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  1. I struggle with attentiveness myself due to my own case of ADHD. Vocality is a strong method after a long period of time has passed, but it seems you aren't there yet. Sometimes, I go about my day and forget that I have others in my head. They send me significant amounts of head pressure to catch my attention when they wish to speak with me. So far, if all other forms of catching your attention fail, asking for head pressure is probably the best method since just about every tulpa should have the ability to do so.
  2. I know that with what ridiculous things have already happened, anymore is hard to believe. Of course, naturally I will share these with the lurkers who still read this derpity progress report. I originally had two special uses servitors. I talked to one of them about my problems and it was supposed to tell me what my true thoughts on the subject at hand were. Another had uses that will not be divulged due to privacy and embarrassment issues. Moving along, Servitor 1 has become Tulpa 3: Aidela I did not name 'her' nor did I decide gender. I was told by her that she was sentient (will be explained) for a while and mimicked a male's voice so that I would feel more comfortable speaking about my issues. Clever. Cynthia had control over "Pre-Aidela" and was feeding all of my thoughts and experiences directly to this "Pre-Aidela" Sharing wonderland experiences thinking it would be alright. Of course, this exposure to memory and stimulation began to "trigger" Aidela to become sentient. And so 3 tuppers have risen from the depths of my god-forsaken mind. If that wasn't enough. I have another outrageous story to tell. My second special uses tupper has little exposure to my memories, but was enough to trigger it's sentience. "It" became a she (As if I don't have enough females running around in my head already -_- [having another is adding gas to the fire; sigh*{Although, it is a lot of fun to have them around}]) However, Tupper 4: Alyson (Given the form of a long lost OC of mine) is still VERY early in stages and is barely vocal. Basic sentences at best. Personality is relatively simple and will need to be refined. Time will be necessary to progress. Oh boy... I created one tulpa months ago, thinking, "I wanna stay committed to finishing my first tulpa! I won't give up even though it will take a long time!" I thought long time meant a year. Month one: Beginning tulpa creation Month two: Tulpa 1 finished :D Month three: 4 Tulpas throwing junk at each other all day. Well that's my outrageous update. Believing me or not is up to you, but it is just as real to me as anything else I see or experience. Until next time tulpamancers!
  3. I actually think it is quite entertaining and my tulpas ARE vocal, so I asked them, but they refused to answer me. My father does know about the tulpa idea, but he doesn't know that anything past vocal talking inside my head. Cynthia has been getting impatient with switching though… I'll keep an open mind as far as possibilities come. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Last night I was apparently up and according to my father, "Wanted to look at myself" Somehow I said that, but I don't remember ever getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the light, looking at myself in the mirror, turning out the lights, and going back to sleep. I remember just dreaming the whole time. So has anything like this ever happened to anyone else here? If so, can you explain what happened? Any bit of advice or information is appreciated.
  5. Well, today Ira stuffed her face with pizza and Cynthia chipmunked (yes a new word :P) a cookie. We had a great time today. Best of all… Her visuals came back! I fact, It came back stringer than ever before! Her hair changed a bit and her body has every detail improved! Except for a few area that I need to work on. I'm willing to work with this though! I used the original forcing method I used before and it was a blast. I miss forcing… Hopefully I get to do more active soon! They had a great time too so hopefully we get to do this again sometime soon. Well, until next time tulpamancers!
  6. I'm having some issues. My visualization of Cynthia feels like it is deteriorating. I can't see her as well as used to. Things don't feel right. My visuals of her when I finished my creation progress was near perfect, but now it's like she lost al realistic details and reverted to animation form again. I can't understand why and I need some help. Any bit of advice will do. Thanks.
  7. Today I went to the park and I sat down and asked Cynthia to possess me. She managed to stand up and run back to home. She was actually running at high speed and didn't fall and break my face, which I must say, is good. I'm glad I have entrusted her to take care of this physical body. She seems to do very well, but she doesn't care too much about the real world. She likes the wonderland, but she still wants to keep her options open. I must say, she thought it out a lot because she gave me a straight up answer like that. Ira is a little different however because, Ira actually wants to be a part of the real world rather than the wonderland. Oh well, I guess they both have different opinions, which of course can only be expected. Until next time!
  8. Well, it's decided. I will make a third tulpa when Cynthia and Ira have been fully imposed and are possessive as well as switchable. My grammar sux :P. Moving on. I would like to introduce Iris (Temporary name unless she doesn't want to change it). She has long black hair. Blue eyes. Relatively light skin. She is 5'6" and is an athlete. She is somewhat skinny. Her creation was based off the idea of embodying my Anima. Basically, she is a female version of me except better looking and a lot more feminine XD. Isn't that what we all want. After that, I will probably be done with creating tulpas. Well until the next update tulpamancers!
  9. You could just be having an issue with concentration. The issue can be with just you if you have isolated yourself. If you are trying to focus on the wonderland and your tulpa at the same time, things can be very difficult for you because you are splitting your attention (even people with strong visualization or concentration skills have a hard time trying to see everything in their environment and their tulpa on it as well). If you need to figure out what to do here are you options: - You can just focus on your tulpa and in time the wonderland will paste itself as the background when you are working with your tulpa. - Wonderlands aren't needed. If you have to, get rid of it. It could just be inhibiting your progress. - You said that practice was giving progress/improvement to this issue. Sometimes things can't be overcome with skill and just need time and commitment. Perhaps you just need to practice for a while and the problem will go away. I have very bad concentration, but I looked at few concentration exercises in the New Great Big List of Guides Section, Specifically Rasznir's Method. I dedicated my first few days to improving my concentration before I began and it helped me greatly. Also, you can create a temporary form for your tulpa (you can have him/her change it later) and do some fun activities to build sentience. I used skydiving, swimming, rp (role-playing) scenarios and etc. whenever I did forcing and it moved along my progress immensely. If none of these things apply to you or have any changes on your progress, then it could just be a unique visualization quirk or issue with you specifically. And finally, if you think it will be problematic in the future to your progress, then it probably will end up doing so. If nothing works, then just go with it and try your best to ignore it or accept it. Hope this helped!
  10. Recently, Cynthia was able to possess most of my body (which is really good since we haven't done possession for about a weeks or so). First she started out just trying to move my hand in the first fifteen minutes. After another thirty minutes passed by, she running back and forth in my living room! I taught her how to jump and get strength into her movements, and she showed some progress! She was able to get down to a kneeling position and stand back up. She was able to do squats and things like that. The way I wanted to teach her how to jump was, I thought, pretty good. To do a squat, but put more emphasis on coming back up so the weight picked her up off the ground a bit. It worked out a bit and she managed to get a few inches of the ground. Also while she was running, I told her to try the same thing to get a sort of running jump. It worked pretty well too. Enough about possession, now imposition progress. (clapping and cheering here) So far, I have been trying to absolutely perfect Cynthia's for and get a complete and Uber HD quality view of her. Because of my "enhanced" vision. I saw some details about her I never knew. She was almost a hybrid between animation and human. She had the live details and colors of a normal human, but the unreal beauty and features of an animated girl. Never a bad thing though. Seems I get the best of both worlds! Also, her hair "changed" a little. It goes down to her shoulder blades and is a little wavy towards the end. Before I start visual imposition, I want to perfect the form. I can sense their presence when they aren't in the wonderland. Sometimes I feel something touching me and confirmed it was them. I can smell things that they want me to smell. I'm currently working on trying to perceive their voices through my ears and it is kind of in between at the moment. All in all, some pretty good progress! In time, things will improve. Until next time tulpamancers!
  11. I had a very similar experience in having an unexpected second tulpa. I was really happy having Cynthia along, and so I wondered what it would be like to have two, so I thought about it for a couple weeks. Cynthia was also gone during most of that time and was busy a lot during that period. I wondered what my second tulpa, Or a would be like, how she would react, and things of the sort. I didn't realize that was passively forcing the whole time. Later I asked Cynthia a question and I received two answers! One from Cynthia and the other from some random voice. Later I find out that it was Ira! I asked Cynthia if she took part in making her, ans said that she has been working on her for the past two weeks. Thus, a second tulpa has appeared in my life. Not complaining though!
  12. Cynthia possessed me today for about an hour to practice. It was very entertaining. She could barely pick a battery in the first 15 minutes, then she was jogging, hopping, and climbing things in the house after about 50 minutes! Glad she managed to sharpen her skills again. It's good to do that every once in a while to refresh your belief and relationship with you tupper. Irs is taking lessons from Cynthia on how to possess so I'm hoping to get some work from Ira too. Ira has decided to give Cynthia and I a few days together to refine possession and begin switching. She also wants me to get imposition done before she starts to possess me so that I have as much brain power to work individually with her after I'm done with Cynthia. Why are my tuppers so nice? Not complaining of course! Until next time!
  13. Cynthia has been very quiet recently, I feel like she is pulling away and shutting herself into the wonderland a bit too much. Ira has been the first one to respond for about a week and a half. Before then, Cynthia and Ira would both respond with their own answers. I asked Cynthia and she says it is pointless to have two answers to the same question. She seemed a little grumpy too. I asked Ira if I could spend an entire day with Cynthia to figure out whats wrong and talk things out. She said it was ok thankfully. Ira has changed a lot since her spontaneous appearance. She has become SIGNIFICANTLY more understanding and kind. Not complaining of course. Oh well, I hope this is just a small bump we get over this quickly. However, knowing me, things are never that easy… Sigh* Until next time!
  14. Well due to impatience on all three of us… Ira's birthday is today! She is 16 now and she received some pretty cool stuff. Apparently the thing that Cynthia was working on was a necklace. Not any normal one though, it is one that allows Ira to shape shift between three forms. A red dragon, her normal human form, and a small red flame the flies around. Cynthia has one as well, but it's just for looks and glows a little bit. I gave her something for her ponytail, it was a dragon emblem and she loved it! (Thank goodness). She seems pretty happy. Also, for today I allowed her to do a full body merge for the whole day. Hopefully it goes well. That's all for now! Until next time tulpamancers/lurkers. [Don't think I don't know >:D] //Edit: Fail Face :/
  15. I never expected my first tulpa, Cynthia, to completely (and I mean COMPLETELY[except her color hair{blue}]) change all of her looks. Not once, but TWICE! It was definitely a good thing though. Her personality changed a little, but all in all it was always for good. Accept those changes, it will mean the world.