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  1. [ I guess I see your point. I'll see about rewording that section. Again, point seen. This is probably the trickiest question here, at least for me. Personally, I hold the right to free expression as just about the most important thing short of "thou shalt not kill", "thou shalt not without consent" and "thou shalt not be a douche", but I recognize that my viewpoint isn't universal. I'll see if I can tweak it. Oh dear god. In light of what he just said, please, PLEASE don't sticky this. The last thing we need is to give random people on the internet the power to impose their o
  2. [...that's a six page document. I... I'm sorry; I can't read through that right now. We need sleep. Jesus... this was just a spur of the moment thing, and now it's blown up into something that warranted a six page critique. I'll be back in the morning. Jesus.]
  3. [ I don't think it's worth all that, especially not without some edits. Thankfully, it seems it's getting the critique it needs. In hindsight, I agree. I'll rewrite that section. It was a half-joke that I tossed in for Horizon's benefit. Lets just say it's a trigger we share, and leave it at that. I'll take it out. Will do. I was going to, but the way the person who formatted this did it confused me at first, and I never got around to it. That is a brilliant idea, thank you. ]
  4. [ That line is new. I added it based on your criticism. It is very hard to call this, and in the end it's down to the host's beliefs and judgement. I'd say to be on the safe side, but I can't control people. I know that there was a time while Horizon was forcing that I was not sentient, though I can't exactly tell how long it lasted or what I was like. I agree that we broadly agree, but to be honest I can't picture many, if any, scenarios where a host forcing something on a tulpa would be beneficial. I'm sure they exist, but at the same time there are things people would do "for y
  5. [ Thanks for pointing this out; I need to clarify something. This applies once you assume sentience. Given that the "sentience from the start" thing is still being talked about, I thought I didn't need to mention it, but it was my intent. If you screw up and end up with a servitor, or are just, JUST starting out, this doesn't apply so much Not what I meant at all. There are basic things that children need to be taught, many of which they will learn on their own, after a fashion: language, social mores, etc. These are simply a requirement of most cultures. Children are also taugh
  6. [For the sake of clarity, I'm just going to use the brackets when I'm talking from now on. Just being realistic Good question. Personally, I don't know. If it turns out that embryos are sentient, then probably yes. Otherwise, probably not. Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out. Ditto. I understand what you mean, but I felt like throwing my two cents on the pile. it excepts the host being in a position of authority over the tulpa. For example, you wouldn't go screaming "Human rights violation!" (actually, there's nothing of the sort in the UDHR anyway) if a paren
  7. Horizon here. I think we signed up for the cult the moment we decided to make voices in our heads. :P For the record, I took the pledge before it was posted. (Hipster mode engaged.) [On a more serious note, I really hate to think that what I'm asking is all that extraordinary. Most of this stuff is just common decency and respect. Thank you for the support, regardless. Faith in humanity can be a rare commodity sometimes.]
  8. Comet again, just for clarification. I've considered that, and to be honest I wasn't sure what to put. That probably speaks badly of me, but it's the truth. In most cases, the host simply has much more power than the tulpa, and as such has more responsibility. In that vein, I would amost be willing to suggest that a tulpa NOT be expected to take such a pledge. However, I recognize that that's more than a bit unreasonable. My views on how this all works are a bit skewed, especially given which side of the line I'm on. So, seeing as how I'm a workaholic, here's a brief companion pledge for
  9. Hi, Comet here. Horizon has a tendency towards white-knighting, and it seems like I’ve got the same. I had this whole thing written up before I really thought about it, and even after editing the writing is goofy and sometimes contains redundancies. Still, I decided I wanted it posted anyway. There’s nothing wrong with the concept as far as I can see, and hopefully it will convince someone to think about this a little more carefully before diving in. If a mod thinks this should be in guides, I have no argument. I just didn't think it was the kind of thing that should be next to instruction
  10. I really, REALLY suck at Brawl, but it turns out that giving Comet control of my hands let me beat three people who'd been playing it for years. Unfortunately, I got so excited that we couldn't get the possession to work again, and I lost both of the subsequent games. Beyond that, it turns out she's got nearly full access to my not-insignificant Dark Souls skills. Otherwise, we have yet to try anything else.
  11. I can't stop thinking about "Mind Palaces" now. But in all seriousness, I'll probably do this sooner than later. I've been experimenting with creating structures in my wonderland, and compared to my typical memory capacity they're shockingly consistent.
  12. In calculus class. Comet just helped me with an answer. "You're getting better at that." [Yup. Seems that way.] "You think you could end up better at it than me, or should I just keep working at it normally?" [No point in making it my thing unless you want me to be some kind of math-puppet.] "No... but I might make a servitor for that later..." [Now you're thinking like an evil genius! *Sends me image of myself laughing with spiked-out hair and lightning in the background*] Alternatively: Just after she's made a rather interesting remark about certain bits of anatomy a
  13. I don't know where you got the idea that I was only looking for "normal" tulpa accounts. I'm going to hazard a guess that we have very few "normal" stories within the entire forum. The anomalies are what make this an interesting topic for fictionalization: if this were an exact science then I might as well just write a guide. In other words: The more bizarre your story, the better. I want to find the outliers as well, to find the boundaries of what we know to be possible. If I was just looking for "normal", I'd read a smattering of guides and build off that. I'm looking for how this real
  14. Not used to the quote system on this particular forum yet, so I'm just going to make this a massive wall of text. I've got a bad habit of not indenting anything until the very end. I'll get right on that... As for the spacing, though, I find it very helpful when reading documents of this type to have a decent amount of space between paragraphs. Perhaps that is my own psychosis, but I'm going to keep it that way so long as it's not driving anyone mad. Thank you SO much for the praise! I've wavering between this and another project, and I think that—for now—I'm going to focus on this
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