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  1. Not quite the oldest. https://community.tulpa.info/forum-progress-report?selectall=&sortby=started&order=asc&datecut=9999 Still, I do feel kind of ashamed that I never really started. With how much I posted here (both as tulpatalk and Lacquer a year later), it would only make sense for me to have a tulpa by now. I mean, I'm going to make a tulpa, eventually. I've planned it too much and spent too much time discussing it to not. I still have my lists of traits and all that. I think I'm going to go for a simple approach this time, based on some advice I received elsewhere. Less visualization at the beginning and more just thinking abstractly about it. The visualizations will come later.
  2. I am Lacquer. I don't want the accounts merged, because there was such a disconnect between me as tulpatalk and me as Lacquer. I'm the same horrible tulpa-maker, though. I'm not sure why, but I felt that I should tell this to the community. I'm abandoning this account after this post. Not deleting, but just not logging in as this account again.
  3. I think it was JD that said that it had something to do with his fatherly instincts or something like that. I like you
  4. Yo, that's not in forum etiquite or however you spell it.
  5. I'm guessing that's just what the reasearch showed.
  6. Thanks. People quick-replying need a shorted title to insert the "RE:" Do whatever it takes, because all the traits need to be fleshed out as far as possible. Also, after a long time of saying and thinking about the personality, you will start to see how it blends together and you then can force personality as a whole, in addition to the traits. Thoughts on shirtening the list/combining traits into umbrella traits? (See: my signature) Hah. What I mean is that I think that the average pony person's obsession with ponies is unhealthy, and creating a pony tulpa is just strengthening this unhealthy obsession. Also I think that the people will eventually grow out of ponies, as they should, and that once this happens, you're stuck with a pony. Weeeeeel, maybe not. There's been some stuff done about changing the form after imposition, which seems possible, but even then, it's just bad, in my opinion, to make a pony tulpa.
  7. One hour per trait minimum. Somewhat flexible mimimum. As Fede will likely say/think, having a short list of well-defined traits is better than a long list of half-assed traits. I suggest consolidating some of the traits to lessen the trait number. Also pony tulpa is terrible idea.
  8. "Who's that, Daddy?" "A very happy insane man."
  9. Oh god dammit why is this thread infected with mlp faggetry God dammit why did tulpas attract ponies God dammit why
  10. Yo FF, look at G|deon's thread in progress report. He has a 65 page personality writeup and there still was deviation. So there's that to consider. In my opinion, "leaving it open to deviation" isn't a good thing to do. If you go in with the mindset/belief that deviation will happen where it should, then a larger and more detailed personality writeup is fine. But as I have said in the past: "It's your mind; do what feels natural."
  11. What no. The emotions you feel, according to Emotion Transfer Tulpa Theory during tulpaforcing will get transferred to your tulpa. As long as you don't associate the songs that make you sad with your tulpa, listening to the music outside forcing shouldn't affect the tulpa.
  12. I had started to do something where I would 'zoom' out of looking at the wonderland, putting it in a huge bubble, and shifting my focus to another bubble. It worked, but I decided I didn't need yet. Important to note is that when visiting my wonderland, I have two ways to visit it. One, a normal first-person view. Two, a floating third-person view (:not that I could see my body, though.) The world-switching was in the third-person view.
  13. It will feel bad that it can't be exactly the character that you wanted. It will deviate. Also, it's pathetic and uncreative, so there's that.