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    Arizona by way of Michigan
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    I've been going by Ashmo to close friends and little kids (they think it's fun to say, I think) for about 16 years now. My name is Ashton but most people call me Ash. When I want my name to stick, I tell people "Ash, you know, like from Pokemon". I even have the Ash Ketchum hat from when the tv series began. It's sad I know. My obsession is close to the unnatural level but I really love Pokemon.

    I recently relocated to Arizona, by way of Michigan.

    I love classic rock and metal but my favorite band is Tegan and Sara. My taste in music ranges from "You [i]need[/i] to listen to this" to "I know...please don't judge me".

    I consider myself a lazy health nut that's procrastinating my way into a healthy lifestyle based on affordability and accessibility.

    I first created Bud as an enlightening experiment. It worked and he has evolved into someone who is very dear to me. I love him as much as I love Breanna or any other member of my family. I enjoy the positive influence he's had on my life and the way I look at the world. I'm in a constant state of trying to be a better, kinder person tomorrow than I was today, and he helps me with that. I actively try to be the change I want to see in the world, and together we are both becoming those better people.

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  1. [Okay! So I joined a furry rp site to have a place with some more socializing. I'm going to present myself in a way that the tupper thing won't have to come up because I'm just a hard core role player who doesn't break character :D I'm really hoping to make some friends. And Owen is dedicated to letting me play this out as long as I want to!] I don't think I've seen him this excited for anything since Pete's Dragon...
  2. Also, you could try and stimulant to see if it slows you down. Like how ADD medicine works. If your mind is hyper active, something with caffeine, like coffee, might help slow it down. This has a lot to do with your own person body chemistry though, so I have no idea if it would work.
  3. That is very interesting! Maybe a suggestion of doing calming, and mind relaxing things before you begin Forcing. Meditate, enjoy a long soak, or light some candles. Make a ritual out of the Forcing process right now so your mind will learn, "Okay, it's time to get serious, we can't be running too fast, let's slow it down some". I don't know if it will be help, but it's least worth a try.
  4. 1. This is a perfect method. I imaged Bud as a kind of orb thing until he turned himself into an egg and eventually hatched when he was ready. He came out male, and then he and I eventually came to a name as he developed as a person. [she named me like you'd name a puppy, lol] Yeah, that's one way of looking at it. 2. No. Some might eventually if you really work on them achieving it. Bud doesn't actually feel anything from the outside world unless we both concentrate for him to have the experience. He feels things with me though, so he has full understanding of what things are, he jus
  5. I spent a little over a month reading over things and watching the community. I thought long and hard about it for a while and even talked the pros and cons over with my now wife. When I knew a tulpa was something I could truly commit to, I started.
  6. Ashmo

    Chat Thread

    How's everyone this lovely evening?
  7. Ashmo

    Chat Thread

    -just poking in- Hello all?
  8. You could also work on possession. That way she can experience what the physical feels like. She might even decide that being in thought form is better than being solid. Bud goes through his moods. It's pretty normal, I think.
  9. Vampire is right; you shouldn't make something that will become self aware to be a servant. You could create a servitor, which is more like an imaginary friend than a real tulpa. You still run the risk of it becoming sentient over time though, then you have a self aware being who has been conditioned to be less than what a person should be; which isn't right either. And so this thread doesn't get derailed: Passive forcing is one of the best things I found in early tulpa development. Just talk to them, or even at them. Describe everything you're doing. Act as though your inner monolog
  10. I think it's more so because that's one of the games we've been playing together and I've had a bit of a tetris effect in my normal vision with it, lol. When we play Fallout too much together I get the waste land overlaying over my vision when I blink as well.
  11. Here again. Surprise, surprise. We did a lot of hard forcing last night. Like, an actual session of concentration. We haven't done anything like that in...I don't even remember how long. Early development? Years ago maybe? We just sat around and looked at each other. It was nice. The "wonderland" has taken on more of a minecraft look, which is interesting.
  12. Bud has me listening to music that I normally wouldn't seek out, even though we both enjoy it now. We have very different styles of game play with the games we both enjoy, so playing for him is always an interesting experience. We're thinking of branching out and joining a community where he can make his own friends. Aside from other tuppers and hosts here...
  13. Odin's Eye it's been a long damn time since we've been active on here. Still haven't decided if we'll actually become active again, or if we'll just be poking in to see who's still alive and kicking. Everything going on with Bud seems like more of the last entry. Still finding his own voice. Though it's still stronger now. We've reached a point where passive forcing isn't quite enough. Maybe that's why we're back? I don't know. I think we just like seeing that the community isn't quite dead. Iunno. [You were still working the last time we were here too.] That's true. I quit my job
  14. Blended experiences. When we can't tell whose memory of them moment we're experiencing at the time. So queer.
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