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  1. About this. When it comes to the immersiveness of the wonderland, I've heard that when you switch with your tulpa, the wonderland sort of becomes as immersive as it would in a dream, or perhaps even real life, is this true? Do you think you could help me with links to guides or tell me where I have a best possible chance of finding guides that will help me train imposition? (As far as I understood, the term imposition includes our 5 senses ). It would also be nice with a guide that will train my Tulpa's voice to be more "distinct" from a regular mind voice I'd love to have a seemingly
  2. Hey man thanks for answering my questions! Alright so, when you say that you have your senses integrated to your wonderland, could you please expand on this? Like how exactly do you 'feel' it? Can you feel the senses being stimulated in your wonderland body, to your physical body? And yeah, that's pretty much what I wanted to know with ' realistically', I was more or less reffering wonderland to a dream in an awaken state, meaning that the wonderland is as "immersive" as a lucid dream, I'm hoping there is a possibillity that I can atleast come close to having this comparison. Secondly, in
  3. Hello, and thank you for taking time to read my questions! First to start off, I have some general questions about the wonderland, and I'd love to hear your responses. So, my question is, just how 'real' can the wonderland feel? And how real does it feel for you? For me right now, it seems as if my wonderland is just a 3 dimentional place in my head, with not much else to it, ( I suppose it was stronger before, but then I kinda lost touch with it due to school and stuff ). Anyway, I'm wondering if the wonderland can feel as real, or even come close to feeling real at all. Can you like ente
  4. Haha, I believe my tulpa said ( After waking up by myself at 5 am ) "Dude it's 5 AM, go back to bed" Funny how the clock was 5 am aswell when I checked (if I remember correctly)
  5. About them progress-reports. Sorry for the long time, school and stuff has been interfering with my progress. But, I will continue to develop my tulp from now on. I would assume that I would also include more progress reports. :D
  6. Hello guys, pardon me for not adding this progress report sooner ( Not that you should've cared ). Anyway, even though I didn't make a report here. I kept my own log in a note book, so I'm just going to paste it here! Tell me what you think of it! Day 1, 31 th of August: I sat down in my bed, thinking about Mike's appearance for 30 minutes. The time went kinda fast, which I suppose is a good thing. I couldn't help but thinking that I'm one step close to creating Mike after the session! Awesome :D Day 2, 1st of september: I sat down in my bed again, just visualising Mike standing the
  7. I'm just wondering, when do I start this? I'm new to Tulpa, and I've just finished "Mike's" form and appearance. Not any longer than that, is it good for me to start with this?
  8. Thanks for that input :D, heh, don't worry about me. I can control my self. And, when it comes to more powerful substances, such as ecstacy, I wouldn't take the risk, I also think you made me learn the difference between MDMA and Ecstacy. And, just saying, the cocaine part, I don't think would be a good idea either. Again, thanks alot :D
  9. Hello Tulpa.info! As you can see, I am a fairly new person to this page, I've started from scratch today to make a tulpa ( Keep in mind that I've never had a tulpa before, this is my first time ). So, anyway, I've just been wondering, have any of you ever forced while being under the influence of any psycoactive susbstance ( Such as, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, ect ) Aswell as a Psycoactive psychedelic ( Magic mushrooms, LSD, LSA, Salvia ( I would imagine that would be hard))? If so, please tell me below. I have been thinking about researching tulpa asmuch as possible.
  10. Pony, from the Mlp Fim series ( I'm sure you've all have heard about it ) Gender has yet to been set, so is appearence and age
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