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    Tulpa face makers

    Made Nova She doesn't actually have a bow in her hair but it looks good anyway
  2. ovaN

    ms paint challenge

    its.... its beautiful
  3. Hello! I would love it if you could draw Nova, my tulpa. Your fourth style looks very good. Nova's face looks like This, but with darker hair and no lipstick. She usually wears This (The Middle one) Thanks in advance!
  4. My wonderland is some of the locations from Ocarina of Time (I've mostly worked with Lon Lon ranch and the market/castle area). How should i go about making the guards/people react logically to situations. I don't mean giving them personality or anything, just things like talking and not letting some kid break pots and steal people's valuables.
  5. Hello, I was wondering how creatures in a wonderland that are not tulpas can be created/percieved. For example, if your wonderland is in a forest somewhere, could there be birds/squirrels/deer there even if you do not have a tulpa of that form? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the videos, they really helped! As for the chair exercise, I'd tried it before with success. I am now just breaking her down into more sections; that seems to work.
  7. I just visualize her head in darkness. Sometimes I use a wonderland, but usually not. I basically stay concentrated on visualizing for as long as I can. When I stop, I look at a picture of her and start again.
  8. I am horrible at visualization. Nova has been vocal for two months, but whenever we force, I am just as bad as when we started. We force twice a day in half-hour sessions. I have read every guide I can find several times. At this point, it's not a concentration issue so much as just lack of talent. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  9. I decided that it was a concentration issue and started forcing one session of normal visualization and one session of this http://pastebin.com/Vc1UtgXi every day. Not sure how it's working yet, il post again in a few days.
  10. I figured that, once imposed, it would be much harder to work in the other senses besides sight and sound. I was planning on imposing after completing these senses Also, I asked her about the form and she is the one that told me to use it, so I do not think that she does not like the form.
  11. I meant that i did not want to accidentally impose a tulpa that was not fully visualized, blurry, or just incomplete in general.
  12. I know there are a lot of visualization threads out there, but i have read the ones that I can find and none of them have the same problem as me. Right now I have limited myself to only visualizing my tulpas face. When I start to force the image is very blurry (no, I am not trying to see her on the back of my eyelids). I can make it clearer with a little effort, but then after a few seconds the image starts to move. It doesn't talk or anything, but simply starts spinning in a random direction. When I try to stop it, a nose or ear or something comes off of the face. I can only get the whole thing to stay still for a few seconds, a minute if I am lucky. After about 5-10 minutes of this, I pretty much lose all semblance of concentration for the rest of the session. I have also noticed that I can force fine with my eyes open, looking at a wall or something blank. I refrained from doing this because I did not want to accidentally impose her, but would that be a viable method of visualizing? Thanks in advance
  13. I started a tulpa a while ago. I got through the personality stage, and started visualization, but her form, a bird, was simply too difficult (with the wings that fold up in a specific way and whatnot). I did not seem to have made any headway at all, so I changed the form to something I could manage, and tweaked the personality a bit; mostly by adding traits, but i did remove a couple. I started back from the beginning. It is going well, she is sentient, but near the beginning (before sentience), when i thought of the first tulpa, I could feel a distinct difference from the new one that felt like sentience. Any thoughts on this? I tried to make the transition smoother for her by thinking of the two seperate forms 'in simile with each other' (best way I can describe it), but i don't know if it worked.