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  1. Wow, I don't feel special anymore! xD Like lots of people on here, I like writing and roleplaying, including but not limited to Dungeons and Dragons. I'd say I've always been a creative person. One thing I've found is that I have an obsession with character creation. If you give me a character creator I'll make probably 30 characters with it, including minor background characters in stories just because I'm so obsessed with it. I don't think I could do a creativity-requiring job, though. Like Quilten, I'm a science-y person and want to go into physics, which is about the least creative thing you can do. I almost feel like if my job requires too much creativity I won't be able to save any for having fun.
  2. I wanted Callista to have an actual name, but not one of anyone I know in real life because that would be weird. After just searching through names I found Callista. Now I know a Kalista (not very well) and that's kind of weird, but it's fun that it's a name that's actually out there and that I'll run into from time to time. As for Lorcan, I made his sister Adair as a character for something and she never became a tulpa. He's her older brother, so I just went with an Irish name to match Adair's. They both stick with the same rule as Callista: pretty real names that I've never encountered.
  3. This isn't exactly the same thing, but existing tulpae tend to help their host create other tulpae. I know that's largely how I got my second one. It was meant to be an experiment just to see how Callista would do if I basically left her to make another tulpa herself (for me) with minimal assistance from me. I actually didn't think it would go anywhere without me putting in any effort but after a couple weeks he gained sentience and has been around ever since.
  4. I definitely agree there. Even if she thinks what she needs is a tulpa to date, having a new friendship can be equally helpful for loneliness, especially one like this that is so much stronger than regular relationships. My tulpa, Callista, is very analytical and can usually explain the reasons for my feelings. That helps me out all the time, especially when I was depressed. There's something very calming in just hearing the reasons for my feelings, especially when I don't believe there are reasons. So, I'd definitely encourage her to make a tulpa. Just let her know that there are pros besides being able to date them, and I wish her luck. :3
  5. Today is my first tulpa Callista's birthday. I wanted to do something special for it but ended up just forcing her a necklace with a dolphin on it. Dolphins are her favorite animal and it matches one that I have with a dragonfly. She seemed kind of disappointed and suddenly asked me if I could make another tulpa. I already have 2 and didn't intend on having more, but that's largely because it never occurred to me. It's definitely not out of the question. Callista and my second tulpa, Lorcan, have been dating for a couple of months and they've been having a few problems. When I've been spending time with Callista she's been pretty quiet and despite my offers to do things with her she's preferred to read or paint. She, Lorcan, and I are currently the only people who occupy the wonderland, and if she's feeling awkward around him it might also help if I added NPCs, not that I would necessarily mind making another tulpa. Is Callista asking me for a third one a good enough reason to make another or should I try instead to help her feel better around Lorcan again and add non-sentient people to the wonderland instead? (At this point I really don't know if I want another one or not.)
  6. I figured imposition would take a while, but thanks; it's good to know that it'll take a lot longer, seeing as I only had to force for about three weeks before she gained sentience and wondered if imposition would be in about that same time frame or not. I haven't done a lot of active imposition. Right now my focus is half on seeing her and half on typing this. I oftentimes stop and focus a lot more on visualizing her, but never for long periods of time. Would that be what I'm missing, then?
  7. This is rather fascinating. I'm a writer (not professionally :P) and a roleplayer, so I deal with characters a lot, but not usually to the extent where they form sentience. There was one point where I had a character that clearly decided herself to fall in love, but that was really the only strong sign of sentience I've gotten from a character. She certainly isn't a tulpa, however, but that could be because I don't want her to be. I have heard somewhere that it's possible to unintentionally create a "religious tulpa", which is why some people believe they actually do hear the voice of God. (Forgive me if that sounds insensitive at all.) I suppose it could also be possible to come up with the idea of tulpas yourself (which it doesn't sound like you did) and make one before you find out about them from exterior sources.
  8. I've been working on imposing Callista whenever I can for about three weeks now and I don't seem to be getting any results. I've read all of the guides on imposition and try to have some focus on constantly having her in the corner of my eye, but I still don't seem to be seeing or hearing her in the slightest. This feels odd to me, as it seems that initially making her, while it had its challenges and took time, was not terribly difficult. Possession, especially, seemed to come very easily for us. In just an hour or two she was already writing, albeit sloppily. So, I'm just wondering how long it usually takes on average for imposition to happen. Have I simply not spent enough time yet, or is there something I should be doing differently?
  9. I noticed something similar when I first started possession. I don't think this accounts for it, but I definitely noticed that Callista didn't quite understand which muscles to use once she started moving me, which seemed to increase that feeling. For example, she would lift my arm using more muscles than was necessary. I don't know if that would be part of what causes the numbness, but I don't have that as much anymore now that she's used to my body. My friend who knows about Callista (and actually introduced me to tulpas) is rather interested in psychology (but is by no means a professional, keep in mind; it's just a hobby). I talked to him about how weird it felt when she was first moving my arm, and he said that it makes sense and that in terms of brain activity tulpas are similar to learning languages. Part of our brains end up set aside for our tulpas, and as we get more familiar with them and experiment with them, like with possession, other parts of our brain are connected to the part that contains our tulpa. The first day of possession by far felt the weirdest and most numbing, and he said that it was because my brain was rewiring my motor and movement abilities to the part of my brain that contains Callista, which seemed to be what chiefly caused the numbness and tingling. Keep in mind that those are just guesses.
  10. Since classes have started, my tulpa and I have been together less, as well. Callista and I talk a little bit at school, but for any friendship a little alone time is okay, as well. I'm by no means saying you shouldn't talk to your tulpa if you want to, just that you shouldn't feel bad if you have other things to focus on. Callista enjoys having her own downtime. She's been reading rather obsessively lately. It might help if either your tulpa picks up hobbies like that or you become aware of it. That way everyone has their own things to focus on. In addition, assuming you have a wonderland, you and your tulpa can spend time there while you're also in school, which doesn't necessarily require talking to spend time with them.
  11. Being in the dumb hormonal time of my life, I have a lot of emotional stress over dumb things and oftentimes don't even understand why I makes such a big deal about things. Callista is always there to help me figure out the causes for such problems and reminds me that the key to happiness is enough sleep and exercise. She's someone to talk to about things I'm afraid even my best friend will judge me for. It's really helpful to know someone who knows you better than yourself. She sees my flaws and pushes me to fix them, from breaking bad habits to just being healthier. She gets a lot more exercise than I do and finds herself a bit slowed down when she's using my body. All around, she's just a great influence and a wonderful person. It's great to know someone like her. Very inspiring.
  12. I doubt any of the voices from before could be related to your tulpa, and based off of my experience with blocking memories, I have never had anything odd like that happen, though I unintentionally block. I think tulpas try to communicate early on in a form best suited for you. In my case, Callista transmitted feelings by sort of "pressing" them into me, which I think is common. Since you have heard these voices before, it's quite possible your tulpa sees that as the most reliable form of communication. You just have to keep working and his voice will get clearer. It was a long time for me before Callista tried to talk at all, though she's a perfectionist and wanted to make her words crisp from the start. There's no clear way you can make the voice clearer in any timely fashion, I would guess. Continue to acknowledge it and I hope eventually you'll find the answers yourself. :)
  13. I have noticed similarities in my actions with my tulpa, Callista, for a while now. We tend to smile at the same time, for example, but that's simply a matter of normal interactions. We don't smile automatically if the other is. One thing that I have noticed that coincides directly between the two of us is that Callista yawns whenever I do. It sometimes seems that it's actually vice-versa: I yawn because she does. Has anyone else noticed anything like this, if not specifically yawning?
  14. My tulpa, Callista, is seventeen years old. Her birthday is actually the first day she became sentient, July 24th, but she was 'born' in 1996. As I say, she's in her seventeenth year of life and her first year of sentience.
  15. This definitely can be hard at first and seem impossible. There are lots of things to remember, though. First of all, you can't just looks at where other people are. Where everyone else is, first of all, is not relevant to you personally, and second of all, everyone with fully functioning tulpas has already put in tons of time themselves. That's another huge thing. What I found was that I was in the lull of summer vacation when I was doing the majority of my tulpaforcing, and what kept bringing me back wasn't the end result and knowing it would take hard work to get there, but really just having fun is the big thing. Tulpaforcing requires a lot of patience, but think about what you want to do. Have fun with it. Make it your own. If you do that, then even if you don't see the end results you hoped for (but I highly doubt that will happen if you're persistent~ n_n) you'll know that you had fun trying something new. If you want it to happen, eventually it will happen. It's really easy to have doubt here for the first couple months, about all of it. The best way is to try to push aside concerns, including, "What if this isn't real?" and just know that it is. My results started coming a lot faster once I did that. Good luck. I hope this all turns out well for you. n_n