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  1. Some time ago I asked here if tulpa can enhance my hearing. Now I found very good pitch perception test, and I found out that tulpa can actualy make my pitch perception better. For the first time I used (before I asked my tulpa if she can help me with it) I resulted 15 hertz. I asked my tulpa to help me, and in few days I had great progress. From 15 hz it went to 5.5 then to 4 and then to 2.7. So, if you have some free time, take this test and post your results with and without help from your tulpa. The test: http://tonometric.com/adaptivepitch/ Sorry for my poor English.
  2. My tulpa used wave of euphoria an happiness to stop serve headache once.
  3. Thank you, Dialogues for your script. I used it twice and it was great. When I used it for the first time it was like normal meditation, but visualization was easier for me. For the second time I listened to it when I was somewhat sleepy. In the middle of script I felt asleep for like 20 second and when I woke up my visualization was much more vivid and realistic than any visualization I ever experienced. Thank you.
  4. After watching videos from http://www.wizardoftrance.com/Videos.html I feel much more confident in my English skills, so I'd like to be hypnee.
  5. I would love to be "hypnee", but sadly english isn't my native language so I'm not sure that I will fully understand hypnotist.
  6. For example, I don't have perfect pitch, so can't identify note I'm hearing when listening to music. Can my tulpa give me ability to identify notes that I'm hearing? (Sorry, I'm not very good at english)
  7. Yeah, I'm using these tones when I'm tulpaforcing, but I listen like 3-4 hours of music everyday. So music that I listen might give my tulpa emotions even if I'm not tulpaforcing when listening to it?
  8. Hello, I couldn't find answer to this question anywhere so I decided to ask it here: If I listen too much of creepy/sad/whatever music, can it affect my tulpa? Here is example of music that I listen: (Just started working on tulpa.)