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  1. My Tulpa is named Elaine Vermell. Originaly she was a character in a story I was writing but I decided to make a tulpa out of the character instead. The name came from her apperance, Light red. Elaine is french for Light and Vermell is dutch for Red, Altough she has nothing to do with france or holland. I wasn't sure if she whould like it but she became quite fond of the name.
  2. Elaine Vermell. Originaly I created the character for a story but decided to make her into a tulpa instead. The form I had for her fit really well with the name and personality. She's quite fond of the name even though Vermell can mean "Little worm" (Something I didn't know at the time of coming up with the name).
  3. I was walking around narrating in my head when my tulpa suddenly chimed in with " Yep, True. " After a bit of shock I talked back and flat out asked if she was sentient. Her reply was, " What do you think? I can talk you know. I am talking. Ofcourse I am sentient. "
  4. Hello there! Ive lurked on the site for some time. Decided to actuly start posting now and then.