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  1. I told my mother that im creating one and she went mad on me, saying im pushing myself to mental illness, i say these in reply, "dont be silly", "if i do go mental, then it was inevitable anyway" and my personal favourite, "atleast im doing it at my free will", i have suggested it to a few friends and what i realise is that people really are fucking wayy to close-minded, and unable to comprehend the possibilities, without goin straight to mental illness, i do not attempt to tell any1 just to save all the naysaying, but if some1 was to ask, i would not deny, seriously though, if this is a mental illness (i do not think so) then it is a fuckin sweet mental illness, as for telling my father, he would just look, listen, and laugh, not in a laugh at me kind of way, just a quick grunt of the idea and then look at me with the feel of or quite possibly say "and your telling me this why?" so i dont even bother wasting his mental time telling him.

  2. はじめまして、


    Call me Aku (悪)


    Hi, im a noob, but am really positive about the whole concept and am working on becoming a contributing member to the community, im all for study and science and will gladly help test and possibly add to any research that you want to throw my way.


    Now the question, i dont lnow if this has been asked, and when i use search bar i get no result im looking for, so maybe you can pool together for this one, anyone who has experience on the suject "WHY CREATE A SERVITOR" include uses, etc




  3. I agree with Scott Z, Supernatural "s1e17 hell house" funny enough I LOVE SUpernatural and have watched the seasons over and over, obviously heard the term tulpa, and disregarded it as another supernatural episode, (although ALL of Supernatural' creatures, beings, etc are base on "real" lore) tulpa is portrayed quite differently in supernatural, but was described a thought form none the less, anyway, its only like after 4 years of watching the show over and over and a couple of weeks ago i come across this site, and i was like, yhh, i understand now (although like it said in reality its psychological and not physical) so moral of the story, rock on Supernatural and rock on Tulpa

  4. Hi, i myself am creating a tulpa that can fully shapeshift, i have read that they cant, but from the beggining i have had the attitude that we can do anything, so far, im a noob, i struggle to visualise (vividly), i force as much as i can through the day, i narrate all day (as much as i remember to, ahaa), but i swear ive had feelings and emotions, and when i was reading a possession guide, my thumb jumped, i just replied good girl in my head, lol, but back on topic, from the beggining i have thought of a main form, an anchor so to speak, but then i tell her that she is a shapeshifter and that she can become anything "we" can imagine, so i looked up shapeshifting tulpa and read this, ogilvy has comfirmed what i have believed from the beggining, and so i say, thank you ogilvy and thanks raff88 for saving me asking the same question, arigatou gozaimasu