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  1. Pretty much our entire wonderland is an alternate earth, with an alternate universe much like this one...so we really have no definable "end" persay. Even then, we don't generally leave a number of key areas (mainly the fictional city of New Alexandria, Montana, the capital of the Terminator Militia and thus the home of Alpha Company and the High Command...of which I, Ruby, and Dash are all a part of (and all my tulpa will hopefully hail from)), though we occasionally venture to towns I DO actually live in, or used to.
  2. She does takes naps, but is awake through most of the night (like me, I'm nocturnal, Ruby is usually asleep at this point...usually). By "in stasis", I mean that Ruby really wants to be imposed (she tells me this constantly), and when I ask Dash that, she's just like "Meh, don't really care", and doesn't actively seek out imposition. Call her lazy or whatever. EDIT: I talked to her earlier after remembering that awhile back she said that she was fine taking back seat to allow Ruby's imposition first, since she's more excited about it than Dash is. Well, when I talked to her, she said that i
  3. So, I have Dash and Ruby, which is pretty much common knowledge. Two tulpa that have been in development for...about three years now I believe. Three or four years. They've both received roughly the same amount of attention, but I've noticed something. It's also no real secret that I'm...eh...romantically involved with them. Which began (instigated by them) as a sort of rewards system for making progress. Dash has proven to be an addict making no real progress, warranting me and Ruby to basically return to the rewards system thing, and quit cold turkey from any sexual activities, with much
  4. I can say I'm probably demisexual, primarily because of the fact that I have serious trust issues. My tulpa were primarily born because every time I would get to a point where I could trust someone enough to call them a friend, they would turn around and stab me in the back or betray me in some specific way. Add to that I was bullied and mistreated for most of my school life as being 'different', and the fact that even in my work life, my bosses are verbally abusive to their employees. Honestly, my ability to trust has been so decimated that it is incredibly difficult to trust someone anyway e
  5. In our wonderland, Ruby and I are getting married, so it's not really out of the question, right?
  6. As I've said on the other topics that crop up on this subject. Dash, Ruby, and I are kinda in a bit of a romantic relationship with one another (instigated by them), which I was originally doubtful of. I didn't want to get involved until they basically convinced me that it wouldn't harm their development. They also know that they won't stop me from finding actual romance and staying with my GF, they know that they're more like backup in that regard. Still, we love each other, and we are very close friends, which is kinda like how I see it, close friends with benefits. Ruby is more of a romanti
  7. We're all nondenominational Chrstian here, though Dash is more on the moderate scale, whereas Ruby and I are more on the conservative one.
  8. Her, lol. EDIT: I told them to do something special with our wonderland tonight. They both said they had ideas...so we'll see how this goes...pending they don't forget that is. Shockingly enough, I was expecting Ruby to give me the old "Gibbs" slap across the back of the head, since she loves to do that. She didn't though. For those of you that don't know what I mean by "Gibbs" slap, it's from a show called NCIS.
  9. Me: "Surprise me!" Dash: "Oh f**k you." She hates it when I do that, mainly because she can't think of anything. Me: "Surprise me!" Ruby: (First try) "Pina Colada!" Me: "...Seriously, do something, gimme an image or something" *suddenly gets very lightheaded, as if being detached from my body* Me: "Was that you?" Ruby: "I think so..." Me: "You don't know?" Ruby: "Sorry, I'm not good at this sort of thing..." *We try again...gets an image of a snowman.* Me: "A snowman? Really?" Ruby: "I like the snow, okay? Besides, it's hot outside." EDIT: So we tried again, Dash is getting
  10. In my case, it was actually Dash and Ruby that instigated the relationship, I originally didn't want to do it until they eventually convinced me. Most of that was them proving to me in a number of ways that they were sentient, they knew what the act was, and that it wouldn't negatively effect them. The kicker was when they sorta guilt-tripped me by claiming that the only reason they really wanted to try it was due to the fact that they both loved me as a good friend and just wanted to show me how much they really do care about me and about us as friends and family. Honestly, I'm kinda glad I d
  11. This is what I got: https://gyazo.com/84cfd830d8d96d05541d6039929505dd
  12. It just throws up a page not found error.
  13. https://gyazo.com/f739b1c7123a7f21e24758a790a924ed That, Pleeb? And looks like my version is... Version 44.0.2403.155 m
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