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  1. Not really. The next person has a cat and a dog.
  2. In my opinion, no. I started when I was 12, and was not doing well with forcing. It was easy to get distracted. Then I hit puberty, and my mind was even more distracted. Now that I'm a bit older and got my thoughts a bit more controlled, I'm doing better with my tulpa. If you do choose to start now, just know that things change, and there will be obstacles. Don't give up once you start.
  3. I'm a brony, and at first I wanted a pony tulpa, but not based off a character. A pony form was just easier to visualize for me. Then I realized that I won't be a fan forever, and I decided on a cat. Now, she's a rabbit/cat/dog/fox kinda animal.
  4. [Zero times, but she says "I love you" several times a day. Good feels.] -Sail
  5. [bob Johnson, a puppet she made in 5th grade. What's your favorite color? Mine's blue xD] -Sail
  6. You might just not be 'listening' in the right way. That's how it was with me.
  7. tigtiggotigs

    Big Hero 6

    I don't think so. Big Hero 6 was a good movie, but from what I've seen, it's not popular. People like it, but if anyone's obsessed with it, there are very few of them. And when are you thinking a ton of people will come here? Is there any reason that they will? If it's anywhere in the near future, lots will be bronies, some will be fans of whatever anime/movie/series, and some will create original tulpas. If there are any superfans of Big Hero 6 that come here, there's still a chance they won't have the patience to make a tulpa. Also, I don't think it would be a bad thing. Lots of bronies are here with tulpas of their favorite characters, so what would be the difference? There will always be people here who try to make tulpas and quit. There will also be people who succeed. However, it is likely that someday this community will go to complete crap. It's just inevitable. I'm predicting it won't happen for a while though.
  8. Wish granted. However, in 10 seconds everyone will respawn. I wish be able to eat an infinite amount of food and never get full.
  9. I am 14. I started making a tulpa when I was 13. I originally wanted to create her to be a helper to me. I've changed a lot in 1.5 years, and I still am, so my views on tulpas are always changing. Now I want her as a friend that will be there forever. Sometimes I look at my list of traits and cross out a few, because they don't seem right. They fit my original vision for her more than how I feel now. Some I got rid of are: appreciative, deferential, obliging, and polite. It seems like I wanted to be superior to her back then, even though it was not long ago. My opinions are likely to change again, because I am still in my early teen years. Another thing about being a teen tulpamancer (if I can even call myself that) is that I get distracted a lot. I can't clear my mind. There are thoughts that won't go away, like a new popular game everyone talks about, or my crush, or what I would do if I could time travel. I find myself feeling hopeless about my tulpa, and then I don't really care. Having a tulpa seems like a distant, impossible dream. Conclusion: I'ts extremely difficult to make a tulpa if you are still rapidly changing as a person.
  10. I'm one of the few gals here, and I'm creating my tulpa to be a female, though she could change if she wants. I chose to have a female tulpa because it's easier for me to imagine a feminine character. I also want a best friend, with no chance of relationship drama/jealousy (I'm straight). If I chose male, romantic/sexual stuff is more likely >.> I don't want anything to get in my way of real life.
  11. I took the survey, but there were a couple things that didn't seem right. Firstly, the question about how many minutes I spend tulpaforcing. Do you mean number of minutes in one day(or whatever), or total number of minutes ever? It should be worded a bit differently to make that clear. Secondly, the symptoms question. There's no 'none of these' option. The ones that applied to me weren't caused by my forcing/having a tulpa. Lastly, why is there a question about being a brony? I am a brony, but my tulpa isn't a pony or any other creature from the show. I chose not to have a pony tulpa because it's likely that I will stop liking ponies one day. To me, making a pony tulpa is like getting a tattoo of your SO's name.
  12. Some background info first. I decided to make a tulpa more than a year ago. I was 13. Since then, she has said two things: "Yes?" and "Blue." I haven't been the best tulpamancer. Commitment is very difficult for me, and I could never choose a form that I could visualize. Sure, I can visualize, say, a sphere or a cube, but forms like that just seem so lifeless. I had given up once or twice and came back weeks later only to be a lazy slacker again. You know how many people here say, "Don't make a tulpa if you are less than X years old"? In my case, they were pretty right. I try to force but end up getting distracted by my own thoughts. Many times, I have had lucid dreams where I had the opportunity to summon her, but instead I practiced my dream-flying skills. But last night, I had a semi-lucid dream. My tulpa was already there. I don't remember exactly what she said, but I got the impression that she had been away and recently returned. She said things like "It's good to be back" and "I'm glad to see you again". She had a form that I had never attempted to force, a white-furred anthropomorphic cartoonish cat. I started flying like usual, and she rode on my back. I said something similar to "If I start getting distracted, say something." The dream lost its lucidity, and I didn't think of her again. I just thought it was odd that she apparently came back when I never knew she left. I knew it was her since I've tried differently styled cat forms before, but they were all too complex. Did she choose this form for herself? I don't think I could visualize it well at all. Why did she come back? How long ago did she leave? Is this a major breakthrough for us?