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  1. This sounds like an excellent way to force. I will definitely be trying it out. Sounds like fun aswell.
  2. I did exactly that. I think it is the best way to start. Flora, my tulpa, says that it really helped her achieve sentience faster.
  3. It isn't age that is important. Its the maturity. Typically, a 15 yold brain is not developed enough. But everyone matures at a different rate. Its up to you to determine if you are ready or not.
  4. I like this. But as previously stated, some people do it out of order. Perhaps it could be modified so that each thing is worth "points" and you add them up to total your power level. Thus eliminating the order.
  5. That sounds like me. I have a good streak, then I just slow down, and force every once and a while. Flora always gets mad at me when I dont force though. So that actually motivates me quite a bit.
  6. Oh. I thought that the dates were just you updating what youve been doing. I didnt realize you did it everytime you forced. My bad
  7. Im not sure what happened, but stay strong man. Things will get better. Especially once your tulpa can speak ^_^ Great job on your progress. You are a lot better than I am at doing it frequently. We do almost all passive because of my idiocy. Hopefully I will change that soon. Say hi to your tulpa for me. Ill be watching this report. O_o *fades into the shadows* [i have such a weird host T_T] Yeah... yeah you do. :3
  8. Nope They can have as many as you want. You will most likely have to force them all if you want them each imposed. They dont even have to have a form to start with personality. Feel free to start that whenever you want.
  9. Try xchat like dreamy said. I used to run XP a few years ago. xchat worked on that perfectly. Here is the download page. http://www.silverex.org/download/
  10. There is no limit to age. It all completely depends on your maturity. Still there isn't an official set limit, but as the majority of the people here are saying, you are creating another life. Make sure you are mature enough to handle that. Seriously spend time to make the decision if you are ready or not. Do not make one on impulse. That will hurt both you, and the tulpa you are creating.