this was just my mind playing tricks on me or what.. But..I swear this is true, I felt someone..or something prodding around on my chest while I was covered by blankets. It felt like what a pet might do when they're trying to get comfortable on you.. Maybe it was just my head but..when I opened my eyes, there was nothing there, except the sensation persisted a while longer. Infact, when I tried to turn over, it was actually was raining on and off but I doubt that's the problem.. I've been working on my Tulpa for quite some time and I'm starting to this a sign my work is starting to pay off? What you guys think it was? Have any of you had similar events happen to you? Cause I'm a little weirded out here...
  6. Just as the question says. I know Tulpa are mainly made for the reason of giving their creator a companion, or so I'm told. But I'd like to hear from you guys. What are some of the ways things are better since you made your Tulpa?
  7. This thread is for my ongoing project of creating a Tulpa of my very own. I came upon the idea of Tulpa from, of all things, Creepypasta...yeah, I have strange hobbies. This will be something of a journal detailing my efforts, and I hope you'll be along for the ride. I can't promise I'll update everyday especially seeing as I restart University in a couple days but I'll do what I can. Here are the references I have so far for my Tulpa: So..yeah..Pokémon themed so far..I'll have my first entry up shortly. Entry Number One: Have been working on my Tulpa for a nice little while. I'm still getting use to all this but I seem to be making good progress so far. One big thing I tried this evening was stimulating with music and imagery while visualizing her form. I saw one guide say you should try visualizing your Tulpa in a way that they're in the room with you but you're not looking at them so I'm trying that technique. ..Something tells me I'm gonna be trying a number of techniques during this little "diary" thing. I don't know why but sometimes I feel a sudden surge of emotion from nowhere. Anyways, it's getting late so I best turn in, if any of you guys got some pointers or hints how I should better myself at this, let me know. I think I may need the advice at some point. Good night for now.
  8. Ok, new question for you guys. I'm working on my Tulpa,slowly but surely getting the framework out, but I do have one question: I know that the strength of a Tulpa depends on how much work you put into them..but how strong can a Tulpa really become? Cause I've seen a few folks in some sites saying their Tulpa is strong enough to be seen by other people. So yeah, again, just How strong can a Tulpa become you think? Any of you got stories you like to share, that be great as well.
  9. Say um, I got a question about Tulpa. I began working on my own a couple days ago and..I'm not sure why but..I think I've been sleeping alot better than I usually do. I'm not sure if it's an effect from the jobs I do around my house..or if it's from my efforts in creating a tulpa. Perhaps you guys can help me explain this? Or have any of you had some positive effects since you yourself started working on a tulpa?
  10. Hello everyone. I'm GamerXZ? Been hanging around for a couple days and felt it was about time I joined up. I found out about Tulpas a couple months ago and the idea intrigued me especially the idea of having a companion to help me in life. I've been thinking of making one myself and if ya guys want to chat, I'll be around.