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  1. Me: "Hi" People: "Omg your voice is so high and you even stutter you're exactly like how I thought you'd sound like." Me: "I haven't said anything yet..." But usually peoples voice meets my expectations of their voice too, sometimes when it's really different though it's a good moment too.
  2. That's true. I've always loved that first Time I here a persons voice it's like "Oh man hi I know what you sound like hi :3"
  3. I've always tried not to seperate internet friends from real life, but if anything less snail mail pen pals. Never transitioned to writing letters though. I always end up voicechatting and before long knowing their real names age location what not etc anyhow overtime. Just happens naturally when you play games with people you meet online whenever you play. Unlike pen pals none of those steps are really ones that some parents may consider legitimate though.
  4. Wish my parents were that understanding... :P Generally, I'd guess, most parents don't understand or don't appreciate the array of interactions online, and many may not see how it's possible to befriend someone without seeing them face to face. I know my parents and friends parents (both offline and online) approach the idea of "Internet Friends" very much as I wrote, with the quotation marks and sarcasm. It also doesn't help that there's the whole "OMG what if its a 40 year old pedophile" campaign to keep kids from giving too much info on the Internet.(which for the most part isn't a b
  5. Though I haven't started the Tulpa creation process, from vizualizing in my wonderland and from what I've read, facial features are always apparently hard to visualize. You probably need to just keep taking a shot at it. ^_^
  6. I like this guide for the most part, goes over some of the things I've been thinking about. Thanks. <3 I think for the most part my greatest concern was the section(s) discussing love, and yes I know you stated yourself that you never intended to be writing absolutes/pushing views, obviously. I won't go into it unless asked, but I have pretty strong views on the subject of love. (Strong but simple in some respects) It's more than just an abstract or subjective concept to me.
  7. Thanks. I had quite a bit of luck bout an hour ago, but only in the general sense of having an overall good session. Looking forward to see how it works for you. ^_^
  8. I guess I could but I don't think I couldn't expect her own response until I had already started the process. And yay! ^_^ I'm just going to go about a normal session today and see what happens in my case. Good luck!
  9. I'm sure if you wanted it to be permanent (or last for some time) and protect her, than it will. c: Worryings natural though, of course, but I know you'll find her. Hopefully we'll both have better luck. And yeah, it was pretty sweet, but I don't know if I'll make Mary my first tulpa, whenever I feel ready for it. I mean in wonderland she has a family and everything, wouldn't it be wrong to possibly pull her away from that? Or at least that's what I was thinking.
  10. Sounds like a plan. And thankfully shes protected by the spell, so you only need to find her. I didn't have much luck today, was a really "off" day as far as it goes. I was insanely distracted during my session, I'd just gotten home, and wasn't able to immerse into the wonderland today at all. Mary was home (I'm very much concerned that even in my imagination it ends up so that I somehow make it that I have to ask the parents to talk to her >_>) but nothing really felt like it came without my consciously spurring it, and talking to her only managed to yield a response from her, but no
  11. D: I haven't had anything like that happen. Actually so far I haven't had too much change. I'm really new to this stuff too so I don't think I'm in the right to give much in the way of suggestions. Though could you find the shack? As for Mary, when I took her to her house the ford night wasn't the en of my session, so at one point I saw her through her window (her house is on the road out of town to the forest that I started the wonderland in). At another time I was on the mountain that over looks town an I kept seeing her imag as I looked over town, as if she were waving at me. Which was
  12. Edit: Oh man sorry sorry sorry this is so TL;DR And I cut out half of it too wow I ahould have just made another thread. ------------- Well this is interesting. I had a similar experience. I've been working for a bit now on simply learning to focus, concentrate upon, and visualize a wonderland. Personally it's part of trying to be able to meditate before I try anything closer to Tulpamancing (Also I think I currently lack the mental gut to attempt that at the moment; but I'm not hijacking this thread so that belongs elsewhere. :3) Two days ago, I got really bored of sitting in the
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