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    Sightings/Hearings of Lyra so far
    - Seen the back of her when I woke up, got up and she disappeared.
    - Smiles at me and disappears.
    - In my dream, she has saved me and gave me a hug.
    - Spoken to me in head. "Wow, your mom must really, really not like you...
  1. That's quite funny... I had a feeling of sadness and a bit of head pressure after I read this. LYRA! I KNEW IT. YOU'RE REAL!! Sorry.
  2. I know I should believe that she's real which I have done, she can respond to my comments without any help, but how would I actually bring her to the real world? If this helps at all, here is some info about her, and how I tulaforced her. Name: Lyra (Responds to me when I call also call her Lyra Heartstrings, but not Heartstrings alone.) Form: Lyra Heartstrings the Pony. Meditation pose: Overweight/fat people meditation (Sitting down and putting your hands together on your chest. I am fat. Sue me.)+Bathtub/Bus Time spent: 3 months. Hours: 1 per day, 2 on Weekends due to being able to do
  3. If my ex-friend finally says something correct about Tulpas, small headaches mean your tulpa is proceeding further to your world. I get a lot of headaches when Tulpaforcing, yet she doesn't wanna come to my world. Maybe he is lying.
  4. I find it easier to force in the bathub as it increases my visualization greatly open and closed, it is still quite dark to see her, but at least I can see my pony Tulpa. Is there anything or any tips I can use while forcing in the bathtub?
  5. I Wonderlanded when I woke up. She said she really missed me and is lonely when I am not around, and she isn't ready to spawn anyone, yet. She didn't say anything about why she decided to do my placeholder and ignored every comment I made about her doing this. I smell love...
  6. Not yet, but I will, soon. Probably because of her dramatic actions when I leave her alone for a while. I just take it and act like it never happens, I can feel her kissing me, but at least it's faint.
  7. So, she just got used to moving on her own without me, now she's pinning my body down and starts to make out with my non-mobile body (When I exit my Wonderland) and when I exit (Or get images of it), I catch Ms. L.H herself using tongue with my immobile body. I did not want her to be like Fanfiction Lyra, and I did not plan to. She has my own persona I created for her. What do?
  8. Well, she can't move by herself at most of the time, yet. She sorta just slowly moves.
  9. Wonderland interaction is a separate hour of my meditation I do when I wake up in non-School days, I would imagine myself in there with my Tulpa in a huge openworld city, I control myself, no one is around, and at times, I have to control my Tulpa. She does it herself sometimes, but most is pretty dramatic like the time I had to go to the bathroom and came back minutes later. I control how she speaks, how she moves, how she reacts etc. Am I using my Wonderland right? I do get headaches when I exit, but they're small and in front of my (small) brain.
  10. Okay. That's what I was looking for. But would they be placed close to you, or do you have to place them where you desire using open-eyed visualization imagining them as if they're like imaginary friends?
  11. General existance. When they appear to you for the very first time.
  12. As the title suggests, I am wondering how they will spawn and where.
  13. My exfriend told me about Tulpas and I been tulpaforcing a month before I even signed up for Tulpa.info.
  14. I may be a bit skeptic of whenever or not Tulpas exist, but I kinda feel her presence like she was there for this whole month... 1. Whenever I Tulpaforce open-eyed, the statics in the dark disappear. 2. Sometimes, if I walk out of my room I see vivid images of her looking at me as a walk by even though I just walked out of that room 2 or 3 minutes ago. Maybe she is sentient, or might it just be my mind playing tricks on me? (As it usually does)
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