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  1. How long have you been tulpaforcing current tulpa: Not enough How long do you tulpaforce per day: Not enough Do you take breaks while tulpaforcing: No Are your eyes opened or closed during tulpaforcing: Closed When tulpaforcing, do you speak about the tulpa or to the tulpa: To What do you visualize while tulpaforcing (an image of tulpa, or an orb etc.): I visualise Philos quite clearly. Are you able to focus on your tulpa while speaking to it or do you lose focus when youare thinking of what to say: I can focus Do you ever have a "writers block" when discribing its personality: Do you sit or lie down while tulpaforcing: Lie down Do you move your body slightly or just remain motionless when tulpaforcing: Bit of both Do you tulpaforce before going to sleep: Yes Do you check the time often while tulpaforcing: 2-3 times per session Do you ever notice yourself losing track of thought (thinking about something else): Relatively often Do you breath slower than normal or at the same rate: Fuck. Uhm. No clue. I'll get back to you on that. How do you maintain focus on your tulpa while simultaneously generating ideas and statements to describe its personality: I just talk to her. Show her memories of times such personality traits have shone through from me, or someone else.
  2. I played around with it for a while. But I forget now.
  3. Get over it. He needs to code his tupper in Brainfuck. You're all oblivious to the truth.
  4. New board sounds good Pleeb. And I'm sure Fede has no complaints about banning and abusing such users.
  5. 1) Get tins in. 2) If you have any electronic devices, remove the fuses, and get a bro to keep them for you. 3) Fill your bathtub with concrete. Get a bro to hide the door key in there somewhere. 3) Get a bro to lock your door with spare key. 4) Spend a few days in solitude as you hack through the concrete. Maybe concrete isn't the best idea. Something that'll take maybe 20-30 Hours work in total to find the key.
  6. Can we split these threads off into their own forum? I (and many others) came here for science, and am getting tired of every second thread being "Oh hai, I've come up with an idea to use psychic powers to do X and Y. What do you guise think?" I'm not looking at anyone in particular, and I've no problem with you having a go, it's your life. But can we seperate the two different outlooks into different forums? It's not science. If you try it, and get a positive result, then sure, call it science and let other people try it too. But if you have no grounds for any kind of evidence to support you in any way, keep it away from the science. Rant over.
  7. A few more C++ -> Fede's Favourite Language tfw -> I love it when Autism -> nothing wrong #tulpa -> #faggot irc -> the land of kings shit -> poopie And another vote for the fucking -> the lovely little
  8. Sounds more like a servitor, but still an interesting idea.
  9. >That feel. Anyways, it's a good theory. It's pretty sound, to be fair. Also, good choice of language. Fede's still in the closet, but he uses Python secretly.
  10. I happen to think is pretty good looking. As I have mentioned before, hipsters are GOOD things.
  11. I've added our couple of taps of the keyboard.
  12. I speak to my Tulpa whenever I can.