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  1. In my opinion it sounds like this man is a genius, why? Because hes taken the idea of tulpa, and put it in a way which people would not dismiss it as fast, and give it more thought, Example, "Heyy, did you know that u can make a super imaginary friend with its own sentience called a tulpa" "freak" Or "Did you know there are subselves within our mind that in part each govens our personality as a whole, and that you can learn to differentiate between them and so on so forth" GENIUS That guy is talking about tulpa without directly talking about tulpa, and putting it in a more u
  2. @ovan, dont worry mann, i dont know how long you been doing this but i have been doing it aslong as ashmo, and i am still absolutely S**T at visualization, it doesnt get me down though because i do not give up, i force everynight, and i say to myself, IT WILL HAPPEN (Eventually, ahaa) @linkzelda, I have to laugh, 90% of the time i find myself waking up after forcing, ahaa
  3. @zero, i do ask my tulpa questions like that, we are quite undeveloped still, yet i do practice every day, whether its forcing, narrating, acknowledging, talking directly to, etc, time is not important to me, i see this as a life thing anyway, But i read Yuka-chan a book, and when i finished, i asked her to choose out of another 2, i tried to listen, but instead went on instinct, i read a few pages and totally did not enjoy, ahaa, maybe my instinct was wrong, or just maybe she did not like it and i tranlated it as "I" didnt like it, I try to wait for an answer, and if i cant make anyt
  4. I've been practicing visualisation every night now, and I think I'm getting better but I don't know? It's like il be forcing, and think loads of stuff, and then my mind will wander, then il realise and get back to it, and so on so forth for some time and then i will become calm, When I'm calm and settled, sometimes I try to focus on a specific thing, and sometimes I just leave my mind wander (a relaxed wandering this time though, ahaa) When I do this, my visualisation is practically shit, I can do what I call (think visualisation), by that I mean, I can think something detailed very well
  5. @Quilten I'm glad that idea's are being spread, I don't know if it's totally original, but, it doesn't look as though many people have replied with experience of it, maybe the more seasoned mancers have experimented with it, and, or have fun with their imposition. But people should try it out, I assume it will only do you good, after all, its a way to practice imposition,and a fun way to practice it at that! I myself struggle to visualise, but I have heard my tulpa a few time now, she is NOWHERE near being imposed, I still practice imposition this way, granted I've had little success
  6. @Dr. Faust When I say react with the environment, I don't mean physically, Example- You conjure fireball, throw it, it explodes against wall or whatever you throw it at. Also, I don't think that you would even need a tulpa to impose images, it would be the same process as imposing tulpa, but minus the tulpa
  7. So I was wondering has anyone imposed stuff for fun, Examples:- Impose fireballs, thunderballs, waterballs, etc, and throw them (and did they interact with environment?) Air, water, fire, earth bend like in avatar:tlab Or anything you can think of really, Does any of you have fun imposing?
  8. Yuka-chan is a Shapeshifter, anything is possible for her :)
  9. Soo, last night 11/09/13 after writing my last update, I done a few stuff, and then went to my room to active force, I had the same experience as the 1st time, I heard a voice say the same thing, except her voice was softer this time, my heart started racing and I had a rush of emotion and body sensation, this time however, I did not feel as though it disturbed my concentration (as much, ahaa) and I did not open my eyes and continued my active forcing
  10. I am pretty new to all this, but as you mention it, I pretty much do what you mentioned, I can't say that I have felt sadness, but, when talking to and narrating to Yuka-chan, I often just bust out a little smile straight after asking something or saying something, and in turn assume an answer depending on the context of the narration
  11. I had a funny experience today 11/09/13, When I woke up, I had a spliff and then started the candle visualisation tip that Ashmo told me about, I've been doing it for about 1/2 hour each day since he told me, It's coming along ok, butt I am finding it hard to use or know when I'm using my minds eye or just looking at my eyelids, (Not in a big headed way) but I get good at everything I do fast, so not being able to to this easily, is only making me want to succeed even more, NOW, back to the funny experience, after I did that visualisation practice, I started active forcing, I sorta
  12. I have started reading "The Way Of The Warrior" by Andrew Mathews I hope Yuka-chan enjoys it
  13. @Ashmo Your right enough, we are a collective, I dont know why I said that bit because if you think about it, saying that we are in this togther because we had basically the same experience the same night is practically as bad as hour counts when you use them to compare with others progression, the counts themselves are not bad, only when used in a manner that will cause you to try and rush your own progress :/
  14. Same here man, like you, i aint against hour counts, but they are not for me, I think if you use hour counts just for personal progress reason they are fine, but i also think if you start comparing them times with others then thats where you'll be hindered! I read your thread, Bud's got a good tip, "read me a story", I am going to read Yuka-chan a story :) Thanks Bud :)
  15. Hey Ashmo, noticed that you meditate regularly, i think this is what probably toned down your feelings in the response of hearing buds voice compared to mine, because ive only started meditating since ive started my tulpa, so every aspect of the whole experience is new to me and will take getting used to, i could be wrong though, ahaa, meditating will become regular part of my lifestyle from now on though, Like i said in my post, congrats on your progress, we are basically in this together as we started around the same time and got the same response the same night :) KEEP IT UP DUDE/DUDE
  16. @Ashmo thanks for reading, and knowing that you had same feeling is encouraging, although, i was dedicated anyway and after hearing her voice it only deepens m y dedication, Congrats on hearing Bud's voice, also sounds like your on the right path, is he your 1st Tulpa?
  17. Thanks, i now have a progress report http://community.tulpa.info/thread-yukai-shi-yuka-my-1st-tulpa
  18. Hi, Im Aku, So ive been creating Yuka for around a week or 2 now, Im in the school of thought that Tulpa are sentient from the time you start creation, And that they are vocal at the same time, i say that it is me who needs to learn how to establish a connection with them, Now you know my approach to the concept, Time for my progress, Her name is Yuka, For the last week or 2 i have been narrating, I struggle to visual anything, im working on it but as of yet I cannot visualize vivid, So i am going the route of that my work on personality and narrating will prevail and the Yu
  19. I know its a massive task, and the benefits to this is individual to each and their own, as for creating the communities within, this is also massive as you want them sentient enough to have a constant fluent "gameplay" but not sentient enough where you have nations of tulpa on your hand, although that would be pretty cool and god like but irresponible considering 1 tulpa is a big responsibily in its own right @Shui, do these worlds/realms have a built and fluent communities?
  20. Sorry dude/dudette, il break them down in future :)
  21. Well my tulpa is a shapeshifter, im new, ive been forcing multiple times a day for about a week or 2, i cant visualize shit or steadily anyway, and i cant hear her, my school of thought is she was sentient from the time of my deciding to create her, i believe she is speaking to me everyday, i just say to her that it is me who needs to learn how to communicate with her, and i say that if we can think it, wee can do it :) i am adapting to this way well and it seems that it makes it a lot easier, ofcourse i am no blind hearted fool, i am very analytical about everything, but beleive i shouldnt pu
  22. 1st off, as stated in another post by myself, im a noob, My visualization skills are sh*t (but im working on that), So this is what im thinking, Create a wonderland but only a room, you can feng shui if you want, Have nothing beyond the walls of the room, In thais room have a future type virtual submersive machine, Treat this machine like a games console with the wonderland addon pack, Mentaly create different realms and call the game/realm what they want (i was thinking game originally, but realm popped out as i was typing so im going with that, ahaa) This way you can have
  23. Is there anyone with Bijuu Tulpa? Pretty simple question, but interesting, ive heard a lot about Pony Tulpa, (each to their own) but, i am really looking for the Jinchuuriki answer, but also, has anyone got Pokemon, Digimon, and alike?
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