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    Hi, I'm Fluff. Thanks for stumbling upon my profile page :3 I'm a 19 year old girl, and I don't technically have what I would call a tulpa; instead I have my daemon Ares (Aressian, different than the god of war) which is similar to a tulpa, except his dog form symbolically represents my personality. I've been trying to apply some forcing techniques onto him as to make him more tangible and to help my visualize him.

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  1. So, it's been awhile since I last posted here. There's a reason for that. I more or less stopped doing the whole tulpa thing, though Nix is still present in my mindspace. She's kind of just an animal that chills out in there occasionally when I go to 'visit'. Ares is still present as he ever was as my daemon though, which is great. I'm thinking of well, reviving Nix. I mean she's still around, but not really. I don't think I'll go all the way this time, with all the tulpa forcing and whatnot. Meditating is just fine, and it's nice to have some headmates, but as far as substantial and entirely separate entities... I don't know about that. All the same, I really enjoy their company and I think I'll include them into my daily life a lot more from now on.
  2. Nix does this sort of thing, though she is an animal-thing to be fair XD She's about two months now, so it's similar in age as well. Sometimes I'll be patting her and she'll decide to attack my arm or jump at me from a tree (she's very arboreal, as it turns out). I don't think it means much, and she doesn't seem malicious when she's doing it. You could ask Yuki what her intentions are and you might get a better idea of why she's doing it.
  3. Guess who made some progress? (Hint: it's me) So, I think Nix said her first sentence today outside of deep meditation which is super exciting for me :3 Especially since I haven't forced hardly at all for the past two weeks... Anyway, I was in my headspace talking to her and Ares while she chilled out on a tree limb above me. I asked why she couldn't come down and do something other than be lazy, and I felt a surge of indignant reproachfulness, followed by "You know I can't!". I think she was referring to the fact that if she did, I would have been puppeting her. She then went back to sleep on her tree branch. She was quite the sass XD Also, she's far more arboreal (tree-dwelling) now than I originally made her, which is why she has a tree in her section of the tea house. Most of the time I find her either in a tree, sleeping, or in a tree sleeping. She hasn't deviated from her original design, though, just her behavior. So yay progress! Speech! Etc! I think I still need to be somewhat relaxed for her to reach me though, as I was taking a shower at the time and my mind was drifting anyway. It's hard for her to talk to me now, even when I prompt her to answer. Alright, that's all I have to report on as Ares is pretty much how he has been all along. I tried to get him to say something for this post, but he declined and went to 'sleep' so I won't bug him. Until next time :3
  4. So far, Nix has only sang random tidbits to me that don't make much sense. "I don't mind, I don't mind" was one of them and the other was something like "Oh, don't worry, don't worry about it." She doesn't seem to have a total grasp of language yet, so that might explain the weird singsongy repetitiveness. Like glitch said, I don't think tulpas really have much experience with speaking yet, so they come across as kind of weird in the beginning. Hell, one of the first things Ares said to me ages ago was "Gerard Butler". Nothing else. Just Gerard Butler. (Who I had to go home and google, because I couldn't remember who it was XD)
  5. You weren't kidding when you said you were halfway between daemon and tulpa philosophy. You created Daemon for the very same reasons I created Ares - to motivate myself to be a better (and less lazy) person. Which, according to him, is a full time job. Anyway, I fin myself agreeing with a lot of what you have to say, and I'll be interested in following your progress. I don't have much advice in the way of parallel processing, though. Ares and I are still working on it ourselves, and Nix is just coming into being. If anything I'll probably learn from your experiences XD As for the voice, I think practice is the only way to go. After I found a voice I liked, I constantly had to remind myself to project Ares with that voice. It took a few months for him to have a mindvoice that was consistently different than my own. Eventually the voice become integral to them. Except Nix, it seems, who has her own voice from the get-go O_o I don't pretend to know everything about these things, but I guess persistence would be my advice. Edit because auto correct XD
  6. Hey Squirx :D I'm glad to hear you took an interest in daemon philosophy. I also kind of feel like I'm caught somewhere between the two, so I tend to bounce back and forth between them :) I'd love to chat with you about your tulpa Daemon as well as my experience of creating a tulpa vs. a daemon (which has been *quite* different). ABout the forum itself, here's a list of general rules/ good to know info > http://daemonpage.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=40 and here is some more general info about things and stuff :P http://daemonpage.com/start.php. If you want to know any more, just ask and I'll see if I can answer or dig around the forum for you :3 I look forward to talking to you more Squirx :3 Now, down to business. I still haven't forced nearly as much as I think I should, but I've squeezed some time into my life just for Nix. Last night I meditated for abut 40 minutes and I'm fairly certain I got some kind of response from her... unfortunately, I was so far into a meditative state I almost fell asleep, and so I don't remember what she said ;_; I feel a lot more reassured that I got something concrete though, I really heard her voice as a separate entity. It seems she can only contact me in this almost asleep stage though, so I'll have to work on that. I've also noticed small movements in the headspace, such as a tail flick or her head tracking my movements. So, things are looking up for us :) I think drawing her on every willing surface has helped as well. People comment on her a lot too, which I think validates her presence to us both. Okay, that's all for now, as Ares is as stable and as snarky as ever :D Until later :P
  7. Oh, thanks for clearing that up Shui. The forum needs to get its life together :P It's having a mental breakdown every few days XD
  8. Ahh! Sorry Maverickthecat and Danta, I responded to this ages ago but it didn't post apparently. So, I personally discovered my (mostly) settled form of a spitz dog through a lot of soul searching, and with some help from the daemon forum and it's *extensive* analysis index > http://daemonpage.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15219 It's also really helpful if you post an RA (reverse analysis) to the forum and they can try and help you get on the right path. Just keep in mind they appreciate grammar *a lot*. So, that's my sagely advice for you; finding your settled form isn't some kind of epiphany, it's a lot of hard work, time and research. I recommend just skimming some of the analysis...es just to get some idea of where you might fall (avian, mammalian, reptilian etc) In other news, I have been SO BAD about forcing I can't even tell you -_- I haven't sat down and really forced for over a week, but I've been passively forcing consistently at least... Nix hasn't shown any signs of sentience or anything yet, but I keep talking to her and putting her in stories and whatnot. Ares, on the other hand, has been positively chatty for the past few days. Especially since my best friend went through a tough breakup. He's a lot better at emotional situations so I tried to take his advice which seemed to have worked out well. I've also been listening to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale (so good :O) and he's taken on the narrator Cecil Baldwin's voice for fun now and again > So, my new goals are to entirely focus on Nix for the next week to see if we can get anything out of her :3 Until then!
  9. It's been a couple days since I last updated, so I suppose it's time to let you guys know what's been going on inside my head :) I've done a little bit of forcing (probably around 1 1/2 - 2 hours active, who knows how much passive) and so far, Nix remains silent. I'm more or less sticking to the older ways of tulpa forming, though, so it isn't out of the ordinary. I *have* felt something, random emotional waves or some such thing, but they might be from either myself or Ares as well, so I won't get ahead of myself. I've also noticed a rise in headaches, but that might be from dehydration XD I've also been drawing Nix like all over the place. People are starting to ask why my math homework is covered in cat creatures XD On the bright side, I'm far m ore familliar with her anatomy. I hope to draw her skeleton at some point, just to really give her an extra level of realism. Even as I typed that, I think I felt something in the back of my head which makes me extremely happy :3 I almost feel like she wants to be here, which is something I tell her and Ares everyday. I can't wait until vocalization occurs! So yeah, not much to report, but I have a feeling I'm on the verge of some kind of breakthrough or something. I guess we'll have to fine out :D Oh oh edit :P Last night I did some forcing before I fell asleep, and I accidentally called Nix Vix (a combination of Nix and Vex, I still get them confused sometimes). I mentally said "I hope you don't mind (that I called you Vix)." I got this vague "I don't mind, I don't mind" in return, but it was singing, for sure. I often get weird mindvoice things that come to me just as I fall asleep, but I found it weird that it was related to what I just said to Nix, so who knows? I'm not convinced it was her, but just maybe :3
  10. Non-human tulpas ftw! They really are the way to go, in my opinion :) Thursday has a really original design, and I just love his quad form :O SI have so much love for fluffy animal creatures, you have no idea. I just want to hug him or something. He reminds me of Naga from the Legend of Korra in a way (definitely a good thing). Also, Alanna, I sort of just spent like an hour stalking you on deviantArt because I was so enamored by Domnopalus/your art in general. The horse/dragon/dinosaur thing he has going on totally works for him. I plan on reading SoK now too :3 Anyway, I would love it if you would draw Nix, my tulpa, or Ares, my daemon, or both, or whatever makes you happy. I'm really not picky, and I'm just thrilled if anyone takes the slightest interest in my head friends XD Here's a few refs of Nix : http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee376/Cheezitlord/IMG_2417.jpg and http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee376/Cheezitlord/0b4079ce-68a1-4f75-b676-c5fecd0a8bf8.jpg (not the highest quality picks, sorry) SHe no longer has those tendril whiskers seen in the second photo, however. Ares, my dog daemon: http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee376/Cheezitlord/IMG_0820.jpg more or less based on a samoyed. I've never actually requested anything in the way of art, but your style is pretty cool and it sort of reminds me of my own. If you want to draw them, have at it :D I hope to see you around :3
  11. So, I forced a bit last today (only about a half an hour, work/cooking/life in general wants to get in the way) and I think we made some visualization progress, on both Ares and Nix. Because Ares has been around so long, I already have a fairly consistent image of him, but I'm trying to nail down some specific details, and I'm trying to do a lot with expressions. I don't like to do anything cartoony, which means a lot of detail and a fairly anatomically correct dog structure I'm working with, which also means a lot of work XD It's worth it though, Ares is becoming more vivd to me, I've even tried the very first steps of imposition (though we haven't gotten anywhere). As for Nix, I'm still getting used to her (admittedly weird) anatomy. My brain seems to want to shorten her to a more cat-like shape, but I really want that dragon-esque feel to her. I tried visualizing her running to me from far away in a field, which seemed to help, even if I was obviously puppeting. I don't feel like it's detrimental if it's for the sake of visualization, anyway. I still haven't received any kind of emotional outbursts from her, but that doesn't surprise me still. I haven't spent that much time on her recently and I'm sure once I have a good chunk of my life dedicated to her, she'll come around :D One other little tidbit from my life; I ordered a pair of earrings the other day in the shape of Ares and ohmygaaawd are they cute X3 https://img1.etsystatic.com/017/0/6698276/il_570xN.499084289_eqbm.jpg I can't get over how absolutely perfect they are, I can't wait for them to get here! Ares likes them too, but he's too proud to go and squee all over the place, so I guess I'll have to do it for him. Until next time!
  12. I have already made my daemon Ares, who is a samoyed-like dog with a couple brown spots here and there. The most noticeable one is over his left eye, which are also brown. I'm also making a tulpa, however, and she's some kind of caracal/dragon hybrid : http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee376/Cheezitlord/IMG_2417.jpg. I chose 'other' and 'animal' because she's based of an animal but obviously she's just that. Her name is Nix, and she's just about a week old as I type this, so no signs of sentience yet. I have plenty of confidence in her though :3
  13. Why thank you for reading my report as well, it means so much to hear that from others on the community :3 I like to hear you're taking things slowly too, I think a lot of people more or less jump the gun and cut corners with these sorts of things, and it's well worth it to take your time. Also, don't worry about cliche forms, just make sure she develops fully and her personality will make her unique as any spectacular form ever could :D Personally, I feel more comfortable with animal forms which is why I went with them, but doing whatever makes the most sense to you is always the way to go. Good luck to you and Holly :3
  14. Hi bladewind, I was just curious if you have any idea of what your tulpa's form might become? Also, good luck throughout the whole process :D
  15. I don't have much to say in this post tonight, as I've been crazy busy with school and work and homewrok O_o Tulpas and daemons get put on the back burner a little in times like these. I just hope it won't bee too detrimental to Nix as she's so young. Oh, and that's another thing. We've more or less decided to stick with Nix, but I call her Vix or Nex a lot right now because I've gone back and forth so much... The bright side is, I won't be attached to one name or the other if she decides to choose one later on :) While I haven't worked directly on either Nix of Ares the past couple days much, I have spruced up the headspace a bit. Nix has a cushion in her room now, I felt terrible about her sitting on the hardwood flooring ;_; Actually, we all have cushions in our respective rooms, and a few other nicknacks and things to make it feel more like home. We even implemented a sort of yoga/dojo room which is nice. I've also been trying to stop all parroting with Ares. Because I created him a completely different sort of way (that more or less encourages parroting, which is fine for what he *was*) I'm having a hard time not controlling his actions, but I know there are moments of authenticity in there. To help this along, I 'muzzled' him more or less, and didn't allow him to speak (which he was okay with). This way, we used raw emotion to communicate rather than words which I'm more likely to make up, I think. So yeah, that's out progress. I haven't seen anything out of Nix yet, but I've been sending her nothing but encouragement and I've been narrating all the time, so I would guess we might get something in the next few months out of her. Until then :P