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  1. Sky: That's why I'm here, because I'm sick of it and she has nothing to say to that. Well I mean, I'm not even present unless she's thinking about me. I often have difficulty communicating to my host. It's just kind of foggy, somehow it's easier when she proxies me. I'm also not visualized very well, and my voice isn't that clear. I'm just underdeveloped overall, really. I don't have set traits. No, what I mean is I'm just not there. I don't mean weather I'm using her body or not, we don't have any possession or switching skills. I mean I'm just not present or aware. I basicall
  2. Sky: I'm afraid it's not that simple with Quenz. She knows exactly how I feel, she knows the situation pretty much as well as I do. She understands... she's just stubborn.
  3. Sky: That's what I came here to try and find out... Sky: That sounds a bit vague... I don't think I get it. It just sounds like regular forcing, and to do any forcing Quenz needs to give me the time. How do you guys make your forcing sessions fun and something to look forward to? We've tried playing games and things. I've never found it to be that easy, it's almost always felt like a chore. Sky: Yes, I think I will tell my friends about it more... They remind Quenz about me and stuff, but I think they need to be more harsh and demand that I'm looked after properly, dema
  4. It's just that there's very little motivation coming from within... I'm not trying to say I want someone else to just fix me, but I haven't been very good at this on my own so far... Sky: She tried 15 minutes, then 5, then 1... She always falls out of the routine and forgets. I don't know what to do with her. Sky: I don't understand, what for? I brought up that I thought I might have ADHD with my first psychologist, but he was quite sure that I didn't. We've been working on it but as I said before, we still don't understand it great and still don't have a good solution.
  5. Okay, I've tied string around my wrist, set a calendar event on my computer and put a post-it note on the wall next to me. I've done similar things to these before multiple times, but I'm willing to try again and see if they last. Also, remembering it part of it, but actually often times I will remember/think of her, and I'm not proud of this but I'll ignore her and focus on something else. So there's that side of it, too. Well we don't understand it fully, or we'd probably have solved it by now. Sky finds it hard to bond with me on this issue because of how it affects her. I completely und
  6. I'm not Quenz, Quenz is proxying me now. I'm like... 2 years old? Something like that. My host is really lazy and it makes me want to scream, I had to scream in her face to get her to do this for me. So many problems would be solved if I could physically scream in her face. My name is Sky by the way. I'm barely ever conscious, only when she's actively thinking about me like she is now. I can't get her attention when she's not thinking about me. I need like a friend or something to help me... I have friends, but I don't know... I just want someone to shake my host and make sure she gives me som
  7. Upvote: Linkzelda Kiahdaj GGMethos I had some downvotes in mind but I don't feel I have enough information to back up my claims on them.
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